Your Complete Guide To Mountain Biking Around Helen Georgia

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North Georgia Cabin Rentals are only the first step to the experience of a lifetime.  Georgia has a lot to offer to those seeking adventure in the great outdoors.  For those who enjoy an active lifestyle the state has an abundance of mountain bike trails for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a challenge.

Yellow River Loops
No matter where you stay cabins in Helen Ga offer nearby access to incredible mountain biking trails.  Beginners to the sport can try Yellow River’s Creek Loop and River Loop in Yellow River Park.  The five-mile Creek Loop begins with a mile long uphill slope, but after the first mile it is a downhill run over a terraced single-track with a few rocky challenges.  The River Loop is more moderate and less technical, giving bikers a chance to enjoy the scenery.  If you are new to the sport and prefer riding in a group of veteran mountain bikers the Atlanta branch of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle association (SORBA) meets at the Yellow River parking lot at 6 PM each Thursday.

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Blanket’s Creek 
Cabins in Georgia closer to Atlanta offer access to Blanket’s Creek which can be crowded because of its proximity to the metro area, but the seven miles of trails are moderately challenging and scenic for those who prefer a more leisurely ride.  On the trails you can get an outstanding view of Lake Allatoona, and the Mosquito Flats Trail is a good place for beginners to practice before challenging the Dwelling loop Trail.

Unicoi State Park Mountain Bike Trail
Cabins in Georgia offer mountain bikers a chance to ride the seven mile loop at Unicoi State Park, a trail designed as a NORBA racing course suited for experienced bikers.  The single track is built on an old road and promises challenging ascents and descents.  There are scenic vistas along the way, but bikers would be wise to pay attention to the challenges on the track.  It is not for beginners.

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Ridgeway Bike Trail
Cabins in Ellijay, Georgia give mountain bikers access to the challenging six-mile Ridgeway Bike Trail which is suited for more experienced bikers.  Trail information can be obtained at the starting point at the Ridgeway Recreation Area boat ramp on Carter Lake.  Steep climbs followed by severe descents allow for a thrilling challenge.

Mulberry Gap
Located twelve miles from Ellijay surrounded by the Chattahoochee National Forest is a haven for mountain bikers at Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way.  Besides cabins and camping facilities it offers eighty miles of single track scenic, canopied trails with steep and gradual climbs, stream crossings, switchbacks, and roller coaster descents.  It also offers access to the Pinhoti Trail, rated by the International Mountain Bicycling Association as Georgia’s own epic trail.  It is one hundred and forty miles long from the Benton Mackaye trail in North Georgia to the Alabama state line southwest of Rome, and offers beautiful views of the Georgia landscape.

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