Helen GA Activities for Children

There are many activities for children in the Helen GA area.  Did you know that a little country town called Cleveland, GA is the home for the Cabbage Patch Kids found at Baby Land General?

If that isn’t their speed, how about a model train station like this one found right in downtown Helen GA?

Located just minutes from our private cabins in Helen GA, you can visit these adorable little dolls and the kids will never forget it.

Helen, Georgia also has many activities like mini golf, fishing, tubing, and nature trail walks, to name a few.   The mini golfkid golf is new and has an amazing waterfall feature the kids will love.

Should you decide to take them into a real nature setting, you can always go to one of the local fishing spots.

These memories children have are surely ones they will never forget.

After you, hopefully, wore them out during a full day of activities AND if they are GOOD, then you may opt for a special treat at one of the best candy shops in the entire Southeast, Hansel and Getel’s Candy Kitchen.  If you have a little booger for the day, he may not get a treat here but if they decide to enjoy and have fun, you can give him or her one of these.

Have Fun with the kids in Helen GA.Bear Hollow Cabin

In conclusion, Helen, GA offers a plethora of activities guaranteed to create lasting memories for children. From the enchanting world of Cabbage Patch Kids at Baby Land General in nearby Cleveland to the charming model train station in downtown Helen, the options are endless. Whether it’s exploring nature trails, enjoying mini golf with cascading waterfalls, or casting a line at local fishing spots, there’s something for every young adventurer. And what better way to end a day filled with fun than with a sweet treat from Hansel and Getel’s Candy Kitchen? So pack your bags, bring the kids, and embark on an unforgettable journey in Helen, GA.