Top 5 Family Friendly Summer Activities In Helen GA

For decades, gorgeous Helen has been a top tourist attraction in Georgia, and all around the country. Helen’s mix of old-world architecture, amazing scenery, summer activities, handcrafted local goods, and luxurious lodging makes it a long-time favorite among families.Bear Creek Cabin

There’s so much to do in Helen that we can’t list them all, but we’ve compiled some of our favorite local attractions that will entice your entire family!

Five Great Helen Attractions Your Whole Family Will Love

1 – A Visit To BabyLand General Hospital

No, it’s not a real hospital – it’s one of the Top Ten toylands in America! BabyLand General is headquarters for the world-famous Cabbage Patch Kids, operating off of an amazing 650-acre spread that’s modeled after the most spectacular of antebellum architecture and design.

And admission is free.

Your children can see Cabbage Patch Kids being created, adopt their own, order a custom design, or simply explore the beautiful and educational grounds this “hospital” provides for their amusement. There are few better child-focused attractions anywhere in the country.

2 – Live The Pioneer Days At Duke’s Creek Gold And Ruby Mines

Many don’t know this, but the Helen area was home to the first major gold rush in North American history, well before the famous California and Yukon strikes. While the gold boom died off, Duke’s maintains an authentic old-style mine, creating an amazing combination of education and real-life experience.

You could even pan for gold, using methods identical to pioneer goldbugs, and you get to keep what you find. You won’t strike it rich, since these veins are long tapped out, but you can get a truly unique souvenir for your children, created with their own efforts.

Or, simply explore the museum offerings, the old machinery, and the examples of gemstones that have come from the Helen area.

3 – Sunburst Stables Are The Gateway To Exploration

If your children love horses, ponies, or just about anything else on four legs, they’ll love Sunburst Stables!

Sunburst offers guided tours of the surrounding countryside, with horses ready for beginners or experienced riders alike. Every animal is raised from birth around humans, treated with great love, and in turn they love interacting with people! There’s even a petting zoo, for ones too small to enjoy a full ride.

When you take a horseback tour, it can be an all-day affair, with stops for a picnic lunch, fishing, and mindblowing views of a Georgia mountain sunset. If you have teenagers, Sunburst also offers zipline adventures, but obviously they aren’t for young ones.

4 – Helen Has Watery Fun Indoors AND Out

If your kids love water, we’ve got two options depending on their mood. For safe, controlled family fun, check out The Helen Tubing And Water Park. This full-size water theme park offers plenty of slides, lazy rivers, and other exciting floating attractions in a totally safe environment.

Or, if you want to get away from the crowds and the construction, make a call to The Cool River Tubing Company instead. They offer tubing adventures on the Chattahoochee River itself. The river is mild and gentle most times of the year, so it’s reasonably safe for attentive children – although, of course, it’s not as safe as a water park with life guards in attendance.

5 – Chill Out In A Luxury Cabinhelen ga activities

Maybe the point of your vacation isn’t to wind your children up with exciting activities, but to calm them down instead. In that case, there are cabins just waiting for you in the mountains with all the comforts of home. You can get away from the beeping and flashing annoyances of real life, and see how your kids behave when they aren’t being distracted by nonstop electronic interference.

Of course, with big-screen TVs and WiFi, they won’t be totally disconnected from the real world either. We know even kids these days have a hard time leaving their email and social media behind.

These magnificent cabins could also include:

  • Full kitchens.
  • Swimming pools, spas, or saunas.
  • Real wood-burning fireplaces.
  • BBQ pits for outdoor cooking – maybe even your own catch!
  • Private bedrooms with exquisite furnishing.
  • Billiards tables and other physical games.
  • And more!

For the perfect blend of outdoors beauty, and indoors comfort, a luxury mountain cabin truly delivers the best of both worlds!

What Can Helen Do For YOUR Family?

From the beautiful scenery, to the amazing shopping, to the five-star luxury cabins, Helen offers a change of pace for families visiting from anywhere in the country. Once you experience even a fraction of what Helen has to offer, you’ll understand why this is one of America’s top tourist destinations.

To find out more, or to reserve a luxury cabin for your family, just contact Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals!