Best Zipline Locations For A Helen GA Cabin Rental

Are you ready to explore northern Georgia from on top of the world? Numerous opportunities for embarking on a zipline tour are available to those who choose to stay in a luxurious local cabin. Helen GA affords vacationers some of the most spectacular views East of the Mississippi River, and a canopy zipline excursion will enable you to drink in the sights from a bird’s eye view. So where can you go to have an adventure of your own? Here are four nearby zipline tour companies for you to check out and consider for your next Georgia mountain getaway.Oasis Cabin

1. Zip n Time

Regardless of whether you’re here for the scenery or for the sheer thrill of flight, Zip n Time has something to offer everyone who is visiting a cabin rental in Helen GA. Conveniently located in the Nacoochee-Sautee Valley, Zip N Time offers fun and affordable adventures for the entire family. History buffs truly enjoy the Goldmine Tour which transports tourists back in time to the days of America’s first gold rush – located right here in the heart of northern Georgia. You’ll enjoy a tour of a genuine 1800s gold mine in between the excitement of crossing swinging bridges, hiking, and soaring across multiple zip lines. For an added thrill, check out the After Dark Moonshine Tour. After a fun Pinzgauer ride through a swamp, you’ll zip across the night sky, with the moonlit valley highlighted below. And to really get your adrenaline pumping, be sure to ask about The Intimidator. This massive zipline is nearly a half mile long and offers incredible views of Mount Yonah. When you’re done with the big zip, you’ll have the option to take a trust fall from a 50-foot tower or rappel off of that same tower.

2. Sunburst Stables

Sunburst Stables is another hot spot for those staying in a lush cabin rental in Helen GA. Located just moments away from your vacation rental’s door, the stables offer much more than just horseback riding. You will find that the zipline tours available here will provide thrills for your entire group. At Sunburst, visitors receive their training with a more “hands on” approach. The first 400 foot “Sea Leg” zipline is designed to show new riders the ropes and is used to instruct them on the do’s and don’ts of a canopy tour. Next, you’ll set out on the Sawmill zipline which will take you to the only cave zipline tour in the helen ga horseback ridingarea. A 700 foot line takes visitors into the entrance of a gold mining cave an allows them to ride 200 feet through darkness instead of a walking cave tour. You’ll enjoy gorgeous valley views and fresh mountain air before finally making your big splash in a pond at the end of your tour.

3. Lake Lanier Canopy Tours

Lake Lanier is located just a bit south of your cabin. Helen GA tourists often like to make a visit to this area, so why not check out their canopy tours? Among the more popular of their packages is the Pine Isle Tour which takes visitors on a three to four hour adventure across eleven separate ziplines, sky bridges, spiral staircases, and more. This tour offers incredible views of the lake and even dual lines that are specifically designed to enable riders to race against one another, side by side. See if you can spot some of the wildlife indigenous to the area, such as bald eagles, deer, foxes, and more. And don’t forget to come back after dark for the Moon Shine Tour. The silvery moonbeams across the still waters of Lake Lanier make this one well worth the trip.

4. North Georgia Canopy Tours

Choose the excursion that suits you best from three fun options at North Georgia Canopy Tours. The Adventure Tour involves over three hours of zipping across twelve different lines, three nature walks, two sky bridges, incredible views of northern Georgia and the North Oconee River, as well a rappel. The end of your trip will include a super fast 695-foot dual zip across Hilltop Pond. The Premium Adventure Tour involves all of the fun of the Adventure Tour, but allows you to take the experience home with you as your excursion will be photographed and videoed. For those with a little less time to spare, a shorter Sky Bridge Tour may be the best option. But don’t worry – you will still be able to have plenty of fun on nine ziplines, two sky bridges, two nature walks, and the big zip over Hilltop Pond.

All of the many zipline options that are located near your cabin rental in Helen GA come with their own unique advantages. In fact, you may end up deciding to visit them all! Which zipline tour will you check out first?