Romantic Cabins in Helen Georgia: Find Romance In a Luxury Getaway

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If you’re somewhere in the southeastern United States, you might not yet have realized that some of the most stunning views and most romantic getaways can be found right in your backyard, in Helen, Georgia!

A combination of seclusion, privacy, and the amazing vistas of some of America’s grandest mountains means that a luxury cabin in Helen located in the north Georgia mountains is your ultimate destination for romance. You’ll be able to escape annoying distractions and focus on spending a little (or a lot) of time with the person you love.

At night, there’ll be nothing to disturb you and your lover beside the soft rustling of leaves and the occasional wandering animal. During the day, you’ll watch the sun streaming down through mist-shrouded mountains, illuminating pristine forests, meadows, fields, and rivers.

Find romance with your sweetie and reconnect, relax, and renew your relationship. With the gorgeous scenery found only in the mountains in Georgia, our Helen cabin rentals are the perfect pick for a weekend of enchantment and relaxation as a couple. Not only will you enjoy the privacy and beauty of the Helen region, but you will also find that there are many fun, luxurious and romantic things to do in the area. What sorts of excursions can you take with your significant other?

Below are a Few Ideas for Planning Your Spectacular and Romantic Escape.

Start With A Taste of Luxury in The Wilderness

Inside every Cedar Creek luxury cabin, you’ll find the same amenities you’d expect from a downtown hotel!

Our cabins are inviting with open floor plans, making a long, romantic interlude both a possible and comfortable proposition.

Every Cedar Creek cabin is fully furnished, has leather furniture, and all the necessities of life. You’ll get a fully functional kitchen and full-size fridge, widescreen TV with cable and surround sound, pool tables, and more!

Your cabin has outdoor amenities as well, perfect for grilling or building a fire inside our fire pit. Maybe we’re old-fashioned, but we still think you can’t get much more romantic than roasting marshmallows beneath the stars while listening to the wind rustling through the trees around you.

With private, natural surroundings and romantic interiors loaded with amenities, the romantic cabins at Cedar Creek invite couples to escape to a private getaway.

It can occasionally get a bit chilly at night, but we’re pretty sure you won’t mind snuggling under a blanket with your sweetie as you watch the heavens revolve around you!Bear Creek Cabin living

What’s More Romantic Than Wine?

Northern Georgia’s wine country is home to numerous picturesque wineries, and you can sample local wines at a VIP Southern tour or one of the other wineries in the area. Located close to our Helen cabin rentals in the charming Nacoochee village, a stop at Habersham Winery is the perfect idea for couples on a weekend getaway. You will experience a fun and relaxing day of sampling local and award-winning wines or you and your honey can slip away for a self-guided tour of the winery. The wine tasting is complimentary, and the friendly staff is ready and available to answer your questions or make recommendations.

When you are finished wine tasting, you can stop in the gift shop to pick up some gourmet food to suit a romantic picnic or candlelit dinner back at the cabin.

A Ride to Remember

For an exceptional visit to Alpine Helen, you may consider taking a romantic couple’s horse and carriage ride from Pegasus. The allure of this enchanting old-world village is amplified when you share a private tour with your sweetie. You and your sweetie will spend a half-hour snuggled close, enjoying the scenery, and each other’s company. If you prefer, you can also sign up for a reservation with Romantic Lake Cruises. Choose any time between sunrise or sunset to get out on the water and take in the sights and a delicious meal together.

Pamper Yourselves

You and your partner deserve to relax, unwind, and pamper yourselves. One of the best things about our Helen cabin rentals is their nearness to great spas with special packages and treatments for two. Enjoy a day of relaxation as you receive full-body massages or European facials. A couple’s favorite, offered by the Nacoochee Crossing Wellness Center, is the Bindi Oil Massage. This unique treatment utilizes flower essences and aromatherapy to aid sore and tight muscles. What an excellent way to help you relax and enjoy time together. You will both feel soothed and closer together when you have finished with the experience.

Make It A True Couple’s Retreat
Romance and Privacy Go Together

One of the best things about the cabins is the privacy that you’ll get for enjoying your romantic escape. Back at home, you may find yourself fighting for your partner’s attention. Between work, running errands, and driving the children to and from their various activities, you barely have time to spend together. When you’re in a luxurious cabin rental, you will finally be able to enjoy complete privacy without distractions so that you can rekindle your relationships and fall in love all over again. You’ll enjoy a sense of seclusion that you would never get from a room in a busy hotel.

Cooking A Meal Together Can Be Hot!

Making a romantic meal together in the cabin’s gourmet kitchen with your beloved is incredibly romantic. Our kitchens are fully equipped and modern making it easy for you to whip up something special to enjoy together by candlelight with a bottle of champagne.

Relaxation Offers A Response

Relaxing over coffee on the deck while listening to a nearby stream in the early mornings or looking up to the heavens at a clear starry night while embracing one another sets the tone for love. In Helen, away from the city lights, you can easily spot many beautiful winter constellations as you and your partner cuddle close under a blanket and stargaze from your cabin’s wrap-around porch. Listen to the sounds of nature as you drift away to sleep with your loved one in your arms instead of being disturbed by the noises coming from the hotel room next door.

