Helen, GA Cabins: How You Get Your Money’s Worth

Dreaming of a vacation but short on cash? Stretch your dollar and get everything you want out of a vacation with a stay in one of the many Helen, GA cabins. Instead of blowing a chunk of your budget on hotel costs, restaurant bills, and other common vacation expenditures that can easily add up, consider renting a comfortable and homey cabin in the beautiful wilderness of Helen, Georgia and save money while still having a great time.

More Space for Less Money

When you compare the total cost of staying in a hotel room for several nights with the rental cost of a cabin rental, you’ll find that the two amounts are similar. Now, think about the space that you get with a hotel room: a bedroom and a bathroom. If you spend more, you’ll also get a tiny living room, or a suite. Contrast that with a living room, a kitchen, a patio/porch, a game room, and several bedrooms in one of the roomy Helen, GA cabins. Some cabins even come with an acre (or more) of private land for you and your family to roam on. For the price you pay, what you’ll get out of Helen Ga cabins is so much more than what you’ll get with a hotel room.

If you’re traveling with a large group, Helen, GA cabins are your best bet at keeping everyone together. As a bonus, when everyone chips in for rental costs, everyone pays less. Since they say that bigger is better and you’ll save some extra money, bring your friends along when you visit Helen!

Enjoy Both Nature and City Life

You won’t need to choose between a relaxing vacation full of nature and an exciting getaway to a city. Get the best of both worlds when you stay in one of the Helen, GA cabins. Your cabin will be in the middle of the beautiful mountains and you’ll be able to wake up to the sounds and sights of nature. Meanwhile, the city of Helen is just a short car ride away, and for some Helen, Georgia cabin rentals, just a leisurely stroll away.

The list of outdoor adventures that you can have during your stay at a cabin in Helen is practically endless. Fishing, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, and white water rafting are just a few examples of the things that you can do that will bring you closer to Mother Nature.

On the other end of the spectrum, the charming city of Helen will liven up your days and your nights with its excellent shopping, delicious restaurants, and great beer selections at bars. Also, the city often has various events, such as the well-known Oktoberfest celebration in the fall. Check the events calendar to find out what’s happening. You’re sure to find something to do during your stay.

Only a Drive Away

A great thing about Helen is its location in America. For many of you, the city is only a drive away. If you live on the east coast, driving to the Helen, GA cabins will run you much less money than a plane ticket will. That’s good news, since you can then put all that extra money you have towards more adventures during your vacation. How about a day of ziplining through the mountains or a relaxing float down the river on a tube?

For those of you who reside in the mid-west and beyond, you’ll be happy to know that Helen, GA is just up the road from Atlanta. With mountain cabin rentals being so close to an internationally renowned hub, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the best of two worlds in one vacation. If you plan on participating in some jetsetting nightlife in Atlanta for vacation, why not mix it up a bit and escape to a mountain cabin getaway for some recovery time? You may even wish to visit the quiet mountain town first, while warming up for the fast track to urban merriment.

Bring Your Pets

Instead of paying a pet sitter to take care Fido while you’re away, or putting your pooch in a kennel, why not take him, her or them with you? There are pet friendly Helen, GA cabins that will gladly welcome your furry family members. You’ll save money, your pets will be happier with you instead of with strangers, and your cabin will feel more like home with your pets around.

Royal Suite

Free Fun in Your Cabin

Even though there’s so much to do and see in the area around Helen, GA cabins, you can easily spend several hours (or even a whole day) in your cabin, just relaxing and enjoying a lot of free activities.

Try out the fully equipped kitchens that are a regular feature in Helen, GA cabins and cook everyone a special meal. Or host a fun cooking competition or a wine and cheese tasting party. This fun activity will also cost you less money than going out to eat for every single meal during your vacation.

Many Helen, GA cabins come with a hot tub. You could spend a few hours there and around the patio, just chatting with your friends and family. If you prefer competition over easy conversation, find one of the Helen Ga cabins that have a game table. Play a serious game of pool with your vacation partners.

What other money-saving tips do you use for vacations in a rental cabin in Helen, GA?