6 Reasons Why You Should Honeymoon In Helen

No one really likes talking about it, but who could doubt that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do? With weeks or months of preparations, all leading up to a single set of memories… it’s easy to get so stressed by your wedding day that you don’t even enjoy what comes later!

That’s why a honeymoon in beautiful Helen, Georgia, is such a popular choice for newlyweds around the country. Once the stresses of the wedding are over, it’s your chance to get away from everything for a weekend -or a whole week- while spending time with the most important person in your new life.

Just take a look the unique opportunities Helen offers to a happy new couple!

Helen, GA: The Once-In-A-Lifetime Honeymoon Destination

1 – Convenient Location

One of the reasons that Helen is among the country’s top vacation spots is that it’s so easy to get here! For those in the Atlanta area, it’s an simply two-hour drive. Yet, it’s also within convenient driving distance for the entire southeastern United States. If your state borders Georgia, Helen is probably easier to reach than you realized!

Sky’s the Limit Treehouse

We even get plenty of visitors from central Florida! I guess people realize real mountains are nicer than ones made of metal and plastic.

2 – A Fairytale Setting

When we say Helen is unique, we mean it! Helen was built in the style of a genuine Old World Alpine village, full of romantic Bavarian architecture and cobblestone streets. Helen looks and feels like virtually nowhere else in America, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere with romance in the air!

As you wander our softly-lit streets in the evening, surrounded by charming cottages and colorful villas, it’s easy to forget you’re in America at all. When you’re celebrating the timeless tradition of marriage, the timeless storybook beauty of Helen is a perfect accompaniment.

3 – America’s Natural Wonders

Of course, even if Helen was built to remind us of a simpler time in another world, it’s still surrounded by some of the grandest scenery on earth. For decades, the Appalachians were the “gateway to the west,” and even centuries later, it’s hard to look on them without a rising sense of wonder.

Helen is also nestled snugly on the banks of the majestic Chattahoochee River, putting nature at your back door. Many of our mouth-watering restaurants offer riverside dining in intimate, candle-lit settings.

Can you imagine many better ways to let a stressful day flow off you, than by having a gently-babbling mountain river accompanying your first dinner as a married couple?

4 – Solitude

At the end of the day, newlyweds need time to themselves – and often lots of it! Rather than fighting crowds at theme parks, downtown hotels, and other tourists traps, Helen gives you and your lover the opportunity to truly get away from it all!

With miles and miles of pristine wilderness at your disposal, if your goal is to have a few days together with your love with no interruptions, Helen can give you all the quiet private time you could hope for.

And if you happen to find a secluded grove in your journeys, well, you two will likely be the only people around for miles . . .

5 – Plenty of Adventure

Other honeymoon destinations offer fake, pre-packaged experiences. Helen brings you the real deal – a world of real mountains, lakes, streams, and other opportunities for adventure.

Choose from riverboat cruises, horse-drawn carriage rides, or even hot air balloon tours! If your adventure doesn’t need a guide, we’ve got entire state parks nearby that you can explore at your leisure. Enjoy fishing from quiet riverbanks, or just watching our deer and other wildlife in their true natural environment.

6 – World-Class Luxury Cabins

There are plenty of options for high-class living in Helen, but for a romantic honeymoon, nothing can top renting your own luxury cabin! You get it all: The serenity, beauty, and privacy of a nature expedition, with accommodations that rival the best hotels, all in a quiet cabin in the woods.

A Cedar Creek Luxury Cabin has all the amenities, including:

Cable TV and high-speed Internet.

Widescreen TVs with SurroundSound.

Huge beds, with their own fireplaces.

A full kitchen, including fridge and prep space.

Outdoor cooking and grilling pits.

Personal open-air hot tubs.

In-cabin entertainments, such as billiard tables.

Your champagne will stay cold as long as necessary, while your day’s catch is turned into a mouth-watering dinner. Once you’re set up in a luxury cabin, you may never want to leave.

Begin Your New Life In Helen!

Your marriage is one of the most important events in your life, so start it out right! When you stay in Helen, Georgia, you’ll be creating a honeymoon you’ll fondly remember for the rest of your life!