Experience The Famous Annual American Oktoberfest Located In Helen, Georgia

For those who want to experience a little piece of Germany without straying from the hospitality of the south, Oktoberfest in Helen, GA is just the ticket. This annual event has earned its stripes by becoming the largest Oktoberfest celebration in all of the southeastern U.S. The entire city of Helen jumps on board to make the festival extremely special, and as authentic as possible.

Nestled in the northern GA mountains, Oktoberfest in Helen GA takes place right in the heart of a replica Alpine village. Cobblestone roads, winding alleys, red gabled roofs, and horse-drawn carriages all set the scene, and the numerous Bavarian-themed restaurants, shops, and attractions add to the effect even more. But the main event takes place in the Festhalle where attendees can enjoy German food at communal tables, beer, dancing to live polka bands, and make merry!

Oktoberfest begins mid-September and runs through the end of October. Explore our insightful articles below on how to make the most of your next Oktobefest experience! And if you need a place to stay, check out our numerous cabin rentals in and around the Alpine city.

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Our Oktoberfest Articles For Helping You Make The Most Of Your Next North Georgia Celebration

Oktoberfest Schedule of Events

If you're planning to visit Helen Georgia for Oktoberfest, you'll want to know the schedule of events and associated fees. Read this blog post to get the details.

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What's The Big Deal About Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest in Helen Georgia is a big celebration. If you've never attended this gigantic event and wonder why all the hoopla, check out this article to get an idea of what to expect.

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Planning For Oktoberfest

So, now you're intending to go to Oktoberfest. Let us help you plan your trip and make the most of these wonderful festivities.

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The Best Places To Eat Like A German During Oktoberfest In Helen GA

While celebrating and drinking in this year's Oktoberfest, you're going to get hungry. If you want to eat like a German, check out our restaurant guide on where to dine.

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Adventures To Take During Helen's Oktoberfest

In addition to the city events and activities, there's also a lot more you can do to explore the surrounding Helen Georgia area for a good time.

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Exploring The German Influence In Helen Georgia

If you're intrigued by the culture of this town, you'll be interested to learn how Germany has influenced the city of Helen Georgia. Check out our article for an insightful journey down memory lane.

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The Rich History Of Oktoberfest In Helen Georgia

If you're a history buff, you'll definitely be interested in a deep dive of the history of Helen Georgia and how Oktoberfest is uniquely married to it.

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Where To Rest Your Bones During Oktoberfest

After your lates nights in the Oktoberfest festivities, you'll need a place to sleep. We've got cabins and there are also others places to stay. Explore some of your options on this link.

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The German Oktoberfest Music

You can't have an Oktoberfest celebration without German music. If you don't know what this is, check out the link and get insights on what you can expect.

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Helen Georgia Oktoberfest Trivia & Tradition

For trivia nerds, we've put together a fun post exploring some trivia and tradition to help you win that next Oktoberfest contest.

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Oktoberfest Family Fun In & Around Helen Georgia

If you've got a family, and are looking for things to do, be sure to check out our family adventure guide.

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Visit Scarecrow Trail And Other Halloween Attractions While In Helen Georgia

When you hit Oktoberfest in Helen Georgia, you'll be looking for things to do around Halloween. We've got you covered with ideas to explore in the link below.

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