7 Reasons To Consider Helen For Your Next Romantic Getaway In Georgia

When you’re looking for romantic getaway spots, whether it’s for Valentines or any other time of year, have you considered Helen, Georgia?

Millions of people have discovered the incredible natural beauty, and charming local architecture of Helen, and you can too! Whether you and your special someone are nature lovers – or just lovers – Helen has something to entice anyone!

Seven Reasons Helen Is The Perfect Romantic Getaway

1 – We’re easy to reach!

Located in the foothills of the southern Appalachians, Helen feels like something out of America’s past, yet it’s only a ninety-minute drive from Atlanta! Besides being a top attraction for Georgians, our convenient location brings lovers from across Alabama, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and even Florida!

If you’re anywhere in the Southeastern United States, why don’t you take a moment to see just how near you are to Helen? We’re probably closer than you think!

2 – Enjoy the wonders of a pristine mountainside.

From the crisp, cool air without a whiff of smog, to the winding trails all through the mountains and foothills, Helen can remind you just how beautiful our country still is. Nature-lovers have a wide variety of options for exploring the countryside, including bikes, boats, or even hired carriages.

And, should you and your lover find a secluded glade to stop for awhile, you’ll probably be the only people around for miles.

3 – Drink in the lovely Bavarian setting.

Helen itself was built to recreate a classic 19th Century Alpine village, full of quaint shops, charming architecture, and subtly distinctive color-coordination throughout. When you’re walking along the cobblestone streets, surrounded by water gardens and topiaries, it’s easy to forget the rest of the world exists!

Helen has everything you might want, with a style you can’t find anywhere else this side of Austria.Tranquility One Cabin living

4 – Riverside dining makes every meal special.

With the Chattahoochee flowing gently through the center of town, virtually every dinner can a romantic evening out of a storybook. Helen has a wide variety of world-class restaurants, many with chefs specifically imported from the Old World for total authenticity.

German food is one of our biggest attractions, since we host the largest Oktoberfest in America every year. However, from Italian to good old fashioned American barbecue, Helen has something to please every palette, wrapped in quiet intimacy and romance.

5 – Take home hand-crafted goods and foods.

Helen is known throughout the region as one of the best places in Georgia for homemade and hand-crafted goods. We have a full range of artisans, working in glass and stone and wood, creating decorations and crafted goods you just can’t get in the city!

Likewise, our boutique food shops serve wonderful locally-grown and produced foods, including cheeses, sausages, jams, breads, and anything else you might want to create the picnic of your dreams amongst the mountain peaks.

5 – Take to the air!

What could possibly be better than hiking or biking around the stunning mountainscape that surrounds Helen, Georgia? How about seeing Helen from the air instead?

Every June, Helen is home to one of the country’s largest hot air balloon shows, but our balloons are available year-round! Share the skies with the birds who are home to our area, while watching the wildlife and natural beauty of our forests slide beneath you. From your lofty perch, you can see for miles across the length of the Appalachians to the north, to the Atlanta skyline to the south.

It’s an experience you and your lover will never forget!

6 – Find a secluded spot…

Despite hosting millions of visitors a year, it’s easy to find a bit of privacy in the Helen area. The miles of trails and paths means that if you and your love don’t want to be found, it’s easy to slip away for awhile.

If all you want around you is the tweeting of birds – rather than the Tweets of hipsters – Helen is your natural choice!

7 – Live like royalty in a luxury cabin.

All these rustic settings and natural beauty don’t mean you have to rough it! When you rent a Cedar Creek luxury cabin, you get all the comforts of home. It might even be better than home! These fully-furnished cabins offer plenty of amenities, including:

  • Leather furniture
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  • Widescreen TVs with SurroundSound
  • Jacuzzis and hottubs
  • Giant beds with plenty of room

With cabins available with one to four bedrooms, there’s room for the whole family… or just for you and one other special guest.

Consider Helen For Your Next Vacation!

There’s nowhere else quite like Helen, and when you come, you’ll discover a romantic getaway beyond your dreams. Whether you’re here in Georgia, or anywhere else in the country, we cordially invite you to see what the perfect romantic vacation looks like!