See How Cabins in Helen GA Are A Good Value

If you are reading this article you are looking into a vacation or have one on the horizon and if you are like most, you want one that is fun, relaxing, and a good value. See how cabins in Helen GA are a good value.

Cost to consider when booking a cabin:

Transportation, accommodations, things to do, and costs while you are there would be at the top.  Let’s break them down:


We all know that traveling in airports nowadays is not fun and the costs are high.  Ever lose a bag? Spend $15 for a hamburger and a Coke or sit in lines waiting for your delayed flight.  Some love to fly and this will not stop you but how about throwing your stuff in the car and going? Live in the Southeast?  Helen, GA is just over an hour northeast of Atlanta. By the time you pay for your cab, parking, and airfare, wait in traffic at the airport, in line at security, in line on the flight, and in line on the runway, you are halfway to Helen GA, and the savings likely just paid for your cabin.


Helen GA cabin rentals will cost you just slightly more than a hotel room.  Bring a 2nd family to join you and your cost is significantly less (based on 4 hotel rooms). The luxury you could have is a world apart from the Holiday Inn, not to mention a very important feature:  The kitchen.   Couples will pay slightly more for a cabin but be sure to weigh the total package.  Do you prefer granite, hardwoods, kitchen, and oh, did I mention a pool table?

Things to do:

We have done the work for you, click here for the guide. Cabins in Helen GA low cost vacation Most of the items around the cabins in Helen GA are free or cheap for what you get and how about this concept: being in nature breathing fresh mountain air?   Waterfalls, fishing, hiking, or planning an old bird watching are a few things you can do in Helen Ga that really can melt the stress away.   These inexpensive and fun things to do are a forgotten pastime and the value is hard to beat.

Cost while you are there:

I recently went to New York and while I enjoyed it, the cost was incredible.   Try parking in any city and you know what I mean.   You can easily spend $200 going to dinner in a big city restaurant.   That is fun and many times wonderful but there are some terrific restaurants in and near the mountain towns of Helen, GA that will not make you sell stock.  Paul’s Steak House, The Attic, Big Daddy’s, or a country meal at Glenda’s will not break the bank and give you some good eats.  Future blog coming for restaurants. I’m still testing and gaining a few lbs on the way.

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I believe if you look at the total cost of your vacation, you will see that a trip to a cabin in Helen GA will be fun, relaxing in nature, and just can’t be beat.