A Review Of Paul Thomas Chocolates Near Helen GA

Need a sweet treat pick-me-up?

What better way to give yourself a much-needed energy boost and life your spirits after a long day of visiting northern Georgia shops and attractions than by taking a bite of mouth-watering chocolates? Located just a hop, skip, and a jump away from downtown Helen, Dahlonega has long been known for its rich history in the gold mining industry, but it’s also known for something else – chocolate. Paul Thomas Chocolates is a favorite of both locals and visitors, offering delectable homemade sweets with high quality ingredients. After all, everybody loves chocolate, and Paul Thomas works hard to ensure that everyone will leave satisfied.Royal Suite

Paul Thomas Chocolates | 102 Public Square North (Dahlonega)

Rating: 4/5 Stars
History & Overview

Paul Thomas Chocolates of Dahlonega was founded by chocolatier Paul T. Hoffman. Paul began his work of candy making and developing spectacular in 1975 with the hopes of offering sweets for everyone to enjoy. In 2007, Paul Thomas Chocolates opened its doors, and has been delighting its customers from all around the world ever since. The idea behind Paul Thomas is to not only provide visitors with something tasty to savor, but also to take home a lasting memory. It’s more than just a chocolate shop or candy store; it’s an experience. Customers are welcome to actually watch the experts craft the chocolates from the finest ingredients. This allows guests the rare opportunity to actually understand the complexity of chocolate making. Of course, in watching a cascade of smooth, warm, chocolate pour over the various nuts, fruits, and caramels and truffles is sure to get your mouth watering. And as your eyes follow the finished chocolates down the conveyor assembly (think: “I Love Lucy”), you’ll be ready to pop a candy in your mouth and buy some more to take back to the cabin with you.

Available Candies & Products

Chocolate truffles are among the best sellers at Paul Thomas Chocolates, and with so many classic and unique flavors, it’s easy to see why. Many of the truffle flavors are available in milk, dark, or white chocolate, adding even more to the originality. You’ll recognize some of your old favorites like Irish creme, coffee truffle, raspberry truffle, coconut creme, or French truffle. You might be surprised, though, at how quickly you take to the more unique flavors like tart lemon chiffon, keylime truffle, cherry cheesecake, pepper spice truffle, and yes – even jalapeño.

Speciality chocolate and candy items are also hot sellers at Paul Thomas. Once again, the candies here appeal both to those who love traditional sweets, as well as those with a unique palette. Your tastebuds will crave the Yahoola or Sea Salt Turtles, and you’ll find yourself positively addicted to the chocolate covered pretzels, with either medium, dark, or white chocolate. Caramel and chocolate-coated apples are available, with or without pecans or peanuts. Try homemade marshmallow, or peanut butter delights, which make for great movie snacks back at the cabin. With peanut clusters, orange peals, haystacks, mints, peppermint & almond bark, chocolate-covered Twinkies and so much more, there’s something for everyone at Paul Thomas Chocolates.

And we mean everyone! Even if you have dietary restrictions, sugar-free candies are available forcabins in helen ga you to enjoy. You’ll love peppermint patties, maple walnut cremes, peanut butter cups, pecan patties, and other sugarless treats.

Planning Your Visit

If you’re traveling from your Helen cabin, you won’t have to go far in order to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dahlonega is located just a short drive southwest of central Helen. Paul Thomas Chocolates is located in the Hall Block Building on Public Square North which is just off of Main Street, and across from the Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site. Hours may vary by season, so it’s best to call ahead to confirm that it will be open when you plan to visit. Current listed hours are from 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday, from 10am-8pm Friday-Saturday, and from 10am-7pm Sunday.

Be sure to set aside plenty of time, not only to purchase some fine chocolate for yourself, but also to watch the candy making process. You may also want to ask about all of the unique and original flavors produced at Paul Thomas, or try a sample. Once you’ve settled on your favorites, you can even customize your own candy box. We’ve all heard that famous Forest Gump quote that “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.” This isn’t the case at Paul Thomas, though. If a random assortment isn’t your style, you can pick and choose exactly what you want in your box of sweets.

Have you visited Paul Thomas Chocolates in a previous visit to the Helen area? What were your favorite items? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with future visitors in the comments section.