Amicalola Falls – Up The Road From Luxurious North GA Cabins

As you have worked on the itinerary for your visit to northern Georgia, you have undoubtedly made plans to visit the ever-popular Anna Ruby Falls in Unicoi State Park, but have you considered making the trip to see Amicalola Falls? Cabins like our luxurious rentals are located just down the mountain from the breathtaking Amicalola Falls State Park, and there is plenty for your whole group to do and see within the park and its surrounding areas. Here are a few suggestions for how to spend a day at Amicalola Falls.

Planning your trip to Amicalola Falls State Park

Many of our guests decide to make a day of their visit to Amicalola Falls. Cabins are one of the best ways to experience northern Georgia, and ours are in such close proximity to the falls that you just have to put the park on your “must see” list!

Because Amicalola Falls State Park is so large, we would suggest that you start off your visit by popping in the visitor center. Here, you will be able to check out maps of the various trails that wind throughout the park and can decide how your group would prefer to access the falls. The maps outline the difficulty level of each path so that hikers of all abilities can determine which routes will best suit them.

While you are at the visitor center, be sure to enjoy some of the live animals that are native to the area! Lastly, when planning your trip to the falls you should keep in mind that during peak leaf season, the park can be extremely busy, so it may be best to visit on a weekday.

waterfalls at amicalola state parkThings to Do

The adventures for you and your family to have once inside the 829 acre park are truly limitless! One of the biggest draws for visiting our nearby Amicalola Fall cabins is our guests’ ability to easily access the park for hiking, exploring, viewing the incredible scenery, picnicking, snapping photos, trout fishing (when in season), and so much more! It is because of the spectacular views and wide range of group-friendly activities that Amicalola State Park is one of the most popular of its kind within the entire state of Georgia.

Of course the highlight of the park is the 729 feet high waterfall which is the largest cascade in the southeastern United States. It has been said that the falls are one of the “seven natural wonders of Georgia”.  You and your group will be able to choose how you would prefer to access and view the falls. For those with lower energy levels or for families with children, the best option is to follow a relatively easy pathway that will lead you to the waterfall. Visitors who have a bit more stamina will enjoy taking a more challenging trail that includes stairs. The real adventure-seekers will take the most difficult path to the falls, earning themselves the right to join the park’s “Canyon Climbers Club”.

Planning to be at the park for the entire day? You can really get your exercise and enjoy over 8 miles of scenery when you follow a path leading from the park to Springer Mountain, which is the end-point of the 2,175 mile-long Appalachian trail.

amicalola deer park in georgiaNearby Attractions

After experiencing the beauty of Amicalola Falls and the park, head across the way to check out the Amicalola Deer Park. This spot is fun for groups of all ages and sizes and is a truly unique way to experience a close encounter with the wildlife that is indigenous to northern Georgia. The park sells bags of feed so that you can laugh and bond with your family or friends as a deer licks the tasty treats right out of the palm of your hands! With more than 150 deer in the park, you will never run out of things to look at enjoy as you hike through the magnificent park.

Will you be staying at our close-by Amicalola Falls cabins in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Bring your kids to meet Santa Clause! He can be found at the park each day from November 12th to December 18th surrounded by all of his “rein”-deer for a truly magical Christmas experience!

Do you need to unwind after a day of hiking and exploring in nature at Amicalola Falls? Cabins are relaxing enough on their own, but imagine how refreshed you will feel after ending