Things To Do Helen GA Ultimate Guide

This blog post is part (Things To Do Helen GA Ultimate Guide ) of “DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO BOOKING A TRIP TO HELEN, GEORGIA” blog series.

Whether you’re in Helen for a weekend adventure, a Halloween scream, October Harvest, or simply relaxing and reconnecting with nature, we have plenty of things for you, your family, and friends to experience.

In this Ultimate Guide, we give you some of the Top Attractions, Things To Do and Ways to Do Them While In Helen, Georgia. We’ll explore these ideas through the following sections.

  • Great Helen Attractions That Will Make You Scream
  • 4 Ripe Destinations for Farm Fresh Fruits
  • Ten Places To Visit When Staying In Cabin Rentals
  • Our Top 5 Pick of Adult Attractions In Helen Georgia
  • Top 5 Attractions in Helen Georgia
  • Three North Georgia Getaways That Will Take Your Breath
  • 6 Unforgettable Family-Friendly Things To Experience In Helen, GA
  • 8 Hidden Treasures To Experience With Your Kids During Georgia Mountain Getaways
  • Peak Leaf Season In and Around Helen
  • Weekend Getaways in Georgia That Are Blow Away Fun
  • Great Places To Explore When In North Georgia
  • Escape The Bustle With A Relaxing Helen Georgia Getaway
  • Adventure Calls Your Name When in Helen Georgia Cabins
  • Tables With A View Near The Cabins In Helen Georgia
  • Seasonal Events To Experience in Helen
  • Two Beautiful Waterfalls To Gaze At When You Stay At The Cabins In Helen GeorgiaTranquility One Cabin living

Great Helen Attractions That Will Make You Scream

Haunts in the Hills: A Guide to Helen’s Halloween
Haunted Helen
Address: 115 Escowee Street, Helen, Georgia
Phone: 706-878-8404

Haven’t gotten enough of those old-style thrills and chills, just like in the old days?  Well, Helen’s got another Haunted House in town, and it’s just down the street: Haunted Helen features a huge mock-up mansion, in a 21,000-foot facility.  Haunted Helen takes great pride in their creatures and constructions, often featuring state-of-the-art works like animatronics.

The tour is short and doesn’t descend into a mountain, so it’s probably best for those whose fears include enclosed spaces. After all, we’re not looking to really terrify you during your Helen stay!

The Stonepile Gap

Click Here for Directions

As you travel away from Helen you’ll come upon an odd pile of stones, at the junction between US Highway 19 and State Highways 9 and 60.

It is said that long ago, a Cherokee woman named Trahlyta, went to the site to drink from a magic spring that made her more beautiful with every sip. Her beauty became so great that the warrior Wahsega demanded her hand in marriage.  When she refused his proposal, he kidnapped and killed her. Before her death, her last request was for her body to rest in the mountains, so others could visit her grave.

Legend has it that those who add a rock to the cairn will have their wishes for luck or beauty fulfilled. However, beware! People say Trahlyta’s spirit still haunts the rocks, and all who disturb her grave see unfortunate ends. On the other hand, assuming you leave the rocks in place, you can meet a much more fortunate end to the day, in one of Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals’ wonderful mountain cabins!

Mountain Spirits Ghost Tours
Address: 8065 S Main Street, Helen, Georgia
Phone: 706-878-1769

Do you find yourself thinking there’s safety in numbers?  If so, sign up for a Mountain Spirits tour! This van-based operation in Helen runs 60-90 minute tours around North Georgia spinning tales of love, murder, and vengeance set against the backdrop of backwoods Americana.   

As you wind through the woods and hills, you’ll learn about the darker side of Georgia, and it might make you all the happier to come home to a great rented cabin at night!

Booger Hill
Address: Bettis Tribble Gap Road, Cumming, Georgia

We didn’t give it the name, but the story told there is tragic. It’s said that two innocent black men were hanged by the KKK in the mid-1850s and their spirits still haunt the area seeking justice for their killing.

But that’s not all you’ll find by visiting this said-to-be haunted hill. Booger Hill is known as a “magnetic hill,” one of the few in the United States.  Sure, scientists say it’s “just an optical illusion,” but if you leave your car in neutral at the right spot on Bettis-Tribble Gap Road it will appear to roll uphill! Is it really happening or are the spirits pushing your car?  Visit and see for yourself.

So, come To Helen this October for a real “scream!” Whether you’re coming first for the beer, the fall colors, or any of the great Helen attractions,  you’ve got to stick around for the scares. Helen is a perfect getaway for fans of the dark, ghoulish, and supernatural.

Plus, what better way to round off your Helen fright-fest than your very own cabin in the woods?  Ours are state-of-the-art, luxurious, and contain no monsters at all. We promise.

4 Ripe Destinations for Farm Fresh Fruits

Northern Georgia is known for its fresh and delicious harvests of fruits and vegetables. One of the biggest advantages of staying in a Helen cabin rental is that you can go local to pick your own produce and then incorporate it into your family meals. Visiting orchards, farms, and locally grown produce and meat markets is a fun way to promote health and family bonding. Where are the best places you should visit? Here are four “ripe” suggestions for fresh fruit, meat, and veggies in northern Georgia to get you started.

Jaemor Farms
Address: 5340 Cornelia Highway, Alto, Georgia 30510
Phone: 770-869-3999

Situated in Alto, Georgia, Jaemor Farms is conveniently located only 20 miles down the road from your Helen cabin rental. This charming roadside market features a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, all locally grown in northern Georgia. You can take your pick from peaches, nectarines, strawberries, apples, squash, pumpkins, beans, peppers, oranges, and so much more!

During the fall, you and your kids can head out to the pumpkin patch to select that perfect gourd for carving jack-o-lanterns. While you’re at it, be sure to go for a hayride, and visit their aMAZEing corn maze! Jaemor farms also feature a pie kitchen, homemade ice cream, and boiled peanuts to delight your taste buds.

Mercier Orchards
Address: 8660 Blue Ridge Drive, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513
Phone: 706-632-3411

Just up the road from your Helen cabin rental, you will find Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, GA. This produce farm is the largest of its kind in the southeast United States. Most famous for their delicious apples, you will find over 20 different varieties at Mercier Orchards. You can purchase these apples in fruit form, or taste them in jams, jellies, pies, or ciders. 

The Orchards offer many “U-Pick” days where you and your family can pick apples, cherries, peaches, and more right from the trees. When in season, there are fresh and delicious fruits like blackberries and strawberries available at the market.

