Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Family Reunions

Many families have found that renting a cabin for a family reunions is a convenient, unforgettable, and fun way to gather to celebrate.  When planning a reunion in a rental cabin (or several cabins if your group is larger)  there are important things for you to keep in mind:
  1. Travel – If your family is spread out across the country you’ll want to take into account available travel options. Are all family members able to travel to the cabin? Are there car rentals available at the airport for any family members flying in? Is the location convenient to the highway for car travelers?
  2. Family Size – Depending on the size of your family, you could potentially share one house or need several houses to sleep everyone.  How many cabins do you need?  Who will be housed together?  Are there enough beds, providing suitable privacy, for the entire family? Dreamscape Cabin
  3. Meals –  A rental cabin allows families the option to prepare and cook their meals on site.  Are there grocery stores nearby? Will one family member be responsible for the shopping? How will you share cooking duties? Which meals will you plan on eating together?
  4. On Site Amenities – When you bring the whole family together to one location for a reunion you want to ensure there are plenty of on site amenities.  Do the cabins feature hot-tubs, gaming equipment, or space for family movie night? Does the property have recreation opportunities such as hiking, swimming, basketball, or a playground?
  5. Local Attractions – Although much of your time will be spent on site, you want to make sure there are local attractions in the surrounding area that your family can enjoy.  Does the area feature an amusement park, water park, or other recreational attractions? If your family enjoys outdoor activities such as such as hiking, biking, playground in phase IIgolfing, fishing, canoeing, or horseback riding you’ll want to explore the opportunities available near your cabin.
Along with many single cabins, Cedar Creek Cabins in Helen, Georgia offers unique housing options to large family reunion groups:
Phase I is comprised of five cabins that sleep a total of 50 people. A short walk through the woods connects the two pairs of cabins (each pair features a shared driveway) and the fifth cabin.  These five cabins border a scenic creek and are adjacent to beautiful wooded area.
Phase II offers families a unique, gated community of seven cabins that house up to 50 people.  These seven cabins, three each on two different cul-de-sacs as well as the seventh house just a half mile away, are perfect for large families wanting a special place to gather.
The Mountains in North Georgia hold so many places to have family reunions. The attractions are endless. Not to mention the senery is breathtaking.