Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck When You Vacation In Helen GA

When it comes to planning a vacation in Helen, GA there are many lodging options available. Would you prefer a hotel, cabin or a bed and breakfast? Choosing the right one is important for your overall enjoyment, but also for the sake of your pocketbook. Each lodging option comes with it’s own unique characteristics and amenities, as well as different rates. To get the most bang for your buck, take a look below for a breakdown of these different options. These rates are based upon a 7 day stay for two people.Pinnacle Suite Treehouse

In-Town Hotel Stay

If you prefer to stay in town, Helen has many hotel choices available. Some are quaint and others are luxurious. The details here are for a standard room at one of Helen’s popular hotels.


Accommodations for the hotel include free WiFi, Cable, coffee maker and daily housekeeping. The grounds of this hotel sits on the beautiful Chattahoochee River and offers excellent views of the surrounding area. It is also in town, therefore everything you desire from food to shopping is within walking distance.

Weekly Lodging Rate:  $480.00


Whether you are craving Mexican, Italian, authentic German or American cuisine, Helen has it all. Dining out each day can add up rather quickly. The average dining cost for one meal in Helen per person is about $9.00. At minimum, most people will dine out twice a day.

Weekly Dining Costs:  $250.00


There are many free activities in Helen that you can enjoy. You can visit the local art galleries, shops and mine for gold at Gold n Gem Grubbin. There are also low cost activities such as visiting Charlemagne’s Kingdom, an Alpine Model Railroad Museum, for a cost of only $5 per person. Shows and events are also held throughout the year at the Community Center. Depending on which you attend, the costs range from free to $20 per person.

Weekly Entertainment Costs: $0 – $280.00

Total: $730 – $1,010

Bed and Breakfast

At a Bed and Breakfast, you can enjoy a home away from home. Designed for your comfort and satisfaction, these establishments come with the furnishings you need for a nice relaxing stay. You can also partake in the many activities in and around Helen.


In these specially designed homes, there are many amenities for you to enjoy including private entrances, a soothing jacuzzi and a fireplace. Most Bed and Breakfasts also have concierge services available to meet your needs.

Weekly Lodging Rate: $945


Breakfast is free every day of your stay. However, you will be on your own throughout the rest of the day. Whether you go out for barbeque, seafood or a romantic dinner, you can expect to pay an average of $18.00 for two people each day.

Weekly Dining Costs: $126.00


There is a wide range of entertainment options available while staying in a Bed and Breakfast. You can either enjoy all the wonderful activities to be found outdoors or you can walk into town for shopping and local events. Depending on which you choose, the rates for entertainment will range from approximately $0 – $280.00

Weekly Entertainment Costs: $0 – $280.00

Total:  $1,071 – $1,351

Luxury Cabinhelen ga vacations

If you are looking to escape the city, then the seclusion of a luxury cabin may be just what you need. Surrounded by lush forests, amazing views, wildlife and nearby waterfalls, you will find relaxation and plenty of bonding time.


In the cabin, you can have all the comforts of home, along with all the luxuries you may desire. These include a hot tub, gas fireplace, cozy living room, pool table and a full kitchen with all the dishes and cooking ware you may need. Plus, right outside your front door is nature at it’s finest.

Weekly Lodging Rate:  $770.00


With a cabin stay there is no need to dine out. You can swing by the grocery store in town, buy what you need for the week and store it in your cabin’s refrigerator. Then, you can either grill out or cook a meal on the stove. Enjoy steaks, burgers, full breakfasts and any other meal you crave without ever having to leave your cabin.

Weekly Dining Costs:  $70.00


While in the midst of the lush forests and the northern Georgia mountains, there is never a shortage of things to do. There are trails scattered all over where you can hike, bike and watch wildlife. You can also fish, swim and play in the nearby rivers, streams and lakes. Best of all, you can do all of this for free.

Weekly Entertainment Costs: $0

Total: $840.00

As you can see, the rates vary depending on which form of lodging you choose. Although the hotel and bed and breakfast each have their own perks, you can get the most bang for your buck by staying in a luxury cabin. Which will you choose on your next vacation to Helen?