Reece Apple House
Address: 9131 Highway 52 East, Ellijay, Georgia 30536
Phone: 706-276-3048

If you’re headed East for a day trip through the Chattahoochee National Forest, be sure to drop by the Reece Apple House in Ellijay, Georgia. U-Pick season runs all throughout the fall. All you have to do is select the size bag that you desire, and then fill it up with your selection from 80 varieties of apples picked right from the tree.

On weekends, Reece Apple house brings out the apple cannon! Test your skills to see if you can smash an apple by firing a cannon from 500 feet away. You and your family will also enjoy a petting zoo on Saturdays and Sundays. And if you decide to make it a day, you can enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage as you picnic at the orchard and explore more than 120 acres. Before you go, be sure to stop by the bakery for one of Reece Apple House’s delicious pies or danishes!

Loganberry Heritage Farm
Address: 2660 Adair Mill Road, Cleveland, Georgia 30528
Phone: 706-348-6068

Since 1828 Loganberry Heritage Farm has been a part of the Berry Turner family where he raised 21 children supporting them as a Justice of The Peace for the community, farming, and gold-mining. The farm has been passed down through the generations but now consists of 60 acres that were part of the original homestead.

The stewards of this holistic farm are committed to a natural farming approach that focuses on organic growing and sustainability. The farm is open to guests who want to tour and discover more about their natural farming techniques or visit their market to buy local, organic produce, and grass-fed beef.

Ten Places To Visit When Staying In Cabin Rentals

The area surrounding our luxurious cabin rentals in Helen is full of fun things to do! Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, love antiquing, is in search of a spa, or looking for something to do with the entire family you’ll undoubtedly find plenty to keep you busy! There are many well-known attractions that guests to cabin rentals may hear a lot about, but there are also some hidden gems in the North Georgia mountains that you won’t want to miss!

North Georgia Zoo
Address: 2912 Paradise Valley Road, Cleveland, Georgia 30528
Phone: 706-348-7279

This fabulous zoo is fun for the whole group. You’ll have the opportunity to visit a petting zoo and working farm (Paradise Valley Farm) where you can interact with hundreds of friendly and adorable animals. The zoo also features a wildlife rehabilitation preserve where you will be able to see more exotic animals like wolves. One of the most popular events at the zoo is the reptile encounter. This totally hands-on experience allows you and your kids to visit and even touch snakes, tortoises, chameleons, iguanas, frogs, and more.

The North Georgia Zoo has exhibits including an exciting wolf encounter and the favorite reptile adventure. Visitors can hold a python, touch a crocodile, or experience an up-close and personal real-life wolf howl.

The zoo is also committed to seasonal events and educational opportunities that extend its outreach to local residents and guests. For example, each Christmas season the North Georgia Zoo sponsors a living nativity and guided starlight tours.

Gold ‘N Gem Grubbin
Address: 75 Gold Nugget Lane, Cleveland, Georgia 30528
Phone: 800-942-4436

Test your gold-panning skills and search for gold on the same land that produced America’s first gold rush in the 1820s! Visitors can buy material by bucket and then use the conveniently constructed sluice boxes situated under shade trees to search for gold and gems. You’ll likely catch gold fever once you discover treasure in your pan!

Richard B Russell Scenic Parkway

A/K/A Georgia State Route 348

A favorite of cabin rental guests, this scenic byway is the perfect way to view the picturesque landscapes of the North Georgia mountains. Different turnoffs provide scenic overlooks of the mountain’s beauty. The parkway also intersects with the Appalachian Trail at two well-marked points.  You can park at these turn-offs and enjoy a short hike on the famed trail.

Bigg Daddy’s
Address: 807 Edelweisse Strasse, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-2739

There’s never a dull moment at Bigg Daddy’s American Tavern and Music Club! The menu is full of American fare favorites with a Southern flair. A full beverage menu is also available, and the wine selections are designed to highlight young wineries and flavors from developing wine regions. Along with your dinner and drinks, you can enjoy live music that celebrates and supports the local arts and music scene.

Jasus Creek Mountain Bike Trail

Many guests of cabin rentals in the Helen area enjoy mountain biking through the scenic landscape. The Jasus Creek Mountain Bike Trail is a twelve-mile trail perfect for any rider, including beginners. If you prefer not to pack your own bike, you can rent a bike and gear at Woody’s Mountain Bikes in Helen.

Velvet’s Vintage
Address: 2048 Helen Highway, Cleveland, Georgia 30528
Phone: 706-219-0229

If you love shopping for antiques or are searching for a one-of-a-kind vintage find you must visit this quaint cottage nestled in the foothills of Mount Yonah. Velvet’s Vintage specializes in local antiques such as North Georgia pottery, ironwork, glassware, and quilts.

Hickory Flat Pottery
Address: 13664 Hwy. 197 North, Clarkesville, Georgia 30523
Phone: 706-947-0030

Potter Cindy Angliss opened her studio so guests can watch her in action and purchase her creations in the adjacent shop. You can watch Cindy create her works of functional art, shop for gifts, and enjoy the gallery of work from over twenty local artists. Since this pottery is meant to be used, you can trust that each piece is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe and is meant to be enjoyed.

Yahoola Creek Grill
Address: 1810 S. Chestatee Street, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
Phone: 706-740-3400

Executive Chef Rick Whorf has worked hard to create a unique menu committed to regional cuisine sourced from local farms. The southern-inspired kitchen features favorites such as chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and tips and ‘shrooms. Yahoola Creek Grill also offers banquet space for more significant events such as family reunions or wedding receptions.  

Scarlet’s Secret
Address: 1902 Highway 17, Sautee, Georgia
Phone: 706-878-1028

If you are a ‘Gone with the Wind’ fan you need to plan an excursion to this two-story plantation-style manor that is furnished and decorated as a Civil War recreation. Scarlet’s Secret is a fantastic destination for viewing historical artifacts, learning more about ‘Gone with the Wind,’ or enjoying the famous teas and desserts.

Loudermilk Boarding House Museum & Everything Elvis
Address: 271 Foreacre Street, Cornelia, Georgia
Phone: 706-778-2001

Elvis fans, forget about Graceland! The Loudermilk Boarding House Museum in Cornelia, GA is home to a permanent display created by local artist Joni Mabe. Mabe proclaims herself to be an “Elvis Babe” and “Queen of the King” which may very well be the truth as she has put together an “Everything Elvis” collection that features over 30,000 Elvis items, including an Elvis Wart that was removed from his right wrist in 1958! The museum, the most extensive and unique of its kind, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and has been featured on Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Our Top 5 Pick of Adult Attractions In Helen Georgia

Habersham Vineyards and Winery
Address: 7025 South Main Street, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-9463

Couples, girlfriends, and ‘bros’ alike will love the experience of visiting Helen’s own Habersham Vineyards and Winery. You will probably smell the aroma before you even get to the front door of this wonderful location. As one of Georgia’s oldest and largest wineries, you’ll have the ability to taste award-winning local wines, as well as international wines from all around the world. Here you see the grape vineyards and learn how wine is made. Enjoy the flavors, tour the vineyards, taste some of the facilities’ gourmet cheeses and specialty foods, and listen to live music on select evenings throughout the summer months. If you really like one of Habersham’s wines, feel free to buy a bottle to take back to the cabin with you to be enjoyed on your private porch or while soaking in the hot tub.

