Top 5 Tips Before Renting Cabins in Helen GA

In this article, you will learn valuable tips before renting Cabins in Helen GA.

What guarantee do you have that the cabin is clean and ready to go at check-in?

Have you ever been to a cabin and it was still being cleaned? A guarantee of being ready at check-in is advised. After all, you started paying by check so the cabin rental company should pay you if it is not ready.  Be careful of the fine print on the website.  Here’s a real-life example:  “Please Note: Due to our standards for cleanliness, there is the possibility that your vacation rental may not be ready right at 3:00 PM, especially during peak season. Your patience is appreciated.”


Ask what your North Georgia Cabins Rental Terms policy is if things are not up to snuff when you arrive.  With all due respect, know your recourse for not having the cabin ready at check-in.

Do you have to go out of your way to check in and get your key, and sign documents, before going on to your cabin?

When you start your vacation, the last thing you want to have to do is go somewhere to check in and get a key, then drive miles and miles to your rented cabin. Have this cleared before you start your trip?  Avoid paying extra to have this convenience.


Ask how to get everything straight with check-in before arrival so you can go right to your rented cabin location and get in.

Will the cabin give you a peaceful and quiet retreat?

This could be a vacation killer.  Do the pictures show one thing and yet the cabin location you get to is a whole other story?  Traffic noise, no trees, and poor landscaping are all things that should be considered and addressed before booking your cabin.


Scrutinize all available pictures of the cabin and its property, including the outside of the cabin.

  • Seek out Google Earth maps to show the surroundings.  You will need the Google Earth plug-in tool Google Earth (shows the terrain of downtown Helen, GA) so that will get a feel of the terrain and what is around the property.  If you don’t have this, you must at least check it out as it is beyond cool.  You may be able to get the geo-coordinates after booking to pinpoint on Google where the cabin is.  This will show the location and its proximity to roadways and will likely show the general landscape of the rented cabin.  We hope this tip alone was worth downloading this guide.Inspiration Cabin living

Does the management require a deposit?

This also can “damage” your vacation. Spill some juice or wine on a comforter, break a coffee pot, or scratch a wood floor when a pebble got in your child’s shoe? These issues happen more than you might think.  Sometimes it may be a friend or a child who had a silly mishap. Being covered gives peace of mind.


Be sure you have protection from mishaps.  Seek adequate coverage.  Typically, accidental damages run under $1,500 so coverage for that amount should be sufficient.  For only about $30, it will provide peace of mind that if anything gets damaged, you will not be held liable. You will then not need to put down a security deposit.

Smartly check out what others are saying.

What others are saying should be only one part of looking at the cabin company you are dealing with.   Did you know that Apple has the highest number of complaints with their phones?   They also have what some consider the best phone in the world and have sold more phones than any other company. EVER.   All companies have complaints, the question is how do they take action to rectify the situation? Ever notice that you never see a complaint on a company’s “reviews or comments” board? Posting actual surveys of their guest visits will give the good, the bad, and the ugly. Keep in mind that there are some that may never be pleased no matter what is provided but that is a very small exception.  Be cautious when looking at a few complaints as your sole choice in making your decision of what company to book with. A less than 1% complaint history is considered excellent.


Ask to see if recent surveys are available online for you to review.  If not, check the Yelp link Facebook, or other social media to see what they are saying. BBB shows how the company will handle complaints.  Compare and see how they stack up.  A quick check can help in your decision on what company you should go with.
cabins in helen ga rental guide
We at Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals hope this is a useful tool that will make your vacation that much more enjoyable.