The Secret Spots Where Food Lovers In Helen Go To Eat

Do you know where food lovers in Helen go to eat?

When you’re taking a few days to drink in the peace and tranquility of the Helen area, or perhaps staying in a luxurious cabin in the mountains, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some great dining.  Helen might be a little town, but we boast plenty of fantastic restaurants that’ll ensure your belly is as happy as the rest of you throughout your visit.

Of course, no one knows the local food scene like a local.  After all, we have to eat here every day!  So, we wanted to present a few of our favorite local shops, cafes, and restaurants – all a perfect compliment for your stay in Helen, Georgia!Holiday Cabin

Great Lunches And Fine Dinners Abound In Helen

The Haufbrauhaus

Located at the historic Riverfront Hotel at 9001 Main St, The Haubrauhaus is a local institution, with a chef brought in from Germany.  Despite the eclectic international menu, as one might expect, the focus is on things German.

With atmospheric decor, muted lighting, and authentic offerings, it’s the best place in town to get a little taste of Deutschland, especially when sitting in their spacious riverside dining area.  There’s often even live music, signing, or dancing to accompany your meal!

Our recommendation?   Stick to what they do best.  Skip the sandwiches and other American items and enjoy the authentic German cuisine.

The Bodensee

For a more family-friendly dose of great German food, check out The Bodensee, at #64 Munich Strasse.   Placed inside a big, bright Alpine-style building, The Bodensee has been crafting great food for Helen since Master Chef Aurel left Switzerland for the Helen area instead.

For the best German food in town, the Bodensee is our pick.  While lacking some of the flavor and atmosphere of the Haufbrauhaus, it’s a great choice for excellent German offerings.

The Nacoochee Grill

Located at 7277 South Main St, The Nacoochee Grill is everyone’s favorite place to go for more traditional American fare.  Putting a modern twist on old favorites, the Nacoochee delivers up steaks, chicken, burgers and more, with creative recipes and spice blends throughout.

Virtually anything you order from Nacoochee is going to be good – it’s a favorite among the locals for experimenting and trying out their full menu!

The Troll Tavern

While the fare could be described simply as “pub food,” the Troll Tavern charms with its location and atmosphere.  Nestled underneath the Main Street Bridge, it lives up to its name, with a full stock of great cold beers in the cellar.  Lively, engaging, and fun, the Troll Tavern is perfect for a drink on a hot day.

The real joy of having lunch at the Troll Tavern is their outdoor dining area, which puts you right on the Chattahoochee River as you enjoy your beer or traditional sandwiches.

Helen’s Country Cafehelen ga restaurant

With only a handful of seats inside, and not too many more on the outside deck, it can sometimes be a little tough to get a seat at Helen’s Country Cafe.  However, for plain old-fashioned American cooking, it’s the best spot in town – especially their fresh-baked biscuits and custom coffee blends!

Even better, they serve breakfast until 2 PM, so even a late night of stargazing or taking in the local nightlife won’t keep you from enjoying one of their hearty starters.

Finding Your Own Food In Helen, Georgia

Of course, nothing says that you have to only eat at restaurants.  After all, if you’re staying in a luxury mountain cabin, you probably want to put that full-sized kitchen to good use!

To stock up on supplies and vittles, the best place in town is Betty’s Grocery, a local tradition that’s as much a museum as it is a grocery store.  Full of odd local specialties, crafted foods, and all the ingredients you’d want, Betty’s is an experience in itself and highly recommended for any visitor!

Or, just a short drive away on Highway 17, there’s the Old Sautee Store, in nearby Sautee.  Established in 1872, the Old Sautee has been a local tradition for nearly a century and a half, built into a charming period log building.  Like Betty’s, it’s filled with local history and curios, as well as boasting a full stock of local foods and veggies.

Either will quickly fill your pantry and ensure your kitchen is well-used while you’re in Helen!

There’s Plenty Of Good Eating In Helen!

Whether you’re here for the great German food, the historical Americana, or just to drink in the mountains and rivers, you’ve got plenty of options for great eats.  When you’re visiting Helen, even if it’s for the camping, you’ll never be truly roughing it.

If you’ve already seen Helen for yourself, what were your favorite restaurants or other hangouts when you visited?