Three Sisters Vineyards
Address: 439 Vineyard Way, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
Phone: 706-865-9463

Did you know North Georgia has a flourishing wine culture? When staying at our luxury cabin rentals, Helen, Georgia and the surrounding mountain towns provide some of the most famed US wineries that each boast amazing mountain views. Three Sisters Vineyards is located near Dahlonega and is proud to be the area’s first family farm winery. The small family farm is committed to serving wine enthusiasts that visit the North Georgia mountains.

Alpine Carriage Company
Address: 2345 Tower Rd, Helen, Georgia
Phone: 706-892-8134

Looking for a unique way to tour the charming town of Helen? Hitch a ride on a horse-drawn carriage to experience downtown Helen in a whole new way. There’s no better way to enjoy the quaint Bavarian town of Helen than on a peaceful carriage ride. The Alpine Carriage Company serves the Village of Helen with a daily ride service; no reservation is required. The drivers offer historical information and the horses love when guests bring them a carrot. You can find the carriages throughout downtown Helen for a standard ride or you can contact them directly to schedule an off-route ride. These rides are perfect for special occasions, a romantic evening, or a family ride to a favorite location.

Balloons Over Georgia
Address: 112 Jason Lane, Cumming, Georgia 30040
Phone: 678 283-4033

Nothing says adventure like an exciting and scenic hot air balloon ride! If drifting peacefully across the sky has been on your “bucket list”, you’ll finally get your opportunity to soar with the birds when you visit northern Georgia. Enjoy the excursion with your friends, or create a special experience with your best girl or guy as you see the world like never before. From the balloon, you’ll be able to view Lake Lanier, Stone Mountain, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and even the Atlanta skyline. Keep your eyes peeled for some of northern Georgia’s native wildlife like deer running in the valleys below or red-tail hawks flying past the balloon.

Sunburst Stables
Address: 251 Sunburst Lane, Clarkesville, Georgia 30523
Phone: 706-947-7433

Want to do something special with your sweetheart during your vacation? How about a sunset horseback ride that will allow you to view the colorful sky as the sun slips away behind the mountains? Sunburst Stables allows you to do just that. Of course, if you’re just looking for a day of fun and adventure with your closest girl or guy friends, check out Sunbursts zipline, ride an ATV, or try flyboarding. It’s the perfect place to bond and reconnect with your favorite sweetie or friends!

Top 5 Attractions in Helen Georgia

Helen GA attractions are quite varied and certainly lend one to understand why Helen is one of Georgia’s most boasted mountain towns. Here are our Top Five Attractions that make a trip to Helen worth your while:  


Helen GA, sits near the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River and also features several beautiful waterfalls including the Anna Ruby Falls. Go on a wild rafting adventure, or tube lazily down the river, it is all available around Helen, GA. The Unicoi Lake is also nearby for fishing, or if you are in for something more leisurely and family-friendly, try out the hot tub or visit the local amusement park.  


One of Helen, GA top attractions is its rich history. First, it was the home of the Cherokee Nation, including some of their important ceremonial grounds. Later, in the 1800s miners looking for gold settled in the area. Fast-forward to today, where Helen is known for its German-Alpine atmosphere. Visitors can try panning for gold or gems at Dukes Creek, or they can visit the Helen Arts & Heritage Center, try the Folk Pottery Museum, and can even travel to the nearby historic Native-American town of Sautee Nacoochee.


What would a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains be without catching some of the gorgeous views and surrounding nature? We’ve already mentioned the waterfalls, but visit the Unicoi National Forest and other areas, and you are in for a treat with fabulous Georgia hiking trails. And if the physical exertion is a bit much…check out the balloon rides offered and enjoy panoramic views. You can learn more here about hiking and trail running in and around Helen.


With its charming German-Alpine feel and over 200 shops, Helen GA has plenty of shopping to keep anyone busy for days. And they are not just any shops: they offer unique artisan, antiques, crafts, and specialty shops of many kinds. And if you are in for shopping of a different kind, there are some wineries in the area that offer tours and tastings.

Green with Envy

The golf courses in and around North Georgia are known for their breathtaking views of the mountains and fantastic services. You could spend your entire vacation touring the various golf courses. Try the Innsbruck Golf Course or the Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa.

Three North Georgia Getaways That Will Take Your Breath

Your vacation is a time for rest, relaxation, and relishing new experiences. Those visiting the North Georgia mountains will not be disappointed. Northern Georgia vacationers can expect to find a peaceful and scenic environment to enjoy and explore. There is nothing more relaxing than being surrounded by nature and breathtaking scenery. Where can you go to experience the beauty of North Georgia mountain getaways? Here are three ideas for scenic getaways during your next stay at a North Georgia mountain cabin.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

This four-hour, twenty-six-mile round-trip train ride will allow you to relax while taking in the breathtaking views of scenic Northern Georgia. Your journey begins in the charming little mountain town of Blue Ridge, nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Before the ride begins, take some time to shop; Blue Ridge is known as the “Antique Capital” of the world.

Once you board the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, your travels will take you through the mountains and trees lining the gorgeous Toccoa River. The sites of the historic and nostalgic railway, bridges, and trestles will cause you to pause momentarily, as you take an extra breath. Your ride will take you to Copperhill, Tennessee, just across the Georgia border, where you’ll find more opportunities to shop and dine. After a two-hour layover, passengers will re-board the train for the journey back to Blue Ridge.

Tallulah Gorge State Park

Located in Tallulah Falls, Georgia, Tallulah Gorge State Park is home to one of the most spectacular canyons in the nation. Tallulah Gorge is two miles long and one thousand feet deep. Fantastic views of both the gorge and the falls can be found on any of the park’s many hiking trails and scenic overlooks.

For the daredevils, a suspension bridge sways eighty feet over the bottom and also offers incredible views of the river and falls. Additionally, a trip to Bridal Veil Falls, at the end of the gorge’s base, will excite and delight those adventurous enough to slide down the fall into the cold pool below. If the sites of the gorge don’t take your breath away, the moment you hit the water below surely will do the job. So, take a deep breath before taking the plunge down Bridal Veil Falls.

