Restaurants In Helen GA Are Worth The Trip

After my wife and I enjoyed an amazing zip line course at Sunburst Stables we were starving and reading to head back to our north Georgia Mountains cabin to get cleaned up for our night out on the town. There are many fantastic restaurants in Helen Ga and we found out about one from a few locals that suited us particularly well.  You might be quite surprised by the one that we chose especially being set in the mountains of north Georgia.

An Unexpected Gem

The restaurant we chose in Helen Ga was called Spice 55 and is an incredible place to eat Thai food.  The sushi and curries were mouth watering.  And it was a very special occasion for my wife and I so I treated her to an appetizer of rice paper wrapped spring rolls as well as some green tea ice cream for desert. For us the platter of sushi is like a work of art with all the different colors, textures and tastes.  Our favorite is to have a roll made from a mix of spicy tuna and yellow tail as well as avocado and flying fish roe.  It is amazing how healthy this food is for you and how great it also tastes.

I also had a bowl of red curry, which is my favorite Thai dish.  The chicken and vegetables get soaked with the amazing spices.  They are also incredibly spicy and help clear the sinus’s to better breath in the high mountain air.  My wife enjoyed the Pad Thai noodles and consistently orders this dish at Thai restaurants so for her to say that she relished the food was a real compliment to the quality of the place.  Overall we left with our bellies full and smiles on our faces.

Rise To The Sunshine

Lucky for me I was able to meet a few fisherman coming off of the Chattahoochee River the previous evening and happened to find out about a trout fishing tournament that was happening in the morning.  Because it was our anniversary my wife was excited about me entering the tournament and using my skills for a big prize.  It was a very early morning and the weather was not very pleasant, but I was keen to cast a line to the hungry trout in the Chattahoochee that ran through the town of Helen.  I had also heard rumors that the DNR had stocked the stream the night before with hundreds of fish and even a few monster brown trout.  After a few successful hours fishing in the morning my wife and I decided to swing by a local bed and breakfast for a hearty breakfast and a warm drink.  After a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and a steaming cup of herbal tea we were back on the river for more exciting fishing.  restaurants in helen ga

I found out that many of the local fishermen were either using live bait or imitation salmon eggs and I only fly-fish for trout.  Once I was able to identify the hatch of insects that the fish were rising to then I couldn’t keep them off my hook.  I like to use a technique called a dropper and a dry.  This means that I use a dry fly like a royal stimulator as the top fly and then tied to the back shank of the hook I used an emerging blue winged olive pattern.  The first dry was imitation the yellow sally stone files that I witness coming off the water and then the second emerger was to depict the thousands of mayflies that I say trout leaping out of the water for.

My favorite experience was wading to the far side of the river bank and casting right next to where the water flowed by a large boulder.  I knew that a nice fish would be waiting for a vulnerable insect and this is exactly what happened.  A stout fifteen-inch rainbow smashed the stimulator fly I had tied on and I immediately set the hook.   By keeping my rod tip high I was able to land this beautiful rainbow in a matter of minutes.  Even thought it was not the largest fish of the tournament I sure enjoy seeing it rise to my fly and give me a great fight on my three-weight fly rod.

Off To Lunch

After a great morning of fly fishing on the Chattahoochee our bellies started to growl and we headed up to Sautee to find other exceptional restaurants in Helen Ga.  This time we chose the Old Sautee Market for some unbelievable sandwiches that were a true delight.  Weather you enjoy fresh tuna salad, egg salad or some very fresh sliced meets this is the place for a lunch time feast!

Are you ready to experience Restaurants in Helen Ga?

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