North Georgia Cabins and Cleaning Fees

Who would like to venture into this hot tub after this little gathering?   We did not think you would.  Hot tubs need to be cleaned thoroughly. See our past hot tub cleanliness blog for more details on how hot tubs should be cleaned. Below are North Georgia cabins cleaning fees.

Most are unaware how much actually goes into getting a cabin ready after a cabin has been vacated.  There are normally 2-3 people that clean the cabin which includes:

  • hot tub clean and refresh and provide shock treatment
  • all sheets, towels, linens, wash/dry/fold
  • clean and mop floors and counters
  • sterilize and scrub down all bathroom surfaces
  • supply all trash bags, dish tabs, hand and dish soapEscape cabin

and these are only to name a few.   Many will ask us if they may clean their own cabin. They may be the best cleaner in the world but since everyone has a different standard, we can not take the chance on one of our guests going into our cabins in Helen GA where someone had too low of a standard.  You certainly would not want to go into a cabin that had the previous guest with the lower end standard.  A cabin should look crystal clean from top to bottom and ready to go when you arrive.Besides, who wants to spend a day cleaning north Georgia cabins when you are on a vacation? So the good news is that you are guaranteed a clean cabin when you arrive and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it upon departure, the bad is that you pay for that service depending on the size of the cabin. The cost usually ranges from $50-$150 and is in addition to the rental rate of the cabin.  Having your cabin squeaky clean when you arrive and not having to do the work to clean it upon departure is a value worth paying for.

Now that you have a great clean cabin and know the North Georgia Cabins cleaning fees, here is a blog that will give you ideas on what to do while you are there for a romantic getaway.