Where To Stay In Helen: Lodging Options And Comparisons

Have you been thinking about planning a trip to Helen, Georgia?

As one of the most popular vacation destinations in the southeastern United States, Helen draws an average of 2 million visitors each and every year. The area is filled with a wide range of attractions, state parks, activities, events, and so much more. Because it’s such a hot spot for getaways, there are plenty of lodging options in Helen. Which is the right choice for you? It’s important to consider your needs, and compare the differences between your various choices before coming to a decision. This guide will help you to find the right place to stay.Marvel Falls Treehouse

Helen, GA Hotels

For many vacationers, a stay in a hotel or motel is the “go to” option. Most people are familiar with staying in accommodations like these, and feel fairly comfortable in doing so. The Helen area offers a wide variety of hotels and motels, ranging from simplistic and low-cost, to more high-end and expensive.

On the low end of things, visitors may find a hotel for as little as $60 a night. If you are only staying in Helen for a short period of time or if your group is small, this may work well for you and your budget. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that staying in a more affordable hotel will generally mean that you will be located further from the major attractions found inside of Helen, which will increase your commute to and from the places that you wish to visit. You can also expect that you will not have as many amenities or as much space as you would have in a pricer hotel.

Moving up the scale to a more luxurious hotel will enable you to have a bit more room to spread out, and will provide you with more creature comforts than a cheaper motel. You may be able to find a hotel suite with both a sleeping area, as well as a living area. It is possible to find a hotel with a mini refrigerator, or a small kitchenette so that you can prepare some meals. Generally, you should expect accommodations like these to cost at least $100 per night, or more.

Helen, GA Bed & Breakfasts 

For a more intimate and private experience, you might think about booking a stay at a local Helen bed and breakfast. These quaint accommodations are usually ideal for couples who are looking for quieter lodging and for the experience of mingling with other couples and guests. Depending on the bed and breakfast that you select, you may be able to enjoy activities put on by the facility each day. Of course, you will also be able to wake up to a prepared breakfast buffet each morning. Expect to pay between $150-$250 per night.

Helen, GA Cabins

Another popular choice when visiting Helen is a stay in a local cabin. While some vacationers tend to prefer a more rustic experience, others will enjoy staying in a luxury cabin rental with incredible mountain or waterfall views.

For obvious reasons, a more rustic cabin will be much cheaper than one that is filled with helen ga cabinsamenities. Outdoor enthusiasts may get a thrill at the idea of “roughing it” or “going back to the basics” in a simplistic one room cabin without electricity. This will provide you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature and to find other ways to entertain yourself than by watching TV or browsing the Internet.

Luxury cabin rentals are available to those who are looking for a “home away from home” while visiting Helen. Lush cabins, like those rented out by Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals, may be situated in Helen, or further out, depending on what you need. For approximately $300 per night, you can enjoy multiple bedrooms, a fully equipped modern kitchen, electricity, climate control, Internet access, hot running water, game tables, a hot tub, and so much more.

Helen, GA Campsites

If you are really hoping to enjoy the great outdoors, you might want to consider camping during your visit to Helen. Local parks, like Unicoi State Park, rent out very affordable campsites for those looking to stay in a tent or to hook up their RV.

Sleeping on the ground with the sounds and scents of nature around you will make you truly appreciate the beauty of northern Georgia. You’ll be front and center for hiking opportunities and other outdoor attractions within the park, and will be relatively close to downtown Helen, depending on which camp site you select. Be sure to do your research on how to remain safe while camping in wooded areas. Camping fees will generally range from $28 to $53 per night.

Where do you plan to say when you visit Helen, Georgia?