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Why go horseback riding in Helen, Georgia?

Horses inspire a sense of adventure, independence, strength, grace, and beauty. The next time you choose to vacation in Helen, Georgia, add something unique to your trip by going horseback riding.

Whether it's your first time on a horse or you are a seasoned rider, the stables in and around north Georgia's forests have the right horses for you. You'll see the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in a completely new way from horseback. And all of these stables are within a short drive from the cabin rentals in Helen, Georgia. The stables offer a wide variety of packages, and all stables offer guided rides through mountain trails in north Georgia.

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A few stables, including Fort Mountain Horse Campground, have packages for independent riders with more experience for those who would like to venture out on the trails on their own. Imagine riding off into the woods, the love of your life by your side with just the sounds of the birds, the wind in the trees, and the gentle rhythm of horse hooves to keep you company.


Or you could learn real cowboy skills at Blanche Manor like barrel racing, cattle roping, or running a horse through an obstacle course. After an afternoon at Blanche Manor, you'll no longer be a city slicker.

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To enjoy the forest in a new way, consider a moonlight ride through the mountain trails with the sky and stars to keep you company. Georgia Frontiers offers rides for those 21 and older starting at dusk and ending with a barbecue buffet around a campfire.

If you're not quite ready to ride on a horse, consider a carriage ride instead. These romantic rides will take you through the beautiful alpine village of Helen, Georgia with Alpine Carriage Company, which can also accommodate weddings and other special events. Or take a family wagon ride with Blanche Manor to an apple orchard and enjoy dinner and entertainment along the way.

Where can I go horseback riding in Helen, Georgia?

While we mentioned several stables in our recap of why you would want to go horseback riding in Helen, we've outlined all stables in a comprehensive and simple way below.

1. Sunburst Stables

You know you've made the right choice staying in Helen, Georgia when you realize just how close you are to all of the great attractions. Sunburst Stables is no exception. Located just a few miles down the road from Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals, the stables have a wide variety of trail tours for riders of all ages and experience levels. Even little ones (under age 7) are free to double up with Mom or Dad and come along on the journey.

stables of horses in GeorgiaPhoto Courtesy of Sunburst Stables

You can customize your trail ride based on any time restrictions that you may have, or based on your primary interest. If you only have an hour to spare, you'll be able to enjoy a moonshine still ride that will take you on a three-mile journey past streams, beautiful wooded glens, and an old moonshine still. To keep the family entertained, you may select a two-hour adventure ride that includes a stop at a miniature animal farm for a short fishing trip and a watermelon snack before heading back. Couples enjoy the three-hour sunset ride that provides a romantic trip up to a high mountain perch where you can enjoy a snack and watch the sun go down. Four-hour riding adventures are also possible, for those who would like to go deeper into the forest, and most rides can be customized to include trotting and cantering for more experienced riders.

2. Chattahoochee Stables

You can practically step out the door of your cabin rental in north Georgia and end up at Chattahoochee Stables. Located in Sautee, the guided trail rides that are offered there provide spectacular views of the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley, and all of its rich heritage. Regardless of your experience level, you're sure to feel comfortable when riding the stable's horses, as they are continuously trained throughout the year to work with riders of all skill levels. Your 3.5-mile tour will take you through the luscious valley, along the Chattahoochee River, and past stunning mountain views. And during the summer months, the horses go right through the 'Hooch, making this the only horse riding experience that takes you through the river. 

chattahoochee stablesPhoto Courtesy of Shutterstock

3. Alpine Carriage Company

If riding on horseback just isn't your style, there is no reason that you can't still enjoy these beautiful animals during your stay in north Georgia. Make your experience unforgettable by taking a carriage ride with the Alpine Carriage Company. You will have the opportunity to tour the charming Alpine village of Helen and take in the gorgeous scenery that is all around you from the comfort of a carriage as two strong horses lead you around. 

carriage of horses in GeorgiaPhoto Courtesy of Alpine Carriage Company Facebook Page

Bonus: Below are some additional stables and horseback riding guides we found for your convenience. Happy Trails!

  • Chunky Gal Stables
  • Dillard House Stables
  • Equus Mountain Meadow Riding Stable

    Which horseback riding option will you try on your visit to a cabin rental in northern Georgia?

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