For those intending to enter the gorge, the park issues a limited amount of passes per day. If one plans to hike along the bottom of the gorge, arriving before noon will improve the chances of doing so without a wait. Visit the GA State Parks website for more information regarding hours of operation, attractions, bike trails, and more.

Amicalola Falls State Park

Amicalola Falls State Park, which can be found in Dawsonville, Georgia is a definite must for North Georgia mountain getaways. This park is home to Amicalola Falls, which is the largest water cascade in the Southeast United States. Visitors can expect to get truly incredible views of the 729-foot waterfall. The scenes are so spectacular, they nearly breathe for spectators. These views can be accessed by the visitor’s choice of easy pathways or challenging hiking trails. After hiking, tourists can stop at the Maple Restaurant for a Sunday Brunch buffet.

North Georgia mountain getaways are a perfect way to “get away from it all” and unwind. With so many beautiful places to see and explore, you may find that you never want to come home from your North Georgia vacation! What getaway are you planning for your next visit?

6 Unforgettable Family-Friendly Things To Experience In Helen, GA

Family vacations are all about having fun, bonding together, and creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the stresses that come with these trips can tend to overshadow the good times. Instead of dealing with all of the hassles, why not book a stay in a luxurious cabin in Helen, Ga? After spending a fun and exciting day together, your whole family will be able to get some much-needed rest and relaxation in their own private bedroom. Here are five of the many unforgettable experiences you can expect to have while visiting Helen.

Tree Top Tours

Fly through the air on a zip line while you get a bird’s eye view of the northern Appalachian mountains. Several zipline adventure companies operate around Helen and offer exciting rides through the trees and forests.

Zip ‘N Time Zipline Tours
Address: 7019 S Main Street, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-9477

One of the most popular attractions for visitors to Helen is Zip ‘N Time Zipline Tours at Nacoochee Adventures. Located just moments away from your cabin rental, this exciting excursion will allow you and your family to experience northern Georgia like never before! The breathtaking canopy tours will allow you to soar across the landscape and treetops so that you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the world below. Various tours are offered that will provide zipliners with opportunities to learn about the rich history of the Nacoochee Sautee Valley area and to challenge themselves as they cross swinging bridges and face other obstacles. You and your group will never forget it!

Cool Water River Tubing
Address: 590 Edelweiss Strasse, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706.878.2665

During the warmer months of the year, those staying in Helen enjoy heading down to Cool River Tubing Company and taking a lazy, relaxing, and refreshing ride down the Chattahoochee River. You and your family will be able to bring along waterproof cameras so that you can capture all of the gorgeous scenery and wildlife that you take in on your journey downstream, as well as snap precious moments in time as you laugh, play, and bond together in the cool river waters.

Wildwood Outfitters
Address: 26 Megan Drive, Cleveland, Georgia
Phone: 800-553-2715

Even if you have never tried your hand at kayaking, you can still enjoy this sport when vacationing in Helen. Wildwood Outfitters has been around since 1972 and will provide you with the kayaks, paddles, life vests, and instructions needed to enjoy your own river tour of the Chattahoochee. There are tour routes designated for beginners who would like to take it easy and simply enjoy the company of their family and the gorgeous northern Georgia scenery. Families with adrenaline junkies who are experienced kayakers, on the other hand, will excel at and enjoy taking the more challenging routes that feature level 1, level 2, and level 3 rapids!

Woody’s Mountain Bikes
Address: 457 Highway 356, Helen, Georgia
Phone: 706-878-3715

Woody’s specializes in bicycle tours, rentals, repairs, sales, and promoting cycling on Georgia getaways. The Georgia mountains are the perfect place for a relaxing family ride through the local parks. Tours are two or more hours long and include a shuttle ride, mountain bike rental, and other required gear.

Spend a Holiday

The Alpine Village of Helen is full of the holiday spirit throughout the year! Spending a holiday here will create unique and lasting memories for the whole family. The summer months bring the Bavarian Nights of Summer and the 4th of July Celebration with more live music, dancing, and yummy foods! From mid-September through the end of October, Helen is home to the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the southeastern United States.

This festival celebrates the Bavarian heritage and features live polka music, dancing, and delicious German flavors. During colder months, families can enjoy a winter wonderland! The annual lighting of the village occurs on the day after Thanksgiving and you may even run into Santa Claus! Experiencing the Festival of the Trees is not to be missed! Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a warm fire in the comfort of your own cabin, with spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains outside!

Family Bonding

Nothing can beat the experience of enjoying the company of those nearest and dearest to you. When you stay in a mountain cabin in Helen, your family will be able to have fun and share memories together, without invading each other’s privacy and getting on each other’s nerves. Instead of arguing over the hotel bathroom or who has to share a bed with who, why not have fun preparing meals in your own private kitchen, or playing a round of pool or Foosball on your cabin’s game table? You can even enjoy a movie together on your family room’s big-screen TV.

With the wealth of family-friendly activities, everyone can enjoy weekend getaways in Georgia.

8 Hidden Treasures To Experience With Your Kids During Georgia Mountain Getaways

The North Georgia mountains are full of things for visitors to do on their Georgia getaways. There is an abundance of events, shopping opportunities, delicious restaurants, and outdoor activities. Among the many things to do are these ten hidden treasures that you’ll want to experience on your next trip to a North Georgia mountains cabin stay in the Helen area.

The Willows Pottery
Address: 7273 S Main Street, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-1344

Both a working studio and a pottery gallery, The Willows Pottery is an ideal destination for a leisurely afternoon. Local potters are often visible, working in the studio making pieces for the store’s gallery. More than just pottery is for sale. The gallery includes work by local artisans that specialize in custom dinnerware, custom vessel sinks, hand-turned wooden bowls, jewelry, fair trade gifts, and more.

Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen
Address: 8651 N. Main Street, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-2443

This candy shop has been making delicious treats since 1973, allowing guests to satisfy their sweet tooth on their Georgia getaways. The Kitchen specializes in homemade fudge, caramel apples, turtle candies, and whipped cream caramels. They also offer chocolate gift boxes to take with you as a memento of your time in the North Georgia mountains.

Babyland General Hospital
Address: 300 N.O.K. Drive, Cleveland, Georgia 30528
Phone: 706-865-2171

For over thirty years the Georgia mountains have been home to Babyland General Hospital and Xavier Roberts Cabbage Patch Kids. Whether you have children in your group or you are simply looking for a walk down memory lane, nothing will stir up a bit of nostalgia and fun like the Babyland General Hospital which is located in Cleveland, Georgia. This stop which was voted as one of the Travel Channel’s Top Ten Toylands is situated on 650 acres of land on the closest mountain to Florida. Don’t be fooled by its name – this is no ordinary hospital, but rather, is a hospital for Cabbage Patch Dolls!

