The Best Options For A Luxury Mountain Vacation In The South

Have you been thinking about enjoying a luxurious getaway? Because of its beauty and opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment, the mountainous areas of the south are extremely popular as vacation destinations. There are many options for visitors to choose from, and it’s important that you find the perfect spot to treat yourself to something truly special. This guide to lush mountain vacations in the south will help you to make a decision with regards to where you should travel, where you should stay, and what you can do and see while you’re there.Destiny cabin

Choosing Your Destination

The topography throughout the southern United States is quite mountainous, being home to the Appalachians, which feature both the Smoky, and Blue Mountain ranges. Both of these ranges are uniquely beautiful and have their own individual appeal to travelers.

Vacationers who make the decision to visit the eastern edge of Tennessee, for example, may want to enjoy the Smoky Mountains by spending time in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There is no fee to enter this national park, although there is an abundance of things for travelers to experience within its bounds. The area is teeming with wildlife, offers over 800 miles of hiking trails, features some 80 different historic buildings to explore, and affords guests some truly spectacular views. Generally speaking, this particular range is best for individuals who enjoy spending time in the outdoors and connecting with nature.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are equally beautiful, and are known to dazzle vacationers who choose to spend their time in northern Georgia. The area surrounding the Blue Ridge mountain range is home to numerous quaint towns that feature wineries, antique stores, craft shops, and charming eateries. As with the Smoky Mountains, you will find a host of plant and animal wildlife, ranging from salamanders to fox to deer and beyond. Although the area definitely provides travelers with a positive experience with nature, it is also very family friendly, romantic, and filled with interesting things to do.

Selecting the Best Accommodations

Once you have come to a decision on which mountainous area of the south you would most like to visit, you must book your lodging. You will quickly find that there is no shortage of nice accommodations in the mountain towns. The type of place that you choose to stay will greatly depend on who you are traveling with, your budget, and your specific needs and wants. Some of the more common options include:

  • Bed & Breakfast – Because of the charming nature of the nearby cities, many couples make the decision to make a reservation with a local bed & breakfast. This can be a quaint and cozy way to connect with one another, to learn about the surrounding areas, and to meet with other travelers. While such a stay can be romantic and charming, though, it may not provide you with all of the luxuries that you are hoping for. It’s aLuxury Mountain Vacationlso wise to keep in mind that B&Bs are typically more couples-oriented than family-oriented.
  • Hotel – Traditionally, hotels are a popular choice for lodging on a vacation. Upscale hotels can leave travelers feeling pampered and relaxed after a day of exploring the wilderness, tasting wine, or shopping for antiques. Hotels and motels can also be an affordable way to accommodate families during getaways.
  • Campground – Many state and national parks allow vacationers to camp on site, enabling them to become fully immersed in nature. If you are looking for an affordable vacation that will allow you to really connect with the great outdoors, this is an excellent option. If you prefer to have creature comforts and amenities, on the other hand, you may want to consider something a bit different.
  • Cabin Rental – Of all of the available options, a stay in a mountain cabin rental is the best way to both live in the lap of luxury and in the heart of nature, while also getting the most value for your dollar. Although a cabin may sound somewhat less than glamorous, you would be amazed at how lavish these vacation rentals can actually be. Units with multiple floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms ensure that all guests will have the privacy that they need to feel comfortable, while common areas like living rooms, game rooms, fire pits, and a kitchen bring everyone together. You’ll be able to relax and unwind in a hot tub or Jacuzzi while enjoying the spectacular views of the mountain ridges. You can even customize that view so that you can take in the sights of your choosing from your private balcony. Finish of the day by popping in a DVD with your family, listening to satellite radio, or cuddling in front of the fireplace with that special someone.

Where will you spend your perfect getaway to the mountainous areas of the South?