Live In Luxury When You Visit Beautiful Helen!

We like to say that Helen, GA is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the country. With our unmatched mix of outdoor adventures, natural wonders, historical landmarks, and fine shopping and dining, there’s nothing quite like a trip to Helen. If you come visit at the right times, you can even see our world-famous Oktoberfest, or our annual hot air balloon races, both among the biggest in the country.

With so many original things to do in Helen, why settle for the “same old” motels you could get anywhere else? Sure, we’ve got an EconoLodge and a Super 8 and all the other usual chain hotels… but you just can’t get that same Southern care and Bavarian hospitality in rooms managed by distant multinational conglomerates!

The locally-owned and operated guest accommodations are an important part of the Helen experience, creating the perfect way to begin and end your days while you relax in North Georgia.

Finding The Best Local Accommodations In Helen, GA

1. The Helendorf

The Helendorf has long been Helen’s premiere hotel, and for good reason! It’s built directly on the banks of the majestic Chattahoochee River, in a genuine Alpine-style villa that features a full range of rooms, including luxury honeymoon suites and a conference center. Its stunning location offers amazing views from practically every room, while only a couple blocks’ walk away from Helen’s thriving Main Street.

The Helendorf includes a range of unique shopping opportunities as well, giving the entire villa a village-like feel. This includes a magic shop with live demonstrations, local American Indian crafts, and the best Mexican restaurant in Helen.

Plus, despite having rooms and service that rival the best hotels around the world, the Helendorf is also one of the few traditional hotels in town that’s both child- and pet-friendly. Bring the whole family!

2. The Heidi Motel

It’s also a block away from downtown, but The Heidi Motel couldn’t be more different from the Helendorf. There’s no mistaking the Heidi – it features a huge, working windmill as its central landmark. In fact, it’s one of the only hotels in the world to include a luxury suite inside a windmill! You can’t get a honeymoon getaway more unique than that!

Rather than riverfront, you get spacious forests and a jawdropping mountain view. The rooms themselves are charmingly decorated with a blend of Old World elegance and American Craftsman-style furniture and stone fireplaces.

For affordable Helen rooms that invoke the feeling of Alpine living, you can’t do better than the Heidi.

3. Alpine Crest Resort

Nestled inside a cozy forested location, Alpine Crest offers the excellence of a full-service hotel with the feel of being lost in the woods. They’re at the north end of town, a few blocks further away from Central Helen, making it a great option for those who want to avoid the bustle of downtown Helen without giving up the luxuries of life.

Alpine Crest’s villas are spacious and excellently done in wood and brown leather, creating an atmosphere of both decadence and comfort. The complex itself features an indoor pool, shuffleboard, playground, WiFi, tennis courts, plus a full sauna and whirlpool. They also maintain a well-stocked fishing pond on-site, for those who don’t want to walk far to catch their evening meal.

4. Cedar Creek Luxury CabinsParadise Cabin living

As Helen’s premiere luxury cabin site, Cedar Creek gives you the opportunity to truly get away from it all, while still living like royalty. The expansive site is about twenty minutes away from Helen, with a wide range of cozy cabins in the woods that still offer all the amenities. With more than forty cabins to choose from, there’s a perfect choice for everyone – from honeymooning couples looking for plenty of intimacy, to full families come to enjoy a weekend in the hills.

Every cabin comes with the options you’d expect in a downtown Atlanta hotel – big TVs, even bigger beds, WiFi, full kitchens, and more! But unlike downtown Atlanta, or even downtown Helen, you get your own outdoor facilities as well – hot tubs, BBQ grills, fire pits, and more are all available.

Of course, every now and then we get visitors to Helen who just can’t bring themselves to leave. For these nature-lovers, Cedar Creek also offers Phase II, a gated residential community made of beautiful wooden homes surrounded by the wonders of the Appalachians.

Whether you’re just here for a few days, or you’ve decided you’re here to stay, Cedar Creek combines the true best of Americana: It brings classic rusticism forward from our pioneer days, combining them with the technological conveniences we all depend on.