Admission to the hospital is completely free, and as you stroll throughout the hospital you will see Mother Cabbage beneath the branches of the Magic Crystal Tree as well as thousands of Cabbage Patch Kids so that you can find your perfect match. When you take the Oath of Adoption, your children (or the little kid in you!) will be able to take home a new Cabbage Patch friend.

Sleepy Hollow – Whimsical Fairy Garden
Address: 5279 Highway 515 E, Blairsville, Georgia 30512
Phone: 706-379-9622

If you are looking for a spark of magic during your trip to the closest mountain to Florida, try Sleepy Hollow’s Whimsical Fairy Garden located just a short drive from Helen in Blairsville. This is an enchanted little world of whimsical model fairy houses, fairy doors, and other fairy-related items. These houses are designed by Arthur Millican, Jr. who is a former Disney artisan. Though the fairy houses which range from small (created from an old teapot) to the size of a shed are for sale, visitors are welcome to stop by and enjoy the enchanting gardens and mini-village for free! As you stroll the grounds you’ll enjoy floral displays, adorable fairy playhouses, hobbit homes, and bird and butterfly houses. If you’re lucky you may even spot a wood-elf tolling away as you peek through the windows of the woodworking studio.

Three Popular Kid-Sized Hikes

At least a few weekends should be devoted to spending time with the family and northern Georgia is definitely the place to find all kinds of outdoor family fun. The most popular hikes in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest are shorter and less strenuous making them perfect for pint-sized hikers. Try Brasstown Bald, Anna Ruby Falls, or Smithgall Woods. Our hiking guide will give you more details on these kid-sized trails!

Dukes Creek Mines
Address: 6145 Georgia Hwy 75, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia 30571
Phone: 706-878-2625

The mountains of North Georgia were once filled with miners searching for gold in the rich soil and clear river waters. This mining heritage has been preserved at Dukes Creek Mines for visitors enjoying Georgia getaways. You can grab a pan and get to work on a bucket of material that may contain gems, gold, bloodstone, or quartz. Local mining experts are ready to give you a panning lesson or evaluate your findings. This is a great activity for the entire family and a wonderful way to learn more about the history of the Georgia mountains.

In his 1849 book entitled Statistics in the State of Georgia George White reveals that the first discovery of gold in the state was made at Dukes Creek.  Dukes Creek Gold & Ruby Mines in Helen GA can offer fun and excitement, giving you the chance to experience gold mining history and what it felt like to pan for gold.  If you are lucky you can take home more than just amazing photos and priceless memories.

Bavarian Mountain Miniature Golf
Address: 8065 South Main Street, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-4653

When did you last spend time putting around a miniature course with your family in the North Ga mountains? You and your kids will have a blast playing Bavarian Mountain Miniature Golf’s two eighteen-hole courses while taking in the views of mountains, streams, and waterfalls or hitting the arcades filled with numerous games. You can play skee ball, driving games, air hockey, and many more! This is a place to have fun while you enjoy your family! Be sure to view their website before visiting for a special discount!

Ranger-Led Excursions

By keeping tabs on all of the upcoming events being held at the various state parks near the Georgia mountain cabin rentals, you will never miss out on the opportunity to go on a ranger-led excursion. Numerous events are held throughout the year, putting the focus on a wide variety of native plant and animal wildlife. Birding By Ear, Growing Up Wild (aimed at the little ones), nature hikes to view seasonal plant life and wildflowers, bird-watching events, etc. are all put on at regular intervals, providing expert information from park rangers near the Georgia getaway cabins.

Peak Leaf Season In and Around Helen

People look forward to it every year when the autumn foliage spreads in colorful beauty across the landscape. Photographers flock from around the country, seeking out-of-the-way forested places to revel in the beauty of the season.  If you’re ready to experience real beauty, lock up the office for a few days and rent North Georgia cabin rental property and soak in the range of colors of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain Ranges.

When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Experience Georgia’s Fall Foliage?

Each state has a beauty all its own when the leaves change ushering in a new season.  In Georgia, the leaves take on orange and golden hues before they fall out of the trees and flutter in the wind to create a picturesque carpet over the North Georgia landscape.  Early to mid-November is the peak season for the changing of the leaves. It is a date you can mark on your calendar to take a vacation to experience the beauty in cabins in the Georgia Mountains.

What Can You Do To Experience The True Beauty Of The North Georgia Autumn Season? Below Are Five Of Our Recommendations:
Experience The Beauty Of The Season At Lake Chatuge

Beautiful Lake Chatuge is nestled between Hiawassee, Georgia, and Hayesville, North Carolina.  It is a spectacular place to experience the striking colors of the season on the lake’s one-hundred-and-thirty-two-mile shoreline.  The leaves begin to change in September with sunny days and cool evenings you can relax by the fireplace in your choice of cabins in the Georgia Mountains.

Hike the Appalachian Trail in the Fall

The Appalachian Trail begins on Springer Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest and offers some great opportunities for fall foliage hikes. The trail is likened to a “long green tunnel” most of the year, but in the fall season, it becomes a majestic array of bright autumn colors that photographers, leaf collectors, and outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled to experience.

Brasstown Bald Gives You A Glimpse Of Fall Foliage In Four States

Brasstown Bald is the highest mountain in the state of Georgia, and on clear autumn days, it offers a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view into the four states of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  The spectacular view from the top of this mountain offers glimpses into the beauty of the season not seen anywhere else.

Autumn Is The Season Of Harvest For North Georgia Wine Vineyards

Weekend getaways in Georgia take many forms. Try a weekend devoted to the more excellent things in life. The North Georgia Wine Trail includes five different vineyards: Crane Creek Winery & Vineyards, Habersham Winery & Vineyards, Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery, Wolf Mountain Vineyards & Winery, and Frogtown Cellars.  During autumn, you can experience the beauty of the leaf-changing season and the harvest when you tour the vineyards to experience North Georgia’s wine-making heritage.

North Georgia has a lively wine industry featuring both traditional southern wines like Muscat and old-world wines including Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. There are dozens of vineyards and tasting rooms spread across the northern counties from Ringgold to Clayton. You can check out several travel guides online to map your weekend of wine tasting.

Grape Escape Winery Excursion

The North Georgia cabin rentals sit right in the middle of the growing Georgia wine industry. Using your cabin as a base, you could easily make a weekend — or more — out of a wine excursion in this region. At least 17 wineries, tasting rooms, and vineyards are within easy driving distance of the cabins including Habersham Winery, Yonah Mountain Vineyards, and Sautee Nacoochee Vineyards. Enjoy the wines, and the views, and bring a bottle back to the North Georgia cabin rentals to enjoy.

