Richard Russell Scenic Highway - A Must See Near Helen Georgia

Posted by Tom Telford on Wed, Feb 08, 2012

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You have been working hard, seeing the same old high-rise buildings and familiar places every day. Deep down you want for more out of life. You long for adventure and to see new places; like the mountains of North Georgia, where there is a treasure trove of fun-filled activities to create life-long memories. All you need do is lock-up the office, load-up the car, and head out for a Georgia vacation in beautiful getaways like the Bavarian town of Alpine Helen, GA where adventure awaits along the winding Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway which will take you through the incredibly scenic Chattahoochee National Forest.

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Experience Adventure Along State Route 348

State Route 348, or the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway, is surrounded by beautiful timberland and is part of the Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway. Beginning in Helen GA, you can travel its route to connect with two spectacular hiking trails; the Dukes Creek Falls Trail and the Raven Cliffs Trail. 

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The Dukes Creek Falls Trail leads you through three switchbacks to the falls where Dukes Creek and Davis Creek converge. Parts of the trail are ADA accessible, and leads to various observation decks so visitors can enjoy the wonder of the falls and take a few pictures while enjoying its cool mist.

The Raven Cliffs Trail is just above Helen GA and presents a gorgeous five mile round trip hike along Dodd Creek where you can experience the beauty of Georgia with its variety of smaller waterfalls before arriving at the hundred and twenty-five foot Raven Cliffs, where a creek flowing between a split in the rocks becomes a majestic waterfall.

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The Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway also crosses the Appalachian National Scenic Trail which has its beginning on nearby Springer Mountain and extends over two thousand miles to the slopes of Mount Katahdin in Maine passing through majestic wilderness most of the way.  You do not have to be a thru-hiker to enjoy the trail’s beauty. You can hike for a few hours to a few days, enjoying the beauty of Georgia’s Appalachian Mountains.

At an elevation of four thousand seven hundred and eighty-four feet above sea level Brasstown Bald, called Enotah by the Cherokee, where the highway ends, is the highest point in the state. You might be able to see all the way to Atlanta, Georgia as well as get a view of Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina from its summit. Getting a view of four different states from one spot makes it a must-see for visitors to Helen, Georgia and the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway.

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If you love fishing, North Georgia has what you are looking for; as this route winds its way past some of the state’s premier fishing spots. You can pick up your gear and obtain a Georgia fishing license in nearby Helen, Georgia and head out for some fishing adventure.

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