Build Castles In The Misty Sky Of Waterfalls Near Helen GA

Waterfalls near Helen GA hold a special, mystical allure. Fantasize as the cascading waters fall past rocks and plunge into deep pools below. All around you, a lush, green backdrop sparkles and glistens with diamond-like droplets of water as rainbows burst in and out of a mystical spray. The beautiful northern Appalachian foothills, in and around Helen GA, hold the promise of several magnificent waterfall sites just like this. With an abundance of spectacular waterfalls near Helen GA to entice and enchant you, it’s no wonder that Helen is a hot spot for people seeking to connect with nature and (perhaps surprisingly) relax in luxury.

Anna Ruby Falls
People familiar with Helen know about the amazing and rare double waterfall at Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Anna Ruby Falls forms just before two creeks — Curtis Creek and York Creek — merge together making this one of the more memorable waterfalls in northern Georgia. Anna Ruby Falls is also one of the more accessible falls. A short, half-mile footpath leads from the parking lot to the base of the falls.Holiday Cabin

Dukes Creek Falls
This waterfall thunders 200 feet down forming Dukes Creek and Dukes Creek Gorge and is located along the Richard Russell Scenic Hwy; just outside of Helen. The trail is well-maintained making it a perfect visit for children, older adults, and everyone in between. Three observation decks allow for the best views of this cascading waterfall. The 1.2-mile walk from the parking lot to Dukes Creek Falls takes you through the green ferns and deep forest of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Horse Trough Falls
At the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River, you’ll find Horse Trough Falls. As you peer up at the falls, you almost feel like you’re peering into ancient Mayan ruins as the water flows and cascades down the rocks of Horse Trough Mountain. Like Anna Ruby Falls, this waterfall is just a short walk from the parking lot making it another ideal spot to take the family. The observation platform provides the best view of Horse Trough Falls so you can take in the power and majesty of the cascading water.

Raven Cliff Fallsfalls
If you came to Helen looking for a more difficult hike than offered at the other waterfalls, make sure to visit Raven Cliff Falls. This waterfall drops 30 feet into a plunge pool, passing through a huge block of granite split into two, from centuries of erosion. The total hike is about 5 miles and covers some more difficult terrain in the Mark Trail Wilderness Area; also off of Richard Russell Scenic Highway. Along the path, which follows Dodd Creek and winds through hemlock and rhododendron forest, you will also see several smaller falls making this hike well worth the effort if you’re up to it.

On your next trip to Helen, lose yourself in the magic and mystical waterfalls of North Georgia. As you watch the cascading waters, transport yourself back to the days when the only witnesses to these natural wonders were the animals and the trees. These living natural monuments will keep you coming back to explore the slow, steady, and yet ever-changing landscape of North Georgia.

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