Take A Tour of Helen’s Wine Country

The staff of VIP Southern Tours is also available to provide you with the most exceptional all-inclusive wine tour experience on the East Coast. Every week their team selects different vineyards for traveling to, providing a unique wine tour experience each time.

Weekend Getaways in Georgia That Are Blow Away Fun

Georgia is a state that holds many wonders. The bright lights of Atlanta, the warm beaches of the Atlantic, and the deep history of early colonial America. With so much to choose from, deciding how to spend your weekend getaways in Georgia can prove a bit challenging. How do you decide where to go on your weekend excursions?

Maybe it’s time you considered heading to the northern part of the state and the foothills of the mighty Appalachian mountains. This scenic area of the state offers all kinds of options for as many weekend getaways in Georgia as you can imagine. Each weekend presents a new opportunity to sample and experience yet another facet of this region. Here are some ideas for your weekend getaway where you can be one with nature!

Angler’s Paradise

Helen is built alongside the majestic Chattahoochee River, providing plenty of opportunities for fantastic fishing expeditions. Whether you’re floating down the river on a hired boat, or just camped by the riverside with a picnic basket packed with local goodies, you can relax as our ancestors have for thousands of years.

In fact, with the Unicoi State Park nearby, you’ve got virtually endless opportunities for finding a secluded spot, miles from anyone. With the sun at your back and the wind lightly blowing, you could catch enough bass and catfish for a grilled feast!

It’s an excellent opportunity for children, especially if they’ve never seen a fish other than in plastic wrap in the grocery store. There is little more satisfaction when sitting down to enjoy a meal you caught and cooked up yourself.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is a favorite activity in Georgia, for a good reason. Trout are plentiful in the Chattahoochee River. Outfit yourself in fishing attire and walk into the invigorating waters of the river to try to catch as many bass, rainbow, and brown trout as you can carry. You have several places to drop a pole or cast a fly rod over the water.

Unicoi Outfitters offers one-day lessons conducted by certified instructors and provides all of the equipment that you need to learn to fly fish. After an hour of learning all of the basic maneuvers, you’ll be ready to go out on the water with your instructor to try out your new skill for two hours.

If you need to get a fishing license, gear, or local tips for the best place to snag your catch of the day visit Betty’s Country Store in Helen. You can also jump over to our fishing guide and learn about fishing spots in the North Georgia mountains around Helen. Remember to check the seasonal news from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to know what fish are in season.

Hiking The Appalachian

After an early morning of fishing, go hiking and experience the stunning views of the famous Appalachian Trail that draws over two million people every year. Trails are easy, moderate, and challenging — there’s something for everyone. Whether fishing or hiking, take a lot of pictures and leave behind nothing but footprints. You’ll carry many memories home from one of the best weekend getaways in Georgia.                             

Water Everywhere

If you’re a person who loves to swim and play around in the water on a hot day, weekend getaways in Georgia full of water adventures might sound like an excellent idea for you.

Go tubing on the first day of your weekend in Helen, GA. Float away your day on a tube while basking in the sun with your feet skimming the water.

Then on the next day, take a hike to one (or all, if you’re feeling energetic) of the several beautiful waterfalls in the area and feel the cool water trickle against your skin. Relax and have a picnic near a waterfall.

Later that afternoon, take your family white water rafting at one of the many rivers in and near Helen. You’ll leave Georgia feeling refreshed from your watery adventures.

Rugged, Outdoor Adventures

Nature calls to those ready for an adventure in the mountains. Northern Georgia is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for the challenges of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.

Rock Climbing

But save some energy for your next day in Georgia and for rock climbing!  Defy gravity by scaling the many rock faces and boulders at Mount Yonah or Tallulah Gorge State Park considered the toughest climbing spot in the state. There’s nothing more thrilling than reaching the top and getting the reward of the extraordinary scenery that you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

Horseback Riding

Start your weekend off right with a horseback ride. Saddle up and let your guide take you through the dense plant life of the Appalachian Mountains. Discover a few of the places in and around Helen to experience a horseback ride through the terrain of the North Georgia mountains.

Bike Riding

If you’d prefer not to ride a horse, consider riding a bike instead. You can find mountain biking trails that take you through the mountains and forests of the Appalachians. North Georgia Bike Trails are the perfect place for a rugged mountain bike ride.

No matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for you’ll find it here in Georgia when you stay at the beautiful North Georgia Cabin Rentals. On a weekend getaway, the rugged, outdoor types can find any number of difficulties to make their weekend conquests rival any battles in the boardroom.

You can make your weekend getaways in Georgia anything you want them to be.

Great Places To Explore When In North Georgia

Are you ready for a little adventure and excitement? When you decide to stay in one of our luxurious cabins in Helen, Georgia, you will have the opportunity to play and explore while bonding with your nearest and dearest. From cascading waterfalls to quaint villages, to majestic mountains and everything in between, you are sure to find something for everyone to explore and enjoy near the cabins in Helen, Georgia. To help you get started on planning your next adventure, here are four fabulous places to explore in northern Georgia.

The City of Helen

From the moment you lay eyes on the Bavarian village of Alpine Helen, you will fall in love. You and your group will enjoy exploring the winding cobblestone alleys and the old-world-style architecture as you wander in and out of the many shops and eateries in downtown Helen. There are plenty of places for sweets and treats as well as opportunities to have an adventure on a horse-drawn carriage ride from the Alpine Carriage Company or even going on your own self-guided bike tour through town.

Perhaps you would enjoy playing a round of mini-golf at the Alpine Mini-Golf Course on the South end of town, or you could enjoy a meal while watching other visitors float lazily down the Chattahoochee River on inter-tubes. Helen also features many fun and family-friendly events throughout the year.

Oktoberfest, which is the largest celebration of its kind in the southern United States, goes on from mid-September until the end of October. Soon after, it is time to start preparing for the holidays! The annual lighting of the tree will occur on the day after Thanksgiving and if you are lucky, you may even get to meet Santa Clause! Helen is a truly magical place when covered with snow and lit up by the lights and will provide you with even more to explore.

Amicalola Falls State Park

Another great place to take a day trip and explore near the cabins in Helen, GA is Amicalola State Park. This vast wilderness area is home to the tallest waterfall in all of the southeastern United States. The park is filled with hiking trails of all difficulty levels and should you conquer the more difficult path to the falls, you can become a member of the park’s “Canyon Climbers Club.”

