Why Do Teens In Scary Movies Always Rent Mountain Cabins?

Why do teens in scary movies always rent mountain cabins?

Americans love scary moves. Maybe it’s because we all enjoy a good thrill, or maybe it’s because we like throwing popcorn at the screen and shouting, “Don’t do it!” to the killer’s next victims. Whatever the reason, horror films are a staple in pop culture, and no category is as popular as teen horror.   Have you ever noticed, though, that cabins are frequently featured in these movies?

From the very first installment of “Friday the 13th” all the way up to the 2013 re-make of “Evil Dead”, teenagers and young adults seem drawn to cabins in the wood. Why are these youths choosing to stay in these lodgings, and why do Hollywood writers love to include cabins in their screen plays? You may think that it’s simply because they create a spooky backdrop, but you’d actually be mistaken. There are numerous tactical advantages and practical reasons for setting a teen movie in a cabin. Here’s a look at why.Oasis Cabin

4 Key Reasons Why Teens Rent Cabins in Scary Movies

1. Cabins make great vacation spots

Teenagers and young adults are all looking for one thing: fun! It’s only natural, then, that these youthful spirits and adventurers would make the decision to go on a trip to a cabin in the woods. Nice, luxurious cabins feature hot tubs where young couples can cozy up together, fire pits where they can tell scary stories around the flames, and game rooms where they can challenge each other to pool or ping pong. There’s lots of space for the whole gang to spread out in cabins with multiple bedrooms, giving everyone a place to retreat before starting up a game of “Truth or Dare” in the cabin’s living room. Plus, cabins are often located near rivers and lakes, and we all know that this means that one of those “dares” will be for someone to go skinny dipping. All in all, cabins are a teenage vacation paradise!

2. There’s no adult supervision

What do all teen “cabin in the woods” movies have in common? There are no parents around to tell them what to do! With a lack of adult supervision, the young’uns are able to go wild, and do whatever they want. What teenager wouldn’t love to go on a getaway like that? This leaves them free to press the rules, and to form new relationships with their crush without Mom or Dad barging in the room and spoiling their first kiss. Of course, Hollywood writers love the lack of adult supervision because it makes it easier to set the tone for the kids being out in the woods on their own, forced to survive without the help of a grown-up.

3. Cabins are private and remote

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if you start blasting your party music in a residential neighborhood or in a hotel, the neighbors aren’t going to be very happy about it. No teenager wants the police to show up at their door and spoil all of the fun, so they make it a point to pick out a vacation spot where they are all alone, with lots of space between themselves and any other cabins or houses that may be located nearby. In such a remote location, the festivities can really take off at full swing, with lots movie watching, chatter, and shouting. And with such privacy, it’s easy for young lovers to steal off and spend some alone time together, away from the prying eyes of their friends. This remoteness also makes it easer for film-makers to scare the audience, as there is no help for miles around. While this may seem frightening, though, in real-life, luxury cabins can be located within gated communities and are extremely safe and secure.

4. Wooded cabins offer numerous escape routes

How do these teenagers manage to survive their ordeals while staying in a remote cabin in the woods? It’s because there are so many tactical advantages and escape routes for the characters who keep a level head. While holing up in the cabin may not deter the monster out to get them, the teenagers are able to run off through the woods in an attempt to shake their predator and get away to find help. There are fallen branches and rocks to use as weapons, trees and bushes to hide behind, and even streams and creeks to cover up their scent, if necessary. Being out in the woods may initially seem creepy, but it’s actually a big advantage.

Cabins in the woods are not naturally spooky accommodations, they just make the perfect backdrop for a horror movie. How will you see cabins differently the next time you watch a teen horror flick?