Oktoberfest Helen GA: The World’s Longest Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has been a staple of Bavarian culture for more than 200 years and there is no better place to celebrate this annual tradition than Helen, GA, home of the longest Oktoberfest celebration in the whole world.
Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig I to Princess Therese of Bavaria. Citizens of Munich were invited to participate in a two-week festival in honor of the marriage and thus, Oktoberfest was born. As Germans spread globally, so did the festival, becoming a global phenomenon in September.

The annual celebrations included:
  • horse races
  • agricultural shows
  • large quantities of Munich beer
  • fine German food.Radiance Cabin

As Germans immigrated to various other countries, the festival followed and there are now Oktoberfest celebrations held each September around the world.

Traditionally, the Helen Ga Oktoberfest runs for two weeks and concludes on the first Sunday in October. The town of Helen GA extends the celebration through to the end of October making this northern Georgia celebration the longest in the whole world. The long celebration allows revelers to keep the Oktoberfest fun going even when other Oktoberfests have ended.

Oktoberfest Helen GAThe Helen festival includes food, dancing, music and beer. Local musicians play live music in the Oktoberfest hall. Several events including a parade and a Miss Oktoberfest contest round out the festivities.

Helen’s Oktoberfest is a vibrant spectacle, featuring horse races, agricultural displays, copious Munich beer, and delectable German cuisine. The extended festivities offer a unique experience, keeping the Oktoberfest spirit alive long after others have concluded. Join the revelry in Helen GA for a month-long celebration, complete with food, dance, music, and, of course, beer.

If you missed Oktoberfest in late September, you can still join the fun in Helen GA for the month of October. Prost! See you there!