5 Cabins Helen GA Offers That Are Sure To Entice You

Planning a vacation can be a daunting task. You must decide your destination, how you will get there, where you should stay, what entertainment and activities you’ll participate in, and what your vacation budget will be. Since there are a lot of factors to consider wouldn’t it be easier if one decision was easy to make?

Once you decide to travel to Helen, GA for your vacation choosing where to stay is simple. Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals offers visitors a secluded cabin retreat that is close to everything the North Georgia mountains offer. You can choose a cabin that fits your entire group, opt to share your meals on site, and enjoy the local activities and entertainment while knowing that your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Why did you choose cabins Helen, GA offers for your vacation lodging?

There are a variety of reasons our faithful guests choose to stay in cabins Helen, GA provides, including:


When you choose a cabin rental for your vacation lodging you’ll quickly discover how convenient it is. Cooking meals on site eliminates the hassle of waiting for a table at a restaurant, guarantees meals that everyone will eat, and will save you money. When you return to the cabin after a fun filled day you also have plenty of space for your group to spread out. The kids can play in one area of the cabin while the grownups unwind elsewhere. The cabin amenities help ensure that there is plenty to do on site for everyone in your group.


When you consider all the amenities included in cabin rentals the value is amazing. The cabin rental price includes on site entertainment, a fully equipped kitchen, a convenient location, and the chance for your entire group to enjoy the vacation under one roof. Especially for large groups, which would require multiple hotel rooms, the choice of a cabin rental is incredibly affordable. Consider how many hotel rooms your group would need and then compare the total price to a single cabin rental; the savings are obvious!


Our cabins are located on secluded, private lots. The seclusion allows you ultimate privacy and the ability to escape from your every day worries and stress. There’s no need to fret about noise or being disturbed by other travelers. You have the freedom and privacy to come and go as you choose while ensuring that the vacation meets your specific needs. Imagine enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a cool mountain morning. The serenity of your cabin’s back porch will help you get your morning started in peace and privacy.Marvel Falls Treehouse living


Whether you are looking for lodging for a romantic getaway or need space for a large family, there is the perfect cabin to suit your vacation needs. Our smaller cabins are warm, cozy, and inviting and provide just enough space for a couple’s retreat.  If you are traveling with a family or large group there are many cabins to choose from. Having everyone under one roof, instead of spread out among multiple hotel rooms, increases the fun and the time spent together. Your group can take advantage of the wooded setting for outdoor play and put all the cabin amenities to good use. Many of the cabins boast game rooms with pool tables or ping pong tables and entertainment systems perfect for movie night!


Our cabins are located near all of the exciting and breathtaking sights of the North Georgia mountains. If you are an outdoorsman you will be close to hiking, mountain biking, fishing, ziplining, and swimming. Unicoi State Park, one of the most popular local attractions, is centrally located closely to all of our cabins. Regardless of season the park offers an incredible amount for your family to do. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely hike through the woods to reach Anna Ruby Falls while the 7 mile mountain bike trail is a fun, yet rigorous, challenge for even the most experienced cyclist. Unicoi Lake, located at the center of the park, is a perfect swimming or picnic site or you can rent small canoes and pedal boats for an afternoon of fun. For convenient access to some unforgettable wintertime views, Unicoi also will not disappoint you.

Our cabins are all close to the mountain retreat of Helen, Georgia as well. Once you enter this Alpine wonderland you’ll understand what makes Helen so special. The streets are lined with specialty and antique stores, delicious restaurants featuring German favorites, and entertainment options for the entire family. Helen also knows how to make any celebration memorable. The annual Oktoberfest celebration, as well as many other holidays throughout the year, are celebrated in style in Helen.

Have you returned to stay in our cabins Helen, GA? What brought you back?