What Is The Big Deal About Oktoberfest In Helen Georgia?

If you’re hearing people talk about Oktoberfest in Helen, and you haven’t made plans you may miss out.  Many cabin companies book out early for the weekends of this fabulous event. Helen, Georgia is known for having the longest running Oktoberfest in the country, spanning about eight weeks.

There is always something for everyone to do and see on any day of the year in Helen, Georgia.

But Oktoberfest keeps things especially exciting.

Here are 3 Big Reasons For Staying In Helen During Oktoberfest

The Fall Foliage

Helen is well-known for its beauty. Many travelers visit during the Oktoberfest celebration which collides with the peak season of leaf change. This change of season brings the transformation of tree leaves from various greens to brilliant oranges, reds, and deep purples. Spending time in the midst of this change of seasons refreshes our insides, too!

Take time to hike the majestic mountains Helen has to offer. Walkthrough thick woods, kicking the leaves in your path that have fallen to the ground. Marvel at the wildlife and flora of the area and use this time to take pictures of the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Did you know that a simple walk in the forest could make you smarter? It’s true! Scientists have discovered that spending time in nature versus spending time in a busy city environment, improves our brain’s cognitive functioning abilities. Imagine how much better your mind can function after time beneath the umbrella of Helen’s fall foliage. So, if you needed a reason to visit the Helen, GA area during Oktoberfest, now you have one.

The Weather 

Long summer days can leave us drained and short winter days can create a yearning to get out in the sunshine. If you are tired of the extreme hot or cold temperatures, take a break and enjoy Helen during Oktoberfest.

In late September and early October, the temperatures are not too cold or too hot; they are just right. The entry of the Fall season opens the door to an outdoor playground, leaving us feeling like kids again. You can spend time with your family or friends horseback riding, hiking, or taking a hot air balloon ride and watch the Oktoberfest festivities from the sky with Balloons Over Georgia. There is so much to do outside in Helen Georgia during Oktoberfest when the weather is just right.

While the weather is ideal for us to be outside during the Oktoberfest season, the sounds of nature in the early morning are also something to be cherished. Imagine waking up each day to the scent of fresh mountain air, the sound of birds chirping in the trees, and the sight of a gorgeous timberland forest.

The Fun

Helen is known for having the longest-running Oktoberfest. That means people know how to have fun and enjoy the natural beauty, too. Having fun puts folks in a good mood and ready to play. This is a perfect time for a family getaway. Try some of the outdoor activities near the cabins, such as gold panning, hiking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, biking, and tubing in Helen, GA.

If this trip is with your sweetie or friends, there are so many fun things you can do together! Go exploring, go horseback riding, or load up the car and visit one of the many wineries close to Helen. For something more casual, walk or drive to some of the nearby waterfalls or hang out in lovely Helen, GA and check out some of the museums, art galleries, stores, and restaurants.

Half the fun of being at Oktoberfest is just simply being there! The charming Alpine village is adorned with cobblestone alleys, themed buildings, old-world towers, and more. You’ll have the vibrant colors of Fall surrounding you as you wander through the village of Helen.

Take a shopping trip and check out the Artisans Market! It’s a favorite among Helen’s visitors. Because it’s filled with everything from outdoor fireplaces, pottery, sterling silver jewelry, and more, you’re bound to come away smiling.

Try new things, meet new people, let loose, and have fun!

Do People Really Dress Up?

Yes, people do dress up, as shown in the photo. It’s all about getting into the moment. Dressing up is not a requirement, but it gives you more great memories of your Oktoberfest experience. The streets of Helen are nutty, and there are parades galore as people dance in the streets.

Join in the merriment. Dress up and dance. It will be hard to resist getting on your feet when surrounded by all the music and joy of the night. You can waltz, polka, foxtrot, or frolic the night away with your friends or your sweetie. Get up and give the ever-popular Chicken dance a whirl! If you’re worried that you aren’t a good enough dancer, hear this—it simply does not matter!

Here in Alpine Helen, no one is judging you, and everyone is a friend!

Whatever activity you choose to participate in during Oktoberfest, you are sure to have fun!

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