Why Cabins In Helen, GA With Hot Tubs Are A Safe Bet

When thinking about a luxury vacation, a relaxing hot tub hot tubs near me is usually part of the vision, right? Not to mention a cabin with plenty of other luxurious touches and privacy, stunning views, many fun, exciting activities to try nearby, delicious restaurants and great shopping. No wonder the Cedar Creek Cabins in Helen GA should be at the top of the list

Cabins with Hot Tubs

While Cedar Creek’s North Georgia cabin rentals have many different cabins with different amenities and views, hot tubs are a must at all of our cabins. So, if you are looking for luxury, privacy, and natural settings with a hot tub, cabins at Cedar Creek will not disappoint.

Envision sitting in a relaxing hot tub on the back deck of the cabin with beautiful scenery all around, such as a bubbling creek and breathtaking views of the mountains to take in while enjoying the hot tub. Life really does not get much better.Hidden Jewel Jacuzzi

Other Cabin Amenities

Of course, our cabins in Helen, GA with hot tubs are great but have no fear; there are many other fabulous amenities in the cabins, such as bathrooms with Jacuzzi bathtubs, pool tables, fireplaces, high-speed internet, granite countertops in full kitchens and satellite television. Some cabins also have a washer and dryer, a charcoal BBQ, microwave, CD stereo, outdoor bar, fire pit and a coffee maker.

After experiencing luxury cabins with hot tubs near me and other amenities, the place may feel just like home. Like all new homes, however, you are likely to get the urge to explore. That’s no problem at Cedar Creek Cabins Rentals. Because of where our cabins are located, adventure and excitement are situated close by in and around the Alpine village of Helen, GA.


Fishing – There are many activities to enjoy near the luxury cabins. For example, you can try your hand at catching trout in nearby Duke’s Creek and the Chattahoochee River. Alternatively, go to Unicoi State Park and catch largemouth bass and trout. These are some of the best fishing spots in Georgia, so get out there and experience fishing in North Georgia.

State Parks – Georgia has some of the most amazing forest and state parks in America and these parks are located close to the Cedar Creek Cabins. Go for a hike or stroll at Unicoi State Park, where visitors can swim in Smith Lake, walk up to Anna Ruby Falls, choose between long or short hikes. Do not forget to bring water and maybe a yummy picnic to enjoy.

Another nearby destination is Smithgall Woods State Park, which has over 20 trails for biking and hiking, guided tours, or have fun trying “catch and release” trout fishing, and enjoying some of the best picnic areas around.

Generally, seeing bears is something to be wary of but not at Black Forest Bear Park, where visitors can actually visit the bears in their environment and feed them for a small fee. For those who enjoy reptiles, a snake exhibit that includes tarantulas, snakes and other animals is also a fun place to go.

Horseback Riding – From novices to cowboy-like experience, there are horseback rides near the Cedar Creek Cabins that will please just about everyone. The Fort Mountain Stables has several packages for individuals, couples and families with children.

Appalachian Trail – Do not forget the Appalachian Trail, which passes through the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest for almost 80 miles, reachable on foot from the Amicalola Falls State Park. Be ready to hike, though, as the access trail is almost 9 miles long before reaching the Trail and then, of course, miles and miles of hiking on the famous trail is available. Enjoy a day hike or bring gear for an overnight camping experience before heading back to your cabin.

Rafting – If the Chattooga River looks familiar, that is because the river is famous for a wild scene in the film “Deliverance”. The reason why is that


much of this river is an expert-only region for rafters but if something calmer sounds better, try the Chattahoochee River, which is calm for most of the river and is a great place for beginning and moderate-level rafters to enjoy. Some easier rides include Soque River and Tiger Creek.

Tubing – Some people may like the rush of speeding down the Georgia Rivers in a raft but others might like something a little more leisurely and if this is the case, Helen, GA tubing is the answer. Take a tubing expedition down the Chattahoochee River for two hours or more and enjoy the beautiful scenery passing by.

Shopping and Dining – Of course, enjoying a dinner out and doing a little local shopping is part of any vacation. Enjoy the lovely town of Helen, GA, located only 10 minutes from the cabins, where you can find a variety of delicious restaurants, galleries, museums and stores.

Back Home – At the end of each fun and exhilarating day in the area around North Georgia, come back to the cabins in Helen, GA with hot tubs and relax again, soaking in the view and the gentle bubbling of the hot tub spa. It is the perfect ending to the perfect day.

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