Salamander Hunting In North Georgia’s Paradise

Often it’s the little, unexpected moments that create lasting family vacation memories. When the Townsend family booked Cedar Creek Cabin Rental’s Paradise cabin they were looking forward to spending time with their children and close family friends. They wanted a great cabin with fun amenities for both adults and children.

According to mom Amy, the cabin met their expectations.

“I appreciated the beautiful cabin, the amenities, the cleanliness and clear instruction, the location and the regional information provided!” – Amy Townsend

There is a surprise about the outdoor space at Ceder Creek Cabin Rentals’ Paradise cabin. A small creek runs behind the cabin.

Guests enjoy listening to the sounds of the water as it flows over large rocks. Watching the creek from the deck that overlooks the forest is a relaxing way to spend time with family and friends.

The Townsend party loved the creek… especially the kids including Cohben, 7, Dylen, 9, Kendall, 9, Hudson, 7 and Griffin, 4!

Trout Lily Cabin

There was lots of laughter, giggles and smiles as the children discovered there were salamanders and crayfish in the creek. The kids had a blast searching for these little creatures.

Mom Amy tells us about this special experience.

“During a trip to NC a few years back, we found salamanders and crayfish in a nearby creek. So when we were looking for rental properties in GA, we specifically were drawn to the creek out back for that reason.

My son found the first one at your location. You just turn rocks over carefully (pick them up away from you in case of snakes) and keep an eye out for movement. The salamanders and crayfish are fast and the bigger crayfish pinch hard. I’m not sure what type of salamander we found, but it was a dark brown color with black spots and about 1 inch to 3 inches in length.”

Mom Amy also had a couple of suggestions to share when your family is on a search for salamanders in the creeks of north Georgia.

  • Gardening gloves could be helpful.
  • Transparent containers with lids (although salamanders are pretty fragile so I’d advise folks not to hang onto them for long)
  • Use caution since snakes also live under rocks – although they didn’t see any.
  • Take numerous pictures!

About Salamanders

For the most part, salamanders are tiny creatures about 4 to 6 inches long. However, some are as small as half an inch and as large as 6 feet. The salamanders in north Georgia look like a miniature cross between a frog and a lizard. Many salamanders have brightly colored skins often with beautiful spots while others are shades of brown, green or gray.

There are approximately 600 species of these amphibians. In north Georgia many salamanders are found near fresh water and woods ~ creeks are the perfect home. Most adults hide during the day and feed at night.

Learn More About Salamanders In North Georgia

Our thanks to Amy Townsend for sharing the story of hunting for salamanders!