Curl Up Together By A Warm Fire

Many of the lush cabin rentals that are available feature romantic fireplaces. Imagine constructing a hot, crackling fire on a cold February night for you and your sweetie to embrace one another and snuggle close while basking in its warmth. It’s an excellent place to reconnect with your loved one as you reminisce about how you first met.

Strengthen Your Bond With New Experiences

As any longer married couples will tell you, experiencing new things together will strengthen your relationship.

Grab the opportunity to hit a hole-in-one with your love by your side and engage in some friendly competition where nobody loses. Ride high in a hot air balloon and create an exciting new memory together.

Experience romance while in nature. You and your honey could book a horseback riding package and ride off into the sunset side by side. Whether you want to go through our miles of hiking trails on foot or by a bicycle rental, you can get happily “lost” on the mountain as long as you want to go missing.

A stroll through the town of Helen will lead you to more romantic memories. Hold hands as you admire the German architecture of the buildings. Flag down a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy a special ride around town. Try a new German dish at one of the many tasty restaurants that serve German cuisine and feed each other.

Above all, enjoy being alone with the one you love. Opportunities are limitless.

Cabins With Hot Tubs Get Things Cooking

Romantic cabins with hot tubs offer rest, relaxation, and renewal while drawing you closer together. There are few things more sensual and romantic than soaking in a hot tub or Jacuzzi with the one that you love. With your arms around one another and the warm, soothing waters bubbling around you, you can take in the incredible sights from your cabin and relish the private and magical experience with one another.

Feel the allure of the mountains in our Allure cabin where the spirit of romance is alive while you cozy up to the fireplace as the snow falls outside and the wind blows around the eaves of the cabin.  Allure cabin offers all the amenities a perfect romantic getaway should have including a spectacular mountain view while watching the trees sway in the wind.  Relax in the Jacuzzi spa only a few steps away from your king-sized bed, or unwind as your aching muscles are soothed away in the hot tub. If you are seeking an opportunity to get closer to the one you love, then a getaway at the Allure cabin may fulfill your dream.

Hickory Woods looks and feels like a cabin and a castle, offering both rustic peace and royal ambiance. If you enjoy both privacy and luxury, this cabin is perfect for your romantic getaway.

It’s just a short walk to the creek, and the property is very private. When you get back, curl up by the wood-burning fireplace at night or step onto the huge wrap-around deck and soothe your cares away in the waters of your gazebo-covered hot tub. You might choose to enjoy the natural view outside where the woodlands provide plenty of opportunities to see wildlife as you relax and while enjoying the sounds of nature or gazing at the star-filled sky in the evening. Hickory Woods provides you the opportunity to start enjoying life again with your loved one by your side.

River Wilds cabin got its name from the sounds of the Chattahoochee River flowing one can hear when behind the cabin.  Situated on thirty acres of land, it grants you and your loved one seclusion and privacy in a mountain paradise.  Relax, enjoy the view through the wall of windows while experiencing the incredible double waterfall feature where you can unwind.

A Sexy Choice For Valentine’s Day

February is a time that the air is thick with love. One of the best ways to impress the one you love and treat yourself to something special is by stealing away for Valentine’s retreat. There’s so much to fall in love with at the Helen mountain cabins, and you’re sure to go home refreshed, renewed, and more in love with life than ever before.

What could be better than a trip into the awe-inspiring mountains of Helen, Georgia?

We can answer that one: The perfect accompaniment to the natural beauty of Helen is a rented luxury cabin from Cedar Creek!

Watch romance bloom in a delightful german setting. Allow us to paint a vision for you:

It’s February 14th. You’ve told your lover to take off from work early, and by the afternoon, you’re packed and ready drive away. As the city fades away into the background, you can finally take a deep breath and taste nothing but pure country air.

Not much later, Helen comes into view as you drive up I-75. Nestled in the mountains, Helen is a sight out of a fairy tale, with charming 19th Century Bavarian architecture recreating the feel of a classic alpine villa. Like going back in time, Helen can instantly transport you to a world far removed from the stresses of the workweek.

Perhaps you stop for dinner at one of our picks for the best romantic restaurants in Helen. You could be sipping drinks and enjoying fresh-caught fish under soft lighting, listening to the Chattahoochee River gently flowing by, rather than hearing the constant noise of honking traffic.

But, of course, as lovely as it might be to dine with your lover, your Cedar Creek luxury cabin still awaits! As you drive out of town, farther and higher into the mountains, we’d suggest a stop at Helen’s own Habersham Winery for a couple of bottles of smooth white wine. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to keep them chilled soon enough.

As the sun slowly sinks behind the mountains and the evening mists begin to creep in, you arrive at your cabin, nestled high in the Appalachians. Each Cedar Creek cabin is an oasis of luxury surrounded by a sea of trees. From here, how your evening unfolds is entirely up to you!

After dropping off your wine in your cabin’s refrigerator, you might want to:

Relax and snuggle on your leather couches,

  • Start a roaring fire in your stone fireplace,
  • Take a dip in your Jacuzzi,
  • Watch a romantic film on your widescreen television,
  • Have a moonlit marshmallow roast at your fire pit,
  • Play a quick game of billiards on your pool table,

Or, just switch everything off and enjoy the still quiet with your lover until you add your sounds.

