Spend Spring Break At A Luxury Mountain Cabin

Looking for a spring break trip that is different than the typical beach vacation might consider a luxury mountain cabin rental instead. With plenty of outdoor activities to stay busy , a luxury cabin provides a restorative vacation that is enjoyed by most people.

Whether solitude and quiet is the goal of the vacation, or active, outdoor adventures are desired, spending spring break at a luxury mountain cabin is something most students don’t think about. With hiking trails, horseback riding, mountain climbing, tubing and panning for gold, a vacation out in the wilderness is a great spring break adventure to think about.

Being outdoors in nature is relaxing and restores the soul. The quiet sounds of area waterfalls, sitting around the campfire at night and walks through the woods along a nature trail are all ways to relax and rejuvenate.Hidden Jewel Cabin living

Unplug from technology and take time to sit back and breathe. The average person has difficulty dealing with the stress of every day life. From cell phone to laptop computers and tablets, we are always plugged into technology and the constant interruptions in our lives is stressful.

In order to reconnect with nature, and find inner peace, it’s important to take a break once in awhile and unplug from all technology. Go for a walk without being interrupted by a cell phone and go mountain climbing for the pure joy of it. Getting out in nature is one of the best activities we can all do for ourselves, but so often we don’t take the time to do so. Being able to let go of technology in order to reconnect with nature is a wonderful gift a person can give to their own spirit. Learning how to mountain climb or ride a horse will create more memories of spring break than any average beach vacation.

Our cabins do offer high-speed WiFi and cable for those that have spent the day outside in the fresh air and now want to take a break surfing the internet or watching a good movie. It’s all about balance when a spring break is planned and all the comforts of home are here minus the distractions of work.luxury mountain vacation

Stress has very negative effects on the body. When a person is stressed, they may exhibit high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping and problems with mood. Being stressed out can cause headaches, body aches, anxiety and depression. Planning a vacation out in the fresh air is a positive step to gaining back a healthy outlook on life.

Enjoy cooking both indoors and out when you stay at a cabin out in the woods. With all the amenities of home, luxury cabins come with outdoor fire pits, full kitchens, hot tubs and BBQ grills.

Surrounded by nature in the middle of the woods, the pure relaxation found in the luxury cabins is unmatched by almost anywhere.  A short car ride away are plenty of activities for vacationers who enjoy a more adventurous vacation. It is possible to go climb a mountain, go fishing and then return home to cook out on the grill, all on the same day.

With an outdoor vacation, it’s all about enjoying the time without feeling rushed. We spend enough of our days following a rigorous schedule, running from activity to activity and always trying to fit in one more thing.

By spending a vacation outdoors, people find that they are able to let go of stress in ways they are unable to at home. Letting go is the key to any successful vacation, and finding new experiences is simply an added bonus.

Spending time in nature and avoiding the rush of everyday life will renew anyone’s outlook on life. A positive attitude can be cultivated by enjoying the simple things in life, but sometimes that positive outlook is hard to maintain. Listening to the birds chirp in the morning while sipping a steaming mug of coffee seems to put all things back into perspective.

Relax, renew and rejuvenate with a vacation out in the middle of the North Georgia Mountains.