Explore The Historical Stores and Shops Of Helen, Georgia!

Every year, millions of people travel to Helen, Georgia, to drink in one of the nation’s most unique historical stores and attractions. Nestled in the southern Appalachian foothills, Helen combines the natural beauty of America’s lovingly-crafted wilderness with a whimsical Bavarian-style village.

If you’re looking for a break from the everyday hubbub, Helen is just the place. Many come here for the amazing scenery and romantic cabin living, but if you crave locally-made foods and crafts, Helen is loaded with great options.

It’s hard to choose, but here are four of our favorite shops in the Helen area!

Four Must-See Shops in Helen, GA

1. The Nora Mill Granary

For a real tour of American culinary history, the Nora Mill Granary is a great example of how Helen brings the best of history to you, today!

The mill was founded in 1876, and despite ups and downs over the years, old Nora has been hard at work for most of that time. With genuine 1,500lb grindstones powered by a water trackway – rather than a vertical wheel – it’s a true piece of Americana.

Today, the Nora Mill produces a wide range of corn- and wheat-based products based on time-honed recipes, used throughout the region. Tours offer you glimpses into these timeless techniques, and engineering that’s as impressive today as when it was introduced in the 19th Century.

Then, in the Nora Mill Next Door Store, you’ve got your choice of a range of amazing locally-made foods, fresh from the grindstone. If you try a bag of genuine historically-crafted corn meal, there’s just no comparing to pre-packaged store brands.

2. Paul’s Steakhouse

If romantic dining in an intimate setting is your perfect meal, Paul’s Steakhouse delivers an unforgettable experience! Nestled alongside the Chattahoochee, Paul’s has one of the best riverside views in town, providing the perfect accompaniment to your candlelit meal.

There’s a live band at least once a week, and during Oktoberfest, Paul’s really rocks as one of the prime live venues in town. There’s nearly nonstop music to accompany their range of freshly-prepared steaks and locally-caught seafood. Or, drop by on Fridays to indulge in their savory all-you-can-eat BBQ ribs.

Paul’s has long been a tradition in Helen. When you’re sipping wine as the river flows by you, we think you’ll see why!

3. The Glassblowing Shop

Helen is home to a wide variety of artisans whose wares are displayed around the country! Our very own Glassblowing Shop is one of these, providing intricate works of colorful, sparkling art that grace homes from Atlanta to New York City!

In fact, the founder of The Glassblowing Shop is a true pioneer in the art. John Cudequest got his start in 1940s Miami Beach, becoming the first glass artisan in America known to show off his craft to the public. This combination of fire, sweat, and etherial beauty ultimately sparked the long-lasting American love of glass art.

Currently, the Master Glassblower in Helen is Scott Warner, a fourth-generation glass artisan! His little shop, in the heart of our village, is filled with a range of weird and wonderful designs, sure to astound anyone who received one. Some of his works are even practical, including genuine reproduction Galileo Thermometers.

If you’ve never seen glassblowing up-close, we heartily recommend the visit. It’s a rare art where the creative process truly is as amazing as the final product.

4. Tim’s Wooden Toyshelen cabin rentals

One of the true mainstays of downtown Helen, loved by the locals as much as tourists, is Tim’s Wooden Toys. This quaint little toyshop looks and feels like a Bavarian fairytale come to life, full of hand-crafted miniature wonders that will still delight children of all ages.

Tim keeps the windows to his workshop open throughout the day, and members of the public are welcome to come watch him assembling his latest toys and puzzles. Timeless classics fill the shop – pop guns, toy cars and trucks, slingshots, intricate mind games, and more.

There’s even an indoor shooting gallery, if you want to show off your precision rubberband targeting. And we promise, the adults are just as free as the children to play. Everyone’s a babe in this toyland!

(Plus, virtually nothing you buy from Tim’s will ever need batteries!)

Helen Brings You The Best Of Yesterday And Today

The mix of past and future is what brings people back to Helen year after year. From our world-famous Oktoberfest, to our annual hot-air balloon races, to our secluded luxury cabins… Helen is a gateway to the past you can walk through at any time!

And if you’re planning to stay in Helen soon, why not stay in style?  A Cedar Creek luxury cabin allows you to live like royalty, while surrounded by the majesty of America’s natural wonders!

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