3 Must-See Natural Wonders Of Helen Georgia

Are you hoping to experience the beauty of nature on your next vacation or getaway? The northern Georgia mountains are filled with stunning natural wonders that are sure to dazzle all visitors and create a lasting impression. Even within the small Bavarian city of Helen, you will discover incredible sights and experiences. But although the Helen area has a lot to offer its visitors, there are 3 particularly beautiful wonders that should be experienced by all who travel there. Here’s your guide to these 3 treasures of Helen.

1. Mt. Yonah

There can be no doubt about the fact that the scenery in northern Georgia is absolutely breathtaking. One of the best ways to get amazing views is by hiking in the mountains, and Mt. Yonah is an extremely popular spot for both locals and visitors alike. The trailhead is located a mere 6 miles southwest of the city of Helen, making it extremely easy for vacationers to access. You’ll find that trails are open year-round, and that dogs are welcome to join you for a hike.

For those who are not used to hiking in the mountains or may be less active, it is advisable to stick with the beginner’s trail. The path is fairly even and easy to walk along, and goes all the way to the top of the mountain, which is where you will get the best panoramic views of the hills and valleys below. For more of a challenge, though, try your hand at the 2.3 mile long Yonah Mountain Hiking Trail.

Although this particular trail isn’t especially long, it is quite steep which will get your blood pumping. But despite the fact that it is more challenging than the beginner’s trail, hikers will be rewarded with miles and miles of incredible sights as you climb higher up the peak. The entire path is lined with scenic overlooks of the world below you. Be sure to bring your camera along to capture some shots of the spectacular Georgia countryside.

Regardless of which trail you take, you will find several rocks at the summit that can be climbed. Seasoned rock climbers might choose to practice climbing and repelling off off a 200 foot granite rock face, whereas others might stop to pose for a photo on one of the many ledges at the time.

2. Anna Ruby Falls

Situated in the scenic and beautiful Unicoi State Park, you will find Anna Ruby Falls. This lovely natural wonder is a sight to behold and is extremely popular, as it is actually a twin falls. The two cascades are formed at a fork where Curtis Creek and York Creek separate. After falling 153 feet and 50 feet, respectively, the two streams join together and become Smith Creek. This eventually feeds the majestic Unicoi Lake.

Getting to Anna Ruby Falls is easy enough. Visitors can expect to hike on a simple, paved half mile trail before reaching the two viewing decks for the falls. The trail is handicap accessible, so anyone is free to make the trek to the dual cascades. You’ll be able to enjoy the amazing sight from either platform, which are at the perfect vantage point for taking pictures.

For those who would like to experience more of the area around Anna Ruby Falls and get a bit helen cabin rentalsmore exercise, there are also options. By choosing to hike along the 4.6 mile Smith Creek Trail, you will be able to take in the sights and sounds of Unicoi State Park, all the way to the base of the cascades. You’ll get the chance to explore the natural beauty of the park and obtain some different views of the falls.

3. The Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River, which runs right through the center of Helen, is truly the heart of the charming Alpine village. Not only are the waters cool and beautiful, but they also enable visitors to experience a wide range of water-related activities.

One of the most popular things that vacationers like to do on “The ‘Hooch” is go tubing. When it’s warm outside, there’s nothing more inviting than an afternoon of splashing in the river as you float along with family and friends in an inter-tube.

Another great option is to go canoeing or kayaking. For a more peaceful day on the river, groups can set out on a quiet area to canoe, enjoy the sights, and make memories. More adventurous groups, on the other hand, may choose to visit some class 2 or 3 rapids by kayak.

And of course, there’s always fishing. The river has something to offer everyone.

No matter what else you have planned for your next trip to Helen, make sure to take the time to visit these 3 natural wonders. Which one will you check out first?

image credit: www.atlantatrails.com