Structures Withstanding The Test Of Time Surround GA Cabin Rentals

Though it is evident that the area surrounding our luxurious GA cabin rentals is rich in history and culture, some of the attractions in the Helen area (such as the village itself) are simply recreations of structures from an older time period. Though these replicas are beautiful and interesting, you may also enjoy taking the time to visit some of those structures which have withstood the sands of time. Through the years, the elements, and the people who have come and gone, these fascinating historic structures are still standing strong today and are all located conveniently near your Helen GA cabin rentals.Oasis Cabin

Nora Mill Granary Grist Mill & Country Store

nora mill

Established in 1876, this historic building is located right in the heart of Helen itself. This operation gristmill sits next to the Chattahoochee River and is used to sone grind corn and wheat based products, the likes of which include grits, corn meal, flour, pancake and waffle mixes, biscuit and bread mixes, etc.

The Nora Mill was originally constructed by John Martin who had come to Georgia in pursuit of gold. While many miners abandoned the area after a time, the Martin family made the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley their permanent home. Mr. Martin ran the mill until 1902 when it was sold to Dr. Lamartine G. Hardman who was the governor of Georgia. It was at this time that the mill was named “Nora Mill” for Hardman’s sister.

Today, the mill is still used to grind fresh grains without the usage of preservatives or any additives. This provides consumers with old fashioned quality and service. Visitors to the store can enjoy overlooking a great deal of rainbow trout from the Mill’s deck, and can also purchase a number of handmade goods including Jams, mixes for baked goods, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and supplies, syrups, honey, popcorn, cornmeal, porridge, cereal, grits, bath and body products, and so much more.

Historical Hawkins Street

Located just northwest of the Public Square of Dahlonega, the Hawkins Street Neighborhood is a must see for all history buffs. This historical area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes a wide variety of homes and structures which have stood proudly along the street since the early 1800s and 1900s. Featuring homes from historic state representatives and gold prospectors, storefronts, churches, and more, you will be delighted to enjoy the structural styles of the buildings from yesteryear without traveling far from your cabin.

The Crescent Farm Rock Barn

Located near our cabin rentals in Helen, you will find The Crescent Farm Rock Barn which is a beloved landmark in Cherokee County. This structure was constructed in 1906 and it is believed to be the singular rock barn in existence in all of Georgia.

This barn was originally used as a race horse stable and was built in order to replace a wooden barn which had previously been destroyed in a fire, killing valuable racing horses. It is also said that the constructor and owner of this barn, Augustus Lee Coggins, was responsible for raising brokered mules which were sold to the allied forces in order to transport weapons and troops in Europe during the first World War.

The Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

The remarkable Stovall Mill Covered Bridge has stood strong in White County Georgia since 1895. This beautiful bridge spans the Chickamauga Creek and features a parking area and picnic area so that you can spend some time soaking in its history. The bridge is named for Fred Stovall, Sr. who opened the mill complex located here for many years. Though the gristmill, sawmill, and shingle mill are now no longer standing, the bridge and remains of the dam are still evident today and are a popular place to visit for tourists.

The Chief Vann House Historic Site

Another treasure which is located on the National Register of Historic places is the Chief Vann House. This home is the first brick residence which was constructed in the Cherokee Nation. The homestead is sometimes referred to as the “Showpiece of the Cherokee Nation”.

The house itself was owned by a Cherokee chief by the name of James Vann. As Vann was on the rise to becoming the wealthiest businessman in all of the Cherokee Nation, he aspired to building a brick home that would stand two stories high and reflect his wealth and status. Today the home which was built in 1803 still stands firm, making it one of the older structures still remaining within the northern third of the state of Georgia.

Though there are plenty of fun things to do and see near the Helen GA cabin rentals, there is no reason not to also enjoy the rich and fascinating history of the are. Which of these structures will you visit first?