The North Georgia Mountains vs. North Carolina Mountains

For those who love the mountains, the decision between visiting western North Carolina and northern Georgia may be a bit difficult. Both are home to the Appalachian Mountains – the highest mountains East of the Mississippi, and both have numerous things to do and see, but which is the best choice for you and your family? It’s only when you compare the different aspects of both options side by side that you can make an educated decision.

Comparison Dimension: Entertainment Value

North Georgia Mountains   Those who visit these mountains will never experience a dull moment. Outdoor enthusiasts will love hiking, canoeing, fishing, and exploring. Thrill-seekers will have the ability to go mountain biking, rock rappelling, kayaking through white water rapids, or on a zipline tour. Shoppers will have a great time checking out the numerous antique and specialty stores, whereas couples may like to enjoy a sensual massage, or visiting a local winery. And, of course, there are numerous museums and attractions for families to visit together.

North Carolina Mountains   There’s plenty of things for visitors to do in western North Carolina, as well. The western portion of the state features the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, which also passes through northern Georgia.  Here, you will have the opportunity to hike, get out on the water at New River or Lake Lure, cruise the scenic Blue Ridge Highway, explore local wineries, pan for gold, or learn about the region by visiting various historic sites.Marvel Falls Treehouse

Comparison Dimension: Cost

North Georgia Mountains   It’s easy to book a getaway in North Georgia on any budget.  You’ll have the option of staying in a hotel for between $60-$100+ per night, or renting a luxurious and spacious cabin for approximately $300 nightly. Many of the local activities and attractions are low cost, and some are free. Don’t forget to account for meals. You can save money by staying in a cabin with a fully equipped kitchen and preparing your own food.

North Carolina Mountains  The cost to stay in a hotel in the North Carolina mountains is comparable to North Georgia, ranging from $60-$100+ per night. Cabin rentals are also available, ranging from $150-$300 per night, based upon how modern and luxurious the facility is. As with any other vacation, the attractions that you choose to visit and activities that you do will depend on how much they cost, and how much you would like to spend. If you’re hoping to cut down your meal costs, plan to book accommodations with a kitchen.

Comparison Dimension: Family Friendliness

North Georgia Mountains   Although the North Georgia mountains are fun for people of all ages, the majority of the local attractions are extremely family friendly. Embarking on adventures, playing, exploring, and learning together will help your family to bond and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

North Carolina Mountains   You’ll find plenty of family friendly activities in the North Carolina mountains. As many of these involve outdoor sports and exploration, though, it’s wise to gauge how age-appropriate your desired activities are.

Comparison Dimension: Available Activities

North Georgia Mountains   There’s no shortage of activities available in the North Georgia mountains. You’ll have your pick between checking out museums, hiking, biking, horseback riding, playing Alpine mini-golf, tubing, fishing, attending special events and festivals, and so much more.

North Carolina Mountains   The North Carolina mountains offer activities like skiing, tubing, cabins in helen gawater sports, fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, etc.

Comparison Dimension: Accessibility

North Georgia Mountains   Accessing the North Georgia mountains is actually much easier than it sounds – even if you’re not familiar with driving in mountainous terrain. The Alpine village of Helen is located just 90 miles north of Atlanta. A simple drive up the I-84 and GA-400 will get you there quickly, and without any obstacles.

North Carolina Mountains   The North Carolina mountains are a bit further from Atlanta than the North Georgia mountains, at 130 miles, but the drive is fairly straightforward and simple on the US-23.

Comparison Dimension: Quiet Factor

North Georgia Mountains   When you choose to visit the North Georgia mountains will depend on how much quiet or activity you prefer during your trip. Peak seasons generally include the summer months, and mid-September through the end of October when the annual Oktoberfest celebration is taking place. Other months will generally not be as busy. Regardless of when you come, though, you can find peace, privacy, and quiet in a secluded mountain cabin.

North Carolina Mountains   Peak season for the North Carolina mountains is during the summer, so if you prefer a more quiet vacation, make plans to visit during a different time of year. As with North Georgia, staying in a cabin can improve peace and privacy.

Where will you be headed on your next getaway – the West North Carolina mountains, or the North Georgia mountains?