7 Simple Reasons You Need a Romantic Getaway in Georgia

Millions of people have discovered the incredible natural beauty, and charming local architecture of Helen, and you can too! Whether you and your special someone are nature lovers – or just lovers – Helen has something to entice everyone and enjoy a romantic getaway!

As we all deal with the problems and stresses of work, kids, and responsibilities, it is easy to lose track of what is really important: each other. To maintain sanity and passion, it’s important for couples to take time to focus on their love for one another.

But after you have been through so much, how can you relight the fires of passion? A Romantic Getaway in the mountains of North Georgia, of course.

Georgia retreats will have you and your best girl or guy falling in love all over again. As you look for romantic vacation spots for Valentine’s day, or any other time of year, Helen, Georgia should be on your list of consideration. In fact, here are the top 7 reasons to consider romantic getaways in Georgia.Pure Gold Cabin

1 – The Unique Food & Dining Of Helen

When you’re in Helen Georgia, food & dining is an adventure of it’s own. From dining on the river to taking food home from the wonderful markets, Helen has you covered.

And nothing says romance like a delicious dinner in a lovely restaurant. With so many opportunities for romantic dining in Helen, GA, you can’t go wrong. With the Chattahoochee flowing gently through the center of town, virtually every dinner is a romantic evening out of a storybook. Helen has a wide variety of world-class restaurants, many with chefs specifically imported from the Old World for total authenticity.

Try Paul’s Steakhouse, The Oar House Restaurant, The Smith House and many more. The city of Helen is located near the Cedar Creek Cabins, making a romantic dinner out both easy and enjoyable for our guests.

Also, German food is one of Helen’s biggest attractions, since we host the largest Oktoberfest in America every year. However, from Italian to good old fashioned American barbecue, Helen has something to please every palette, wrapped in quiet intimacy and romance.

If you are looking to picnic, our boutique food shops serve wonderful locally-grown and produced foods, including cheeses, sausages, jams, breads, and anything else you might want to create the picnic of your dreams amongst the mountain peaks.

2 – The Beautiful Scenery Of The North Georgia Mountains

Speaking of mountains, when it comes to scenic attractions, few areas can offer quite the same unique beauty as the north Georgia mountains. The northern portion of the state is beautiful with majestic mountains, vast timberland forests, thundering waterfalls, and the sights and sounds of nature all around you. You will not find a more perfect backdrop for your special trip than you will during your romantic getaway in Helen Georgia.

Pack a picnic lunch at the cabin and then head to Tallulah Gorge State Park, which boasts five different waterfalls, almost all of which are accessible from an easy three-mile loop trail. Also located nearby is Amicalola Falls State Park, which has the tallest waterfall in the U.S. southeast, with a cascade of over 720 feet and is reachable from an easy hike. Couples that are more adventurous can make it even more romantic and view the waterfall from above by walking up the Amicoa Falls stairs, which also grants membership to the Canyon Climbers Club, if you can make it to the top.

Besides the extraordinary natural beauty of northern Georgia, the towns near your cabin will also provide a romantic setting. Discover the love story behind the Nacoochee – Sautee Valley, or transport yourself to another place in time in the Alpine Helen village. Helen was built to recreate a classic 19th Century Alpine village, full of quaint shops, charming architecture, and subtly distinctive color-coordination throughout. When you’re walking along the cobblestone streets, surrounded by water gardens and topiaries, it’s easy to forget the rest of the world exists! You can be sure the quaint charm of each town will bring you and your loved one closer together.

From the crisp, cool air without a whiff of smog, to the winding trails all through the mountains and foothills, Helen can remind you just how beautiful our country still is.

When you stay in one of our luxury cabins in North Georgia, you can actually choose your view. Whether you prefer to look at the rolling mountains, would like a waterfront view, or perhaps even your own private waterfall, you can customize your romantic getaway experience.

3 – Interesting Romantic Activities

Romantic getaways in Georgia are exciting. When you come to Georgia for a romantic retreat, enjoy a plentitude of outdoor activities that are fun to do together.

A great starting point is wining and dining during a visit to the Georgia Mountains. One popular choice is a day trip to Habersham Winery. The Habersham Winery has earned more than 150 medals and is located in the Nacoochee Village, only half a mile from Helen, GA, an easy distance from the cabins.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting and exploring the vineyards on your own private tour. Browse through the store to pick out a few bottles of wine to take back to the cabin and enjoy during your romantic stay in Georgia. You will also find options to take a private carriage or boat ride to enjoy the incredible scenery while cuddled close together.

