Anti-Roughing It: How Luxury Cabins Are Changing Mountain Vacations

When you think of cabin mountain vacations, what comes to your mind? If visions of horror movies or a run-down shack consume your thoughts, you might be surprised to learn how wrong you really are. Just because you choose to stay in a cabin in the woods doesn’t mean that you should have to leave your creature comforts behind and be forced to “rough it” in nature. Luxury cabins provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of northern Georgia, while still being able to fully pamper themselves. In fact, you may love your cabin so much that you never want to go home!

Spacious Quarters

One of the most frustrating thing about going on a family mountain vacations is being forced to trade in your spacious home for a cramped hotel room for a week. With everyone living on top of each other, siblings may squabble, and you may find yourself more stressed out than relaxed. Making the decision to stay in a luxury cabin will eliminate problems like these, as everyone will have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the trip. Mom & Dad will definitely appreciate the ability to retreat to their own bedroom each night, and the kids can all catch some Z’s in their own bed – or even a private bedroom.

A large living area will encourage your family or friends to come together as a group and enjoy playing games together, or watching a movie on your flat panel TV. You can even prepare snacks or a meal to enjoy while doing so, as your cabin will feature a modern and fully equipped kitchen for your convenience.Trout Lily Cabin

Complete Privacy

No one wants to be kept awake at night by other hotel guests or the ice machine while on mountain vacations. Staying in a luxury cabin will offer you the peace, quiet, and private cabins in Georgia give you a great trip and rejuvenate yourself.  But even though you’ll be off the beaten path, there’s no need for you to ever feel unsafe during your stay. You can opt to rent a cabin in a gated community so that you can have total confidence that you and your group are safe.

Creature Comforts

Who says that a cabin vacation will require you to take cold showers, use an outhouse, or sleep in a lumpy bed? Luxury cabin rentals provide vacationers with all of the comforts that they are used to enjoying back at home. For starters, your cabin will feature climate control to ensure that you are never too hot or too cold. Modern bathrooms and kitchens offer hot, running water – and you can avoid doing the dishes by booking a stay in a cabin with a dishwasher. Each night when you go to bed, you can snuggle up under the fresh, clean linens covering your king sized bed – watch a little TV in bed, if you like! Keep your family and friends up-to-date on how your trip is going by taking advantage of your high speed internet connection. You can even choose a cabin that has a washer and dryer so that you can keep everyone’s clothes nice and clean throughout the trip.

Travelers with special concerns will also be well taken care of. Pet friendly cabins are available for those who simply can’t leave home without Fido, and biker friendly cabins may also be reserved. You’ll also find that handicap accessible cabins make the Georgia mountain experience possible for everyone.

Lush Amenities  

Beyond the standard creature comforts, a luxury cabin rental will provide guests with lush and exciting amenities that will make their vacation truly special. Imagine having the ability to gaze out on the northern Georgia mountains as you soak in a soothing Jacuzzi bath each day. Of course, who could resist watching the sunset from their cabin’s private hot tub, while sipping on a glass of wine or listening to their favorite program on satellite radio? You can keep your entire family or group entertained at all times by picking a cabin that features a game room with game tables of your choosing. Foosball, Ping Pong, and Pool are all options for you to select from. On cold nights, you may want to build a fire in your cabin’s fireplace, and cuddle close to someone special.

For outdoor fun, be sure to book a cabin with a wrap-around porch where you can sip lemonade and enjoy the beautiful mountain weather. Those who like to grill out would be well served by choosing a cabin with an outdoor barbecue. Fire pits are also an excellent place for family and friends to come together, share stories, and roast marshmallows. There’s something for everyone.

Are you ready to treat yourself to an incredible stay in a luxury mountain cabin rental?