6 Ways To De-stress At Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals

After all the time and hard work that you have put in to save up for your vacation, you deserve a little R&R. Although getaways always seem nice in theory, however, they can sometimes cause more trouble and anxiety than relaxation. When was the last time you were truly able to de-stress on your family vacation? If you’re looking for a place to truly decompress and have a great time, look no further than the luxurious Georgia mountain cabin rentals. Visitors from all over come to the Helen area in order to   let go of the day-to-day hassles and renew themselves. Here we will take a closer look at six of the many ways that you can truly relax in the Georgia mountain cabin rentals.

1. Have a spa day – Just because you’re staying in a cabin doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be pampered! The Nacoochee Crossing Wellness Center and Day Spa is located only minutes away from our Georgia mountain cabin rentals and offers soothing relaxation packages that will wipe all of your worries and stresses away. Each of the certified massage therapists at the wellness center are ready and able to ease even the sorest and tightest of muscles, as well as boost circulation for maximum health. Whether you prefer a light pressure or deep tissue massage, you can have it your way. Stress relieving aromatherapy can also be incorporated into your massage treatment. In addition to tension-relieving massages, you can also enjoy anti-stress facials, hand treatments, hot stone techniques, and more.

2. Carriage Ride – If you’d like to take in the sights and sounds of the area surrounding the Georgia mountain cabinbigg daddys and georgia mountain cabin rentals rentals but would like someone else to do all of the work for you, a ride on one of the carriages at the Alpine Carriage Company is the answer for you! These rides are suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends with options such as a romantic ride, a laughing tour, or a historical information tour. No matter how you would prefer to experience Helen, you can have it all from the back of a horse-drawn carriage in total relaxation.

3. Live Music – There’s nothing like good music, delicious food, and a nice cold glass of beer to take your mind off of all of your stresses. Bigg Daddy’s American Tavern and Music Club is located just around the corner from the Georgia mountain cabin rentals and is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The restaurant is loaded with mouth-watering options ranging from traditional burgers and steaks to pasta dishes to sushi and more! Bigg Daddy’s is also proud to offer an extensive beer and wine list, to help you decompress and have a great time listing to the live bands that play each weekend.

4. Enjoy the outdoors – One of the best ways to de-stress near the Georgia mountain cabin rentals is to get outside. There are unlimited outdoor activities to enjoy. Whether you would prefer to hike on marked trails inside Unicoi State Park, or blaze your own trail in the woods near your cabin, you’re sure to find relaxation as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the plant and animal wildlife around you. There are waterfalls to be seen all throughout the area surrounding the Georgia mountain cabin rentals, or you can enjoy water sports from kayaking in the rapids, to a peaceful canoe or tubing excursion down the Chattahoochee River. Your group could also get some exercise while enjoying some fresh air by renting a Surrey bike from the Alpine Adventures Company. The sky is the limit – literally!

5. Have a laugh – Laughter is the best medicine! Why not take a short jgeorgia mountain cabin rentalsaunt away from the Georgia mountain cabin rentals and visit an Atlanta-are comedy club like the Laughing Skull? The club features a host of well-known, brilliant comics in an intimate setting so that you can enjoy stand-up in the way it was intended. As you experience fits of laughter, you’ll be able to let go of all of the negativity and anxiety that you have in your life and just have fun.

6. Enjoy a soak- You can kiss your stress goodbye without ever even leaving the comfort of the Georgia mountain cabin rentals! A long, luxurious soak in your cabin’s private hot tub or Jacuzzi is just the ticket to taking your mind away from your “real world” issues and allow you to truly unwind. Imagine looking out on the mountains, treetops, the village below, or the stars above you as you enjoy a glass of wine in your hot tub with your friends or that special someone. All of your cares will melt away as you get the peace and quiet that you deserve.

How will you relax on your next stay at Georgia cabin rentals?