And, many pleasant hours later, sunrise and some of the most spectacular views you can imagine will be there to greet you in the morning when you throw open your curtains on a new day. With luxury cabins like this, you and your love might not even make it back into town!

However, if you’ve got the weekend free -or you need a break to regain your strength- Helen is full of amazing sights, quaint shops, and the sort of small-town welcome you won’t get in the big city!

For nature-lovers, or those looking for even more secluded spots, you’ll have your choice of hiking, boat or carriage tours, fishing, tubing, horseback riding, and more. If shopping is your vice, you’ll also find plenty in Helen, including hand-crafted goods and boutique food shops, made from the bounty of America’s natural resources.

Then, when Sunday comes, and it’s time to drive back towards your daily grind reluctantly, we suspect you’ll already be fantasizing about your next romantic interlude in a Cedar Creek luxury cabin.

Instead of the noise and irritation and bustle of the big city, we think you’ll agree there’s plenty of excitement to be found when you and your love spend a romantic weekend in the intimacy of your private luxury cabin.

Fall in Love In The Mountains and Cabins of Helen Georgia
Fall in Love With Each Other

The primary focus of your romantic trip to Helen should be on one another. Back at home, faced with all the stresses of everyday life, it’s all too easy to fall into a routine or to forget to stop and appreciate your partner. When you decide to get away together, you can rekindle the fires of love and restore the connection that you made with your sweetie when you first met one another. Whether you are snuggling up next to a crackling fire in your cabin while you watch romantic movies on your flat panel TV, are embarking on a hand-in-hand hike through a peaceful forest, or are having a blast at one of Helen’s many attractions, you will bond closer than ever before.

Fall in Love with Yourself

You can’t truly love another unless you love and take care of yourself and your own needs. A vacation is a perfect remedy for a person who has fallen out of love with themselves and hasn’t been focusing on making themselves happy. Cabin retreats not only offer you the fresh air and incredible views to help you clear your head, but they are near a variety of activities and attractions that can renew your spirit. Nothing builds confidence more than trying out something new and having a great time. Imagine learning to go horseback riding, being brave enough to soar across the skies on a zip line tour, or taking a wine tasting class. You’ll leave your trip a newer, better version of yourself.

Fall in Love with Your Cabin

You will be so amazed at what the Helen cabin rentals have to offer that you won’t ever want to go back to your own home. From the moment you enter the luxurious vacation home, you’ll fall in love. Take your pick from a cabin with a mountain view, a forest view, or even a cabin with a private waterfall. You will be able to take advantage of numerous amenities like hot tubs, Jacuzzi baths, game rooms, high-speed internet, satellite radio, flat-screen TVs, fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues, fully equipped kitchens, and so much more.

Fall in Love with Helen

Everyone who visits Helen falls in love with its charm. This welcoming town is nestled in the north Georgia mountains and is a replica of a Bavarian alpine village. Wandering down cobblestone alleys and admiring the old world architecture will take your breath away as you enjoy a wide range of attractions. You might start by challenging your best gal or guy to a game of mini-golf at the Alpine Mini-Golf Course on the south end of town. From here, you could learn about the history of the area at the Nacoochee-Sautee History museum.

Fall in Love with Nature

There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature. Not only can you enjoy the views from your cabin and explore the woods surrounding it, but numerous state parks are a stone’s throw away from your rental. Visit Anna Ruby Falls at Unicoi State Park and hike around the lake to experience nature’s beauty. Take a hike at Smithgall Woods State Park. Or see one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia at Amicalola Falls or Tallulah Gorge State Parks.

Stroll hand-in-hand whether you stick to the areas around your cabin or decide to visit a local hiking trail, there is something extraordinary about exploring a wooded glen or discovering a waterfall with the person that you love most in the world. You will find that the opportunities are truly limitless.

Create True Romance At Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals

The daily grind of life can take its toll on any relationship. There could be nothing more romantic than a secluded weekend getaway with your best girl or guy. When you choose to stay in the north Georgia mountains in one of our luxury cabins, you will enjoy all the luxurious amenities and seclusion needed to relax to bond together. It could offer you just the experience you need to bring a breath of fresh air to your relationship.

Whether you’re in a new relationship and about to embark on your first vacation together, celebrating your honeymoon, or you have happily traveled the road of marriage together for decades, a luxury mountain cabin vacation will be the perfect place for you to keep the fires burning in your relationship. Get playful with one another; it’ll make you feel young again like you did when you first started dating.

Any day can be spent like Valentine’s Day. It’s essential that it count by making your getaway a special time to express your love to your significant other. After all, isn’t your sweetheart worth more than a dozen roses and a box of chocolates?

Show your special someone how much they truly mean to you by getting away from it all and falling in love for the first time or again in a lush Helen, Georgia cabin rental. It’ll be a romantic getaway that you each won’t soon forget.

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This blog post is part of “DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO ROMANTIC GETAWAY IN NORTH GEORGIA” blog series.