4 Things To Look For In Cabin Rentals

Once you decide that a cabin rental is your best lodging option for a North Georgia vacation you have the difficult decision of which cabin is best. The area is filled with cabin rentals and it may be hard to choose which is best for your group. There are specific questions to ask yourself when determining which cabin is the best fit.

What are you looking for in a cabin rental on your next vacation to the North Georgia mountains?

What size cabin do we need? Size is likely the primary characteristic you’ll need to consider when choosing cabin rentals. You can start by searching for cabins based on the number of rooms and the people they sleep. The rental company will list the maximum number of people that can stay in each cabin. Once you determine whether your group will fit in a cabin pay careful attention to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Consider mapping out your group and placing each person in a bed and bedroom to ensure you have enough space for everyone to stay cabin rentalscomfortably. Bathrooms and bedrooms are important but you should also pay attention to the amount of shared living space in the cabin. If your group consists of both adults and children having a separate space for the children to play is beneficial so they’re not always underfoot.

Where is the cabin located? Before you choose a cabin you should determine the proximity to activities you are hoping to participate in. There are many different online resources that can help you plan your vacation activities and the distance from cabin rentals. A great place to start is the Explore Georgia website. This website is sponsored by the State of Georgia and outlines all the amazing things to do in the North Georgia mountains. You can also search local sites, such as the Helen, Georgia website, for area attractions, events, activities, and establishments. This research may lead you to a restaurant you don’t want to miss, a ziplining adventure that would be perfect for your family, or a state park that has an amazing view of the mountains. Once you know what you are hoping to do you can compare them to the cabin rental locations. Inserting the cabin address into an online map program will allow you to see the distance from each cabin to the vacation activities you’ve chosen. This will allow you to maximize your time in the Georgia mountains and ensure you aren’t driving long distances to reach your destinations.

What amenities are available in the rental cabins? No two cabin rentals are alike because they all offer different combinations of features and amenities. Take the time to consider what your group is hoping to do at the cabin. Perhaps it is important that the teenagers in your group have access to a game room. Once you know the size of cabin you need you can search for only those that offer a pool table, arcade games, or ping pong table. luxury cabin rentalsIf you know ahead of time you want to have a family movie night you’ll want to choose a cabin that offers a state of the art entertainment center. If relaxation and escape is key don’t miss the opportunity to rent a hot tub cabin. You can sort and search by each of these features to help narrow down your options for cabin rentals. Since your vacation is unlike any other, you deserve a cabin that matches your needs and priorities.

Is the cabin rental company reputable and trustworthy? Choosing to rent a cabin for your next vacation is a great decision, but make sure you are also doing research on the cabin rental companies. After visiting a cabin company’s website take the time to read customer reviews and search out independent traveler feedback on websites such as Yelp. You can also take the time to contact the local Better Business Bureau to learn of any complaints filed against the rental company. Facebook is also a great way to contact others that have stayed with a cabin rental company. Once you “like” the rental company you can post on its Facebook page to learn about others’ rental experiences. Last but not least, you should call the cabin rental company to ask any lingering questions you may have. Taking the opportunity to speak directly to the cabin rental company will help you determine whether the rental is right for your group.

What is the most important characteristic you look for when choosing cabin rentals for your next vacation?