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Helen Georgia is a beautiful and diverse place to fulfill your desire for outdoor adventure. We’ve created a repository of resources as a way to help guide you on all there is to do in and around the Cedar Creek Cabins. Families, couples and kids will not run out of options for things to do in the area.

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Your Ultimate Guide For Discovering Things To Do Around Helen Georgia

In our most comprehensive blog post on the website, we explore dozens of things you could do when you visit the Helen Georgia area. Yeah, we’ve listed every possibility.

Horseback Riding In Helen Georgia - Where To Go For The Best Adventure

In this article, we explore why you should go horseback riding in Helen Georgia, and where to go when you decide to enjoy this wonderful outdoor activity.


Top 3 Scenic Drives & 5 Top Sights To See In The North Georgia Mountains

If you’d like to drive the north Georgia mountains around Helen, check out this article to see what routes and locations you could explore along the way. Windy roads await you.


Winter Things To Do In & Around Helen Georgia

All four seasons around Helen Georgia provide a unique experience for travelers. In this blog, we explore what you do and enjoy during the winter in North Georgia.

There's More Holidays To Celebrate In Helen Georgia Outside of Oktoberfest

For romance, parties, and fireworks Helen Georgia has much more going on than just Oktoberfest. Ever stayed in a cabin during Thanksgiving or Christmas? Yeah, you’ve got some neat options to explore.


Richard Russell Scenic Highway - A Must See Near Helen Georgia

Nature provides beautiful scenic views for us, humans, to explore and enjoy. If you’re in the Helen Georgia area, we encourage you to make Richard Russell Scenic Highway one of your things to do.



Strike It Rich In The Gold Mines In and Near Helen, Georgia

What better way to enjoy time with others than gold panning? Take a trip and have fun searching for gold, and explore the history of this mineral in the Helen, Ga area.


Zip Lining Your Way To Fun In North Georgia: History, Safety, & Operators

Speeding by the numerous trees in the wonderful outdoors is quite an experience in North Georgia. If you like a thrill, take your loved one or kids for a zip-lining adventure.

Golfing: Getting In A Little Tee Time While Enjoying Helen Georgia

For those of you who can’t go a weekend without golfing, Helen Georgia has you covered. Explore our tips and advice in the following article and don’t miss a moment, hitting balls on the greens.



All The Fun Things To Do With Your Pet In The North Georgia Mountains

If you’re heading to North Georgia with your dog, you’ll have plenty of fun things to do around Helen Georgia together. Check out our blog post for ideas and tips to make the most of our companionship.



Turkey Hunting: Tips & Advice For Shooting Around Helen, Georgia

Hunters! North Georgia and the Helen area have you covered. If you’re looking to find turkey to hunt, look no further. Explore our guide for details and tips to make the most of your outdoor adventure.

Helen Georgia Festivals & Other Things To Do During Spring Break

Festivals galore! If you’re looking for a city-wide party, Helen Georgia and the surrounding towns are the perfect place to go. Check out our article for details as well as other fun things to do during your next spring break!


7 Creative Ideas For What To Do During Your Next Cabin Retreat

We hope you stay in one of our cabins when you visit Helen. During your next visit, here are seven things to do for making the most of your cabin rental vacation.


Play Mini Golf with Amazing Mountain Backdrop in Helen GA

A fun activity to do with friends and kids, you won’t want to miss this thing to do. And in Helen, you’ve got two places to choose from for swinging that club.

Feel Like You're In Germany When You Visit Helen, Georgia

Helen is a uniquely German town, intentionally so. When you visit these North Georgia mountains, you get a moment to pretend like you’re truly visiting a small part of Germany itself.

The Top 3 Most Unique North Georgia Getaways

North Georgia is filled with things to do and places to go. But with an abundance of activities, what should you do when you only have limited time? In this article, we explore three top escape spots to consider for your next getaway. 


North Georgia Is Filled With Extreme Sport Experiences: Here's 3 To Choose From

For the adrenaline junkies and adventurous types, north Georgia has some intense activities to get your heart pounding and blood pumping. Click below to explore these exciting things to do in the north Georgia mountains. 

Here's How To De-stress And Fully Relax When Visiting Helen Georgia

Just because you take a vacation doesn’t mean it feels like one. A helpful step is to begin the processing of unwinding before you go. Dive into the article for additional tips on how best rest and relax on your next Helen cabin escape. 

All The Interesting Bridges To Visit Around Helen Georgia

Bridges let us cross from one piece of land to another. They allow us to traverse over waterways, canyons, and other obstacles we can’t go through. As you visit the north Georgia area, here are the worthwhile bridges to drive over and explore further. 



Things To Do With Kids

There are a variety of casual, fun, and high-octane things to do in the Helen, Georgia area. In this section of the Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals website, we filter the things to do down to the ones most appealing and accessible to your kids and as a family. Adventures await with a click below.

Romantic Things To Do

Fishing Around Helen Georgia

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