Get In Touch With History At Oktoberfest In Helen Georgia

We are past summer and fall upon us. The gorgeous autumn foliage and crisp air are loved by many and make for a great excuse to get away for a weekend retreat. Where can you go to see all of the beautiful fall colors and still have a lot of fun? The Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest celebration begins in mid-September and runs all the way through the end of October. This beloved and cherished celebration will add an extra flair of excitement and fun to your stay in our luxury cabins in Georgia, during the fall months.

The History of Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest

To get an idea of why Helen, Georgia began celebrating Oktoberfest, you must understand the history of the traditional festival and celebration in Germany. The first and original Oktoberfest occurred in 1810. The location for the festivities was in Munich, Germany. Later, the festival moved to the capital of Bavaria. The roots of this celebration came about to honor a royal wedding. A party that lasted for two weeks was held and enjoyed so greatly that the party continued on an annual basis. Every year that the festivities continued, the celebration lasted longer and longer.

During these times of celebration, traditional beers like Marzen were served up with large feasts of traditional fare. In those days, the feasting of bratwursts and schnitzels were loved by the peoples of Germany. As the year’s pass, the list of beers and foods expand, especially since the tradition has become world-wide. This time of frivolous fun, frolicking and celebration is beloved by all and is celebrated with hearty eating, drinking, and dancing to polka music.

oktoberfest bavaria germanyIn Alpine Helen, GA, our sister city is Bavaria. It is for this reason that Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest has become the largest celebration of its kind in all of the south. The first Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest took place in 1970. It only took a few years before the word spread, and this became an enormous and beloved tradition. At the time, the town of Helen was not doing well economically, so the businesses of the village, as well as community leaders, transformed the area into a magical European world. Today, the community thrives as travelers come in from all over, and locals delight in this all out romp of festivities during Oktoberfest and all year long.

What to Expect during Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest

Why should you make the trip to Helen, GA and stay in one of our luxury cabins during Oktoberfest? You will want to be close to all of the action because so much is happening during this exciting time of celebration and frivolous fun! Here are just a few of the few many Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest traditions that you can look forward to:

  • German Grub – Stuff your face with tons of authentic Bavarian food! Your mouth will water at choices between bratwursts, cheddarwursts, sauerkraut, schnitzels, goulash, potato salad, pretzel knodle, chocolates, strudels, cheesecakes and more! You can take your meal to the famous and loved Festhalle. Here, other festival goers will gather together to eat at large communal tables for an authentic German dining atmosphere and to allow you to meet new friends and enjoy the company of old ones. While you eat, polka bands are playing for your enjoyment and may just inspire you to get up and dance.oktoberfest in helen georgia
  • Oktoberfest Parade – If you intend to be present for the first week of Oktoberfest, Helen, GA hosts a parade you absolutely must see. This parade occurs on the first Saturday of the season. On top of being jolly good fun, this parade also features the official “tapping of the keg” which users in the official start to the festival.
  • Drink and Be Merry Oktoberfest in Helen, Georgia features a huge menu of beer that includes local, domestic, and international. These refreshing beers will help you relax, complement your meals and get into the spirit of celebration. Alpine Helen hosts many fabulous restaurants and pubs that serve up cold and frothy drafts.
  • Live Music – Live music in the Festhalle and all over Helen will keep you dancing to toe-tapping polka beats all night long! Grab your best girl or guy, or meet up with someone new to romp around town and have the time of your life! You may even find yourself participating in the beloved chicken dance.
  • Shopping – Stay in the Bavarian spirit by pillaging on of the many charming shops in the Alpine Village. Buy your favorite German chocolates and pastries, or snatch up some traditional European wares.

What are you most looking forward to about Helen, Georgia Oktoberfest?