For those looking for something a little more leisurely, consider a horse and buggy ride through Helen, courtesy of the Alpine Carriage Company.

If shopping is your thing, Helen is known throughout the region as one of the best places in Georgia for homemade and hand-crafted goods. We have a full range of artisans, working in glass, stone and wood, creating decorations and crafted goods you can’t get in the city!

You could also check out the Sweetheart Package at the Fort Mountain Stables, which lets you and your loved one enjoy a private horseback ride with a guide as well as a romantic picnic lunch. Consider making it a sunset ride to add more romance!

With all of the beautiful nature around Helen, you’ll find plenty of other great locations for a romantic picnic. You and your best girl or guy can enjoy a meal from the highest point in Georgia at Brasstown Bald. From this vantage point, you will be able to see four states at the same time while feeling like you are on top of the world. Of course the wooded areas around your cabin and the many waterfalls you discover are ideal locations for a picnic lunch or dinner as well. Once you’re all relaxed out, you’ll be ready for some fun and adventure.

4 – Fun and Adventure

Sometimes the most romantic memories happen by simply having fun together. So, get outside and enjoy all that the area around Helen, GA has to offer. This includes as hiking on the Appalachian Trail, taking a bike ride through the five-mile Yellow River Creek Loop or the easier Yellow River Loop. Considering riding the Unicoi State Park Mountain Bike Trail, a seven-mile course for expert riders. Come raft down the Chattooga River or enjoy tubing along it.

You and your lover may also consider the unique experience of taking in the sights of northern Georgia from the sky. Every June, Helen is home to one of the country’s largest hot air balloon shows, but our balloons are available year-round!

Share the skies with the birds who are home to our area, while watching the wildlife and natural beauty of our forests slide beneath you. From your lofty perch, you can see for miles across the length of the Appalachians to the north, and to the Atlanta skyline to the south. It’s an experience you and your lover will never forget! David Bristol’s Balloon Rides offers a truly unique view of the mountains and valleys below.

There is much to do in Georgia for a fun and adventurous romantic getaway!

5 – Helen Is Easy To Find

Located in the foothills of the southern Appalachians, Helen feels like something out of America’s past, yet it’s only a ninety-minute drive from Atlanta! Besides being a top attraction for Georgians, our convenient location brings lovers from across Alabama, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Florida!

If you’re anywhere in the Southeastern United States, why don’t you take a moment to see just how near you are to Helen? We’re probably closer than you think!

6 – Privacy & Seclusion

Despite hosting millions of visitors a year, it’s easy to find privacy in the Helen area. The miles of trails and paths means that if you and your love don’t want to be found, it’s easy to slip away.

If all you want around you is the tweeting of birds – rather than the Tweets of hipsters – Helen is your natural choice!

So, head for the hills and rent a luxury mountain cabin. Choose from a creek view, mountain view or a waterfall view or select a cabin with a hot tub or Jacuzzi bath.

Regardless of the specific cabin layout, cabins offer peace, quiet and privacy for all those romantic moments.

7 – Experience The Luxury Of Our Cabin Rentals

The Georgia Mountains are beautiful and there are many wonderful things to see and do. However, few of us would consider pitching a tent to be the most romantic of gestures.

Instead, select a cabin at Cedar Creek Cabins and be assured of a romantic getaway with plenty of luxurious touches, such as gas log fireplaces, satellite television, and fully stocked kitchens.

Together, you will soak and unwind in your cabin’s hot tub or Jacuzzi bath. You can wake up early and watch the sun rise over the mountains from your porch or patio, and can curl up in front of the fireplace together in the evening. With your own private kitchen equipped with modern appliances, you can also cook up a meal together to enjoy by candlelight. In fact, your cabin may be so luxurious that you decide not to leave at all!

If you do decide to leave the cabin, however, that doesn’t mean your high life of luxury has to come to an end. Pamper yourselves and unwind with a couples spa treatment at the Nacoochee Crossing Wellness Center. A popular treatment in the couples-only room is the Bindi Oil Massage designed to nourish sore muscles and relieve tension to the nervous system.

Our luxury cabins are the perfect spot for you to bond with your partner. What are you waiting for, Get Booking!


There’s nowhere else quite like Helen, and when you come, you’ll discover a romantic getaway beyond your dreams. Whether you’re here in Georgia, or anywhere else in the country, we cordially invite you to see what the perfect romantic vacation looks like!