Helen Adventure Series: Trekking Through Dukes Creek Falls Trail

If you are a hiker, then you know the excitement of going on a new trail. Each trail has it’s own unique characteristics and challenges. For instance, have you been on the trail at Dukes Creek Falls in Georgia? Aside from the many other Helen Georgia attractions, this is one adventure you will not want to pass up.

Dukes Creek Falls

One of the amazing wonders of the world are the brilliant waterfalls that are spread throughout. Dukes Creek Falls is one of these sights. This has become one of the most popular Helen Georgia attractions for both residents and visitors alike. This amazing waterfall is surrounded by forest, wildlife, nature, beautiful wildflowers and the relaxing current of the river. When you arrive at Dukes Creek Falls, you will hear the rushing sound of the water and witness this magnificent waterfall cascade down for nearly 200 feet into Dukes Creek below.Tranquility Cabin

Dukes Creek Falls Trail

To experience the full magnitude of the falls, you can take the Dukes Creek Falls Trail. This trail is approximately 2 miles round trip. It travels through trees and switchbacks, as it leads you to the impressive waterfall below.

Since this trail descends from the trailhead, you will get to see the stunning panoramic views of the valley and Yonah Mountain near the beginning of your hike. Also, within the first tenth of a mile there is a viewing deck that offers an excellent view of the waterfall below. The portion of the trail leading to this point is easily accessible for everyone, including those in wheelchairs. Therefore, no one has to miss out on this picturesque view.

As you continue on from this point, you will descend down a few stairs and over a wooden path. You can either continue on here or take a quick detour to the right, where you will find the peaceful waters of Dukes Creek. This would be a great place for a rest and to enjoy the sounds of nature.

When you continue your hike on the Dukes Creek trail, you will travel through the three switchbacks. Along the route, you will hear the thundering of the falls and catch glimpses through the trees. Once you reach the bottom, you will find three separate platforms on which you can stand to experience the power of the waterfall as it hits the creek below. From there, take a look upward to also see the water cascading down the face of the mountain from Davis Creek.

After viewing this impressive waterfall, turn around and retrace your steps back to the trailhead. If you are not in a hurry, you can always revisit Dukes Creek on your way back.

helen ga attractions hiking bootsWhat to Expect on Your Hike

The trail is good for people of all skill levels, which makes it a good adventure to include on your family’s Helen Georgia attractions list. The path is well maintained and the elevation gain on the way back up is relatively low, at 391 feet. As you get closer to the end of the trail, you will notice the path becomes much more narrow. So be prepared, as you may have to swipe away a limb or two. Although exploring is fun, be cautious before venturing off the trail, as some areas are near steep ridges. You would not want to learn this the hard way.

What to Bring

When hiking, it is very easy to get dehydrated. Therefore, when planning a trek through Dukes Creek, be sure to pack plenty of water into your backpack. It is also good to bring healthy snacks, a light rain jacket and sunscreen. Don’t let the tree cover fool you. UV rays can still seep through. Also, to enter Dukes Creek Falls park, you will need to pay a small fee of $3. This helps to fund the park and also gives you a full day to enjoy the area.

How to Get There

Duke Creek Falls is located approximately 5.5 miles southwest of Helen, GA. From Cedar Creek, you will need to take Zeppelin Strasse southwest to Brucken Strasse. From there head left to Edelweiss, where you will take another left to reach GA State Route 75. Go north on GA 75. At approximately 1.5 miles up the road, you will see GA 356. Make a left there and head towards Richard Russell Scenic Highway. Turn right and go another 2 miles where you will run into Dukes Creek Falls Recreation Area. You will see the trailhead when you enter the parking area.

Of the many trails in Georgia to choose from, picking one with a view of a brilliant waterfall cannot be beat. As you add new adventures to your list of Helen Georgia attractions to see, be sure to add Dukes Creek Falls Trail. Have you visited any of the waterfalls near Helen? Let us know in the comments below.