North Georgia Cabin Rentals Are Surrounded By Incredible Hiking

Have you ever enjoyed an incredible hiking through the mountains on a summer morning?  I can say from experience that the Appalachian mountains have some of the most beautiful trails to hike and they are in close proximity to North Georgia cabin rentals. A stay in these fantastic cabin rentals will make your trip all the more enjoyable.

A Place To Thinkthink

There is something very peaceful about hearing your own footsteps traversing a mountain trail while listening to the stream below you tumble across the rocks.  And to think that the trees and natural landscape has been there for thousands of years is pretty amazing.  For me personally I can hear myself think so much clearly when I am hiking in the mountains and when I am with someone else it as if I am able to interact with them on a much deeper level than I would if I was back in the city.  Getting away to North Georgia cabin rentals to go hiking is one of the top ways to relax and find serenity away from the hustle and bustle.

Three Forks Trail

I will never forget the hiking trip I took my wife on to the three forks trail on the Chattooga river.  This is one of the last wild and scenic rivers left in the United States and very well worth the visit.  The flow of three streams creates the headwaters of the Chattooga River.  This area is full of wildlife and incredible scenery. The hiking is phenomenal and can be a bit demanding at times depending on the trail that you choose, but for the most part if you are going on a day hike from your stay at North Georgia cabin rentals then you will most likely choose a lesser grade hike in order that you do not exhaust yourself before the ride home.

Hiking And Fly-Fishing

We on the other hand decided to do an overnight backpacking trip to the headwaters of the Chattooga and it was far from easy, but we had one of the most memorable hiking and fly-fishing trips thus far.  We spent much of our time bushwhacking to get to our camping location and it was so worth it.  The water in this river is cold and crystal clear.  The multiple species of trees rise high up in the sky and the whole area is has such spectacular natural beauty.

Chatooga Headwaters

The headwaters of the Chattooga River run through Forest Service lands. As it finds its way down the old-growth Hemlock forest, there is a trail system by its side that goes for miles. The fishing is at its peak in the spring and fall, but even as we experienced summertime produces some great days on to catch trout while fly-fishing.

Tranquility One Cabin living

River Conditions

It should be noted that the Chattooga is a very technical river. Deep pools, fast narrow runs and wide slicks require a bit of skill to fish effectively.  In the location that we fished in there were not any wide portions, but definitely narrow portions with fast moving current and difficult wading conditions.  Overall this river is moderate in its wading requirements, though there are some areas that you will just have to climb around.   I would suggest bringing felt soled waders with cleats and if you are an avid fly-fishermen then check out Patagonia’s river crampons they are perfect for this river.  As with all wild trout waters, covering ground is essential.

Trail Status

There is a trail that runs alongside the riverside for most of the upper stretch and is quite strenuous to navigate. At times, it is high on a ridge, but the trail connects the Bull Pen trailhead with the Whiteside Cove Road trailhead. If you are willing to walk it, it almost never fails that you will find yourself alone on the stream.

On our trip we were alone the entire time along with our friends and it felt like we were all in the middle of no-where just enjoying the hiking, wildlife, and amazing native fish.  This area is somewhere that you will want to see when visiting North Georgia Cabin rentals and can be explored within a day’s trip.  There are many other hiking areas nearby, but I am always drawn to the trails on beautiful streams where if you want to stop and fish or just sit by the water you can do so at any point.

What To Take

Don’t forget to take plenty of water and good food on your trip.  It always tastes so much better in the mountains anyhow.  It is important to keep your carbs up and stay hydrated while hiking.  You may get caught up in the amazing landscape and environment and forget to drink.  I know I have had this experience on many occasions and later on in the day feel dehydrated with a headache.  Also wear comfortable socks and hiking boots that are well worn in.  Take a rain jacket that you can stuff in your backpack and maybe even a little fleece as a storm can and will roll in quickly in the mountains.

Are you ready for your hiking trip to the mountains?