A Sweet Trip To The Fudge Factory Just Outside Helen GA

Are you a choco-holic? Try Fudge Factory!

Many of the folks who choose to vacation in Helen, Georgia will also make the trip to nearby Dahlonega to explore its fascinating history and culture. Here, the irresistible aroma of freshly baked fudge and candies is always hanging in the air over park street, drawing visitors inside. This is The Fudge Factory – where the chocolate is as rich and alluring as the gold miners who once found fortunate within the city. Once you walk through the doors of this beloved sweet shop, you’ll be hard pressed to find your way out without purchasing something scrumptious to take back to your cabin with you for movie night, or to offer as a gift to your friends back at home. Everyone will find something to enjoy at The Fudge Factory.Pinnacle Suite Treehouse

The Fudge Factory | 8 North Park Street (Dahlonega)

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

History & Overview

The Fudge Factory has been a staple in Dahlonega and the greater Helen area since it first opened its doors in 1982. The primary goal of the expert candy cooks who work here is to provide customers with superior sweets through the use of only the highest quality ingredients and time-tested recipes. The result is a mix of heavenly flavor and Southern charm. Each item is handmade or hand-dipped for consistency and perfection. Throughout the years, the menu of available sweets has expanded significantly, now even including sugar-free items for those with special dietary concerns. Despite the fact that new delicacies have popped up, the old staples remain tried and true, and the commitment to quality has never wavered. These are just a few of the many reasons why The Fudge Factory has been able to impress and dazzle its visitors for more then 25 years. Your tastebuds are sure to fall in love with something sweet during your visit. And if you’re really impressed by the candies, you can even order them from The Fudge Factory’s online store once you’re back at home.

Available Candies & Products 

As you might expect, The Fudge Factory has no shortage of fudge on supply. In fact, the confectioners work hard to cook up 12 different varieties of fudge for you to choose from. No matter what you fancy most, you’ll find it. Of course, traditional milk chocolate fudge is always a favorite, but those who prefer dark chocolate will not be disappointed. Nuts for nuts? Choose from chocolate walnut or chocolate pecan. For a more unique spin on chocolate, go with chocolate mint. Of course, fudge doesn’t always have to be chocolate. Vanilla, vanilla pecan, amaretto, maple, and pumpkin fudge are available as well. Of course, peanut butter fudge is another top pick, and can even be combined with chocolate for something really rich and flavorful. You can even get a fudge dipped apple…mmm!

Of course, The Fudge Factory offers other candies in addition to its signature fudge items. Caramel cashew and pecan nuggets are another big seller, as are caramel dipped apples (with or without nuts, depending on your preference). helen candy shops

Assortments of milk chocolate or dark chocolate truffles are a great idea for satisfying your sweet tooth in smaller portions, for sharing with friends and family back at the cabin, or as gift items. Dipped candy pretzels are also perfect for a cabin movie night. You’ll find milk, dark, and white chocolate pretzels, and can even have the pretzels coated in M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces. They’re truly irresistable!

If you’re not a chocolate person, you’re in luck. You’ll still have your pick of magnificent brittles (both peanut and pecan), butter brickle toffees, and pralines (made with fresh Georgia pecans) to your heart’s content. And if you’re in the mood for something light and sweet, be sure to give The Fudge Factory’s divinity a try. You’ll feel as though you’ve found a little bit of Heaven here in northern Georgia.

Planning Your Visit

Located just southwest of the center of Helen, Dahlonega is easily accessible via the GA-75 and GA-52. The Fudge Factory can’t be missed, as it is situated right across the street from the city’s welcome center, on the corner of Park Street and Main Street. The store’s hours may vary by season. During the moths of April-December, you may visit Monday-Saturday from 11am-8pm and on Sundays from 1pm-6pm. During the months of January-March, the store is open on Monday-Saturday from 11am-6pm and on Sundays from 1pm-6pm. For those who may suffer from allergies, it’s important to note that all of the candies sold in the shop are made in a factory that uses peanuts and other nuts, as well as dairy products.

Are you planning on spending an afternoon exploring nearby Dahlonega? Let us know what you’d like to see, and we’ll be happy to provide you with all of the necessary details.