The Chattahoochee River

Whether you are a “newbie” or an old pro, kayaking is the perfect way to explore the Chattahoochee River! Wildwood Outfitters will set you up with the kayak, paddles, and life vests that you need to embark on a kayaking adventure and will help you to determine which route down the river will be best suited to your individual needs and abilities.

For those who would simply like to try their hand at the sport while enjoying the beauty of the region near the cabins in Helen, GA, there are smooth and easy “tours” down the Chattahoochee River that kayakers of all ages and experiences can handle. For those who would like an extra thrill or adrenaline rush, Wildwood Outfitters can put you in the river at a location where you are sure to hit levels 1,2, and 3 rapids for one exciting ride down the Chattahoochee!

Unicoi State Park
Address: 1788 Highway 356, Helen, Georgia 30545
Phone: 706-878-2201

One of the most popular destinations of visitors to Helen, GA is Unicoi State Park. Located only a short journey away from your cabin rental, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this state park throughout the year. Here you will be provided with some of the most incredible views of the north Georgia mountains and vast timberland forest.

Unicoi State Park is also home to Anna Ruby Falls – a double waterfall that is indeed a spectacular sight to see! Numerous hiking trails will take you past breathtaking views of the falls, Unicoi Lake, streams, and magnificent plant and animal wildlife. Trout fishing is abundant here, and you can even rent paddle boats or canoes to explore the waters within the park.

Frog Pond Nature Trail

Unicoi State Park is teeming with wildlife, and the Frog Pond Nature Trail is set up to help you discover the various inhabitants of the park. This short, 1/3 mile loop will take you around Frog Pond and allow you to read interpretive signs that will introduce you to the plant and animal life that call Unicoi home.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with “who’s who” in Unicoi and its various habitats, you can take your newfound knowledge to the park’s many other trails as you search for northern Georgia wildlife. But first, you may want to hang around the pond to see if you can spot any toads, frogs, turtles, sirens, or newts splashing about.

Escape The Bustle With A Relaxing Helen Georgia Getaway

When was the last time you took a weekend totally for yourself and your lover? After all, while there’s a lot to like about the 21st Century, doesn’t it seem like our lives are being run by computers these days? We’re all beholden to the vast array of blinking, beeping things in our lives that tell us where to go and whom to talk to, from moment to moment.

Life in the city is a nonstop parade of distractions, and distractions on top of distractions, with little opportunity to live in the meantime. That’s exactly what Helen, Georgia is for! This delightful little village is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, providing you the best possible way “to get away from it all” anywhere in the Southeastern United States.

Helen might be known for its nature adventures, but we’ve got plenty of options for folks who just want to relax.

Museums: Gourds, and Gold!

Helen is devoted to preserving the past, through timeless traditions that are still as useful today as when our ancestors were taming the wilderness. We have a wide range of museums and other educational exhibits, adding a dose of culture to your nature excursions.

These are two of our favorites:

The Gourd Place
Address: 2319 Duncan Bridge Road, Sautee, Georgia
Phone: 706-865-4048

Gourds – they’re not just for eating! This amazing museum and gift shop is located in Helen and is the oldest gourd crafting business in the entire country. It’s an ideal destination for your Georgia getaway. In the free museum, you will find an incredible and permanent exhibit of art that was created from over 200 gourds originating from 23 different countries. The “Gourd Girls” have spent decades refining their craft and creating items. In the store, you can take your pick from a wide variety of unique and hand-crafted items which include dolls, toys, containers, masks, flower pots, utensils, puzzles, and gourds transformed into ornaments, and even more!

Dahlonega Gold Museum
Address: 1 Public Square, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
Phone: 706-864-2257

If gourds don’t impress, maybe gold will! The nearby Dahlonega Gold Museum preserves the history of gold mining in Georgia. Twenty years before the famous California gold rush, Dahlonega already had a US Mint. View rare gold coins, fantastic nuggets, and legitimate 19th-Century mining equipment, while exploring a genuine antebellum mansion.

Spa and Massage Treatment

Maybe your idea of relaxing is all about you. If you want to be preened and pampered like royalty, Helen has you covered! Our spas and saunas give you the treatment you’d expect in the city but are surrounded instead by America’s pristine natural majesty.

If nothing but hands-on treatment will rub the weariness from your muscles, we recommend the Healthy Foot & Body Massage, Helen’s premiere relaxation center. They offer a wide variety of treatments – foot, back, shoulders, or full-body – with multiple techniques, including Swedish and deep massage.

Nacoochee Crossing Wellness Center & Day Spa
Address: 35 Nacoochee Way, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia 30571
Phone: 706-250-2123

Everyone can use some pampering from time to time. After working day in and day out, you deserve to treat your body, mind, and spirit to a little TLC. There’s nothing more romantic on a couple’s retreat than sharing a sensual couples massage at the Nacoochee Crossing Wellness Center & Day Spa. Or, you might want to enjoy a facial and a sole-soothing foot massage. Don’t think that spas aren’t a great cure for the guys, too! Ask about the spas Gentleman’s special, including a back and foot massage.

Lucille’s Mountain-Top Spa
Address: 964 Rabun Gap Road, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia 30571
Phone: 866-245-4777

Indulge your senses with a massage or spa service from Lucille’s Mountain-Top Spa. This spa is located on the top of a mountain overlooking the beautiful Sautee Valley. Known for the wide variety of services available many guests to nearby cabin rentals visit Lucille’s for one of the many spa packages. Couples may enjoy two hours of relaxation in the Love in Paradise package, or they can choose to indulge in the Full Day Serenity package.

Complete your day getting a treatment you’d expect in the city, but surrounded by the pristine natural majesty of the north Georgia mountains.

Luxurious Mountain Cabins

Our forefathers may have gotten by with rough cabins made from fresh-cut timber, but that doesn’t mean you have to! When you stay in a Helen luxury cabin, you truly get the best of both worlds. Our cabins come with all the amenities, including cable, high-speed WiFi, and a full kitchen. Most cabins have outdoor BBQ/grilling areas, and you can even have your own hot tub.

A private hot tub is relaxing, especially on a chilly evening, with nothing but the sounds of nature and the winds through the trees for company. Once someone goes into a Helen luxury cabin, they may not be seen again, at least until it’s time to go home.

Helen, GA offers a wealth of relaxing experiences that are perfect for forgetting about the stresses of everyday life. If you’re looking at months of endless sales meetings, perhaps it’s time to make the call and reserve your very own cabin!

Adventure Calls Your Name When in Helen Georgia Cabins

The next time you visit the cabins in Helen, you could relax in the hot tub, sip wine at the many vineyards, and relax in cozy restaurants. Or you could really get your blood pumping with a few adventure trips that will send your adrenaline through the roof.

