Halloween Movies Give Cabins In The Woods A Bad Name!

Here in Helen area, we’re all excited about Oktoberfest and cabins in the woods.  It’s our favorite time of the year, for all sorts of reasons:  The cool, crisp air, the clear views of the mountains, the amazing fall foliage, and, of course, beer.

But that’s not all October brings, and a lot of people also happen to be here for that other October holiday:  Halloween.  Now, we love a good scare as much as the next person -and like you, I love our annual film fright-fests – but we really can’t help but feel that scary movies give cabins in the woods a really bad rap.

We’d even say they’re scaring off our customers.

Because unlike other rustic vacation destinations – you’ll find nothing but peace and relaxation in the in the wonders of America’s natural beauty.

Don’t believe us?  Just take a look at our competition!Top of the Line Treehouse

Cedar Creek Cabins In Georgia:  The Safe Halloween Destination

1 – Camp Crystal Lake

Sure, the camp has been in operation -off and on- since the 1950s, but they certainly don’t talk about the body count in the brochure.  Yeah, that lake is nice and inviting and has great docks for fishing…  but you could be fishing out a body or three.

Or, if you’re just trying to relax in your cabin with your special someone, at any moment you might be surprised by a machete-wielding madman looking to impale you both.

On the other hand, the woods of North Georgia are regularly swept for any sort of blade-carrying miscreants.  A visitor to one of our cabins can wander the woods in peace, with their loved one, and be in absolutely no danger of unexpected organ rearrangement.

2 – Pre-Owned In Tennessee

The backwoods are well-known for having cabins all over the place, and every now and then someone may discover they’ve inherited one.  Yet, it seems like it’s the same story, over and over:  Everything is going great, until suddenly they discover a recording of the Necronomicon in the basement and, well, demonic possessions can really wreck a quiet holiday.

If this has happened to you, you’ll appreciate the care and attention we spend maintaining each and every cabin.  After every visitor leaves, we carefully search the area for any lingering malevolent artifacts, and guarantee their removal -to a secure facility- before the next guest checks in.

3 – Different Types of Neighbors

Another way many movies give the wrong impression about Georgia mountain cabins is the matter of “different but unique” neighbors.  Now, we’ve got nothing but respect for our peaceable neighbors -and they are- but clearly situations with the local populations have gotten out of hand at other cabins, and fairly often.

And poor Dale and Tucker still haven’t gotten over their last trip to a cabin.

The woods are 100% free of any cannibals or other anti-social elements.  In fact, during your stay at a North Geogia mountain cabin, you’re unlikely to meet anyone you don’t want to.  Our cabins are isolated, and designed to give you all the privacy -and protection- you need.

Our cabins give you a full kitchen and refrigerator, along with outdoor facilities, so that you can enjoy a nice outdoor dinner, rather than being an outdoor dinner.

4 – The Fake Cabin Switcheroo

Of course, one might think that a cabin in the woods is safer these days, thanks to new surveillance technologies, but that’s apparently not the case.  In fact, we heard recently about an unfortunate bunch in a cabin a year or two back where the whole thing was wired up with cameras and attached to a government facility!

You can’t get away from it all when your basement is brimming with boggarts or bureaucrats.  (And we’d probably prefer the boggarts, frankly.)

So, we can proudly tell you in complete sincerity that there is NO government base beneath us here!  We make sure to sweep the woods for government spooks at the same time we’re clearing out all the other vaporous apparitions.

Some secluded mountain cabins protect you from monsters, and others protect you from overzealous three-letter-agencies.  We’ve got you covered both ways, and that’s a Cedar Creek guarantee.

Have A Safe And Secure Halloween At Cedar Creek!

While, of course, we can’t say that these unfortunate experiences necessarily reflect every cabin in the woods…  do you want to take that chance on Halloween?   When you rent a state-of-the-art luxury cabin, you’ll live in style, comfort, and safety from any supernatural creatures.

Or bureaucrats.

So, if Helen is going to be your Oktoberfest destination, contact Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals today for reservations!

But now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear the intern screaming again…