About Cedar Creek
Cabin Rentals

If you’re looking for a relaxing natural environment where you can recharge and connect, Tom Telford, founder of Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals can relate.

Our Story

There was a time many years ago when Tom was searching for the same thing. Once he found the peace, comfort, and sometimes even a little adventure he was looking for in a cabin in Helen, Georgia, he was changed in a profound way.

Tom committed himself to helping others find the same. In the name of that commitment, he started Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals. He founded Cedar Creek with the same principles that the company runs on to this day:

1. First, you should always have a relaxing retreat within reach, where comfort, quiet, nature, and nuance all come together for an unforgettable experience.

2. Second, every detail of your stay is important, and the Cedar Creek team will be hard at work to make sure that your vacation is as perfect as it can be.

So come out, let go of your cares, and have the relaxing, luxurious vacation you deserve. Rest your body and reset your mind.

Tom Telford

Founder & ceo

Tom, who founded Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals in 2008, has been both an active driver in the company and its visionary. Balancing those roles is what makes Cedar Creek ideal for guests today but will allow it to be even greater tomorrow.

Because Tom values every aspect of the guest experience, he has taken the time to select, train, and improve a team where empathy, work ethic, and integrity is central. The team uses Tom as a model for putting guests first and paying attention to detail.

Tom believes in the importance of guests having a relaxing and peaceful experience during their time in a Cedar Creek cabin. As a health and wellness enthusiast, Tom understands that the tranquility and rest of an excellent cabin stay can have profound benefits for the body, mind, and soul.