Wine Tasting In Helen Ga Is A Great Weekend Getaway

Have you ever thought of wine tasting getaway in Helene GA?  Well after a trip to Helen Ga I have seen that there are numerous wineries that offer exceptional products within an hour’s drive from Atlanta.  If you enjoy wine as well as beautiful mountains scenery then a trip to wine country in and around Helen Ga is well worth your time.

Habersham Winery

One of the top wineries in the area is named Habersham winery.  It is definitely worth a visit. Habersham Winery has been producing award winning Georgia wines since 1983 and is one of Georgia’s oldest and largest wineries. Located one half mile south of the Alpine Helen Village in Nacoochee Village, the winery is open daily for complimentary tastings and self guided tours. In addition to a large selection of Georgia grown and produced wines.

The tasting room also features a gift shop with gourmet foods and wine specialty gift items. Some of the finest award winning Georgia Wines have been produced at Habersham Vineyards & Winery and will continue to do so.  Their name is becoming ever so popular and each year they hold a wine tasting festival that draws many wineries and people from across the state.River Wilds Cabin

Quality Wines 

From the vineyard to the shelf, Habersham produces some of Georgia’s finest wines. Habersham’s commitment to quality begins with careful monitoring of both the grapes in their vineyard as well as those that they purchase. Attention to detail continues through the crushing, fermentation and aging process. Their winemaker is UC Davis and California trained and personally sees to each detail of every process.  You cannot go wrong visiting this winery especially when there is larger tasting going on.  I have experienced the whole process and would highly recommend it.

Where To Stay

We had the luxury of staying in Ga cabin rentals that were in close proximity to Helen Ga and this gave us access to many different wineries.  The location of where you stay in the area is very important and will make your wine touring all the more enjoyable.  Our cabins also gave us access to hiking trails and some great fishing spots during our trip.  When I think about it I still cannot believe how great the timing of our stay was as we had a wine festival and fly fishing tournament going on in Helen all the same weekend.  This way we were able to experience many different fine wines as well as tap into the outdoor potential of the area.


The Frogtown winery is specifically designed to produce high quality wine from Frogtown grapes and, at the same time, to make the most of the rolling terrain on which they are located. The vineyard is constructed on a hillside overlooking the mountains. The Frogtown winery is an underground, tri-level, gravity-flow winemaking facility. Using gravity in place of pumps allows for gentle vinification and treatment of their grape must, juice and wine from start to finish. In addition, the special design of the winery gives us tremendous flexibility in making our wines. We are able to treat every wine grape in an individual manner and develop a style of wines that is uniquely Frogtown.

Wine Tasting Getaway: Explore the Levels And Processga cabin rentals

The Three Levels of Frogtown Winery The first and highest level of the Frogtown Winery is the wine grape processing area or the “crush pad,” as we call it. During the fall, as soon as the grapes are harvested, they are brought to this level of the winery and processed in one of two ways. Red grapes are destemmed and the “must,” the resulting grapes, berries and juice, is transferred to stainless steel tanks in the second level of the winery by gravity flow. White grapes are whole cluster pressed and the resulting grape juice is similarly gravity fed into tanks residing below on the second level.

The second level of the winery, the tank room, is where fermentation in steel occurs. After fermentation, red wines are racked out of tank, again using gravity flow, into barrels in the third and lowest level of the winery. Depending on the style of white wine being made, some white wines are fermented and briefly aged in barrel, others are kept solely in stainless steel. The third and lowest level of the winery is the barrel room. Being the furthest underground, this level is the coolest, quietest place in which to age our wines.

Experience It For Yourself: Wine Tasting getaway

This description paints a great picture of the whole process and allows a customer to identify with how much it takes to go through the process of harvesting grapes and producing wine.  If you want a first hand experience of this instricate wine making experience then Frogtown Winery would be a great place to visit.

It is incredible the differences between wines and the best way to know what you like best is to go tasting. Many of the wineries are in close proximity to one another so if you are up for a little more adventure you could take on the tour on bikes. The scenery is incredible and the people are very laid back and ready to answer any of your questions.

Are you ready to experience Helen Ga for yourself?