Chattooga Ridge Canopy

Get in touch with the many ecosystems of northern Georgia with Chattooga Ridge Canopy Tours. You’ll soar over grand oaks and maple treetops, visit the forest floor covered in rhododendrons, and spy on native wildlife from your perch.

White Water Rafting

Don’t get too cozy in your cabin. You have more to do. After your day of zip lines, hit some white water. Several different companies offer guided trips down both the Ocoee, Chattooga, and Nantahala rivers. Along the river banks, you’ll also get to take in the beauty of the forest and the natural surroundings of these historic American rivers.

Depending on the company you choose and the portion of the river you float on, your adventure could range from a wild, raging expedition with Class IV rapids to a more peaceful, family-friendly float that will thrill your children.

When planning your white water excursion, kayaking, canoeing or a slow rafting trip consider these nearby companies:

On your next vacation to Helen, get your heart racing and blood pumping with these adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime. Learn More

Tables With A View Near The Cabins In Helen Georgia

When you visit our luxurious cabins in Helen, GA you’ll be so mesmerized by the breathtaking views that you won’t want to look away for a moment – even when you’re eating a meal. How can you experience the magnificent views of northern GA without breaking your wallet? When you elect to enjoy a picnic, you will be able to delight in a tasty meal while delighting in your “front row seats” to some of the most spectacular scenery in all of the country. Here are a few fabulous picnic spots for you to try when you visit our lush cabins in Helen, GA.

Unicoi State Park

This state park is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Helen. In addition to numerous hiking trails, fishing, swimming, and boating opportunities, and of course Anna Ruby Falls, Unicoi State Park is also home to a wide variety of picnic sites, all of which allow for fantastic views. Throughout the park, you will find picnic tables that overlook the gorgeous Unicoi Lake, which is situated in the forest alongside Smith Creek, on secluded decks built into hills and many other scenic locations. If you are visiting the park with a large group or at a family reunion, larger picnic pavilions can be rented.

Sunburst Stables

When you set out on a horseback riding excursion with Sunburst Stables you get more than a scenic and leisurely ride through the Chattahoochee National Forest. When you choose the two or four-hour lunch ride packages, you not only get to visit a miniature animal farm and stop for some fishing at one of the stable’s three stocked ponds, but you get to enjoy a picnic lunch at the stable’s scenic and beautiful pavilion. Even if you decide you don’t want a whole meal, other riding packages offer a quick snack at the pond or a treat after watching the sunset. That can make for a magical experience for all.

Brasstown Bald

When you and your group enjoy a picnic at Brasstown Bald, you are in for a truly unique experience. Located only a stone’s throw away from the cabins in Helen, GA, Brasstown Bald is the highest peak in Georgia. To reach this location, you travel up the Richard B. Russell scenic highway. You can take in the stunning views of vast timberland forest which is as equally beautiful in Spring and Summer as it is during the fall as its colors transform into brilliant hues of red and orange. At the end of the highway, you will reach the parking area which is surrounded by picnic tables with magnificent views of the world below you. When you are finished with your meal, you can choose to either walk the rest of the way up the mountain on a paved trail or take a tram to reach the summit. From here you will be able to see four different states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and of course, Georgia.

Alpine Mini Golf

It may sound strange, but one favorite place to picnic near the cabins in Helen, GA is located at the Alpine Mini Golf course on the south end of the Alpine village of Helen. Once you and your group have enjoyed a pleasant round of putt-putt on the 18-hole course, you can gather around the picnic basket at one of the picnic locations within the golf course itself. Even Fido is welcome to tag along when you play and picnic here! Not only will you be able to enjoy watching others play on the intricate and beautiful putting greens, but you will also have the backdrop of the Alpine village as well as the majestic mountains and endless forests behind it. And be sure to stop at Scoop De Scoop Ice Cream Parlor for a sweet treat before you head back to the cabin!

From the Sky

For a once-in-a-lifetime type experience, why not enjoy a non-traditional picnic from a hot air balloon? Balloon tour companies near the cabins in Helen, GA such as Balloons over Georgia are ideal for a family adventure or a romantic excursion. So pack up some sandwiches or a bottle of champagne and enjoy a meal with the most spectacular views of the region possible.

Your Cabin

Of course, the cabins in Helen, GA offer wonderful picnic locations and views themselves. Whether you’ve chosen a cabin with a mountain view, creekside, or with your own private waterfall, you can throw down a blanket on the forest floor or cozy up on your cabin’s porch to enjoy a meal in nature. Our cabins with hot tubs offer a plethora of dining spots with a view.

Seasonal Events To Experience in Helen

Of course, Helen is also well known for its many festivals and celebrations, including:


The largest Oktoberfest celebration in the southeastern U.S. is located right here in Helen and runs from the middle of September through the end of October. A refreshing beer, mouth-watering German food, and live music are the hallmarks of this beloved festival.

Alpine Christmas

The season of Christmas is magical in Helen. In addition to snow-capped rooftops and breathtaking Christmas trees, visitors can enjoy the annual Christmas Parade and Christkindlmarkt.

Bavarian Nights of Summer

During the summer months, vacationers should expect lots of live music and merriment during the evenings in Helen.


In late Spring of each year, Habersham Winery hosts a stellar Winefest, allowing visitors to enjoy complimentary tastings of wine by the Winegrowers Association of Georgia members.

Two Beautiful Waterfalls To Gaze At When You Stay At The Cabins In Helen Georgia

What do you like to do when you’re on vacation? Do you go straight to popular tourist attractions or do you prefer to explore the outdoor beauty of the area? Maybe you want to whisk away your loved one to romantic adventures. Whatever your preference, Helen has got it all. Here are two waterfalls you will want to see on your visit.

Anna Ruby Falls

There are many great waterfalls around the Helen GA area.  Anna Ruby Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, so you can pack a lunch and find a great spot to have a picnic before setting out on a hike to the twin falls which offers plenty of photo opportunities.  The falls are created by two creeks – Curtis Creek plunges one hundred and fifty-three feet and York Creek drops fifty feet. Together they meet at the base of the falls to form Smith Creek.

Amicalola Falls

At seven hundred and twenty-nine feet, Amicalola Falls holds the distinction of being the tallest cascading waterfall in the southeastern United States.  You can view the waterfall in one of two ways from an easily accessible pathway or via a challenging series of staircases that can qualify you for membership in Amicalola Falls State Parks Canyon Climbers Club.

Make a day out of it and bring a picnic lunch, a charged battery for your camera, and some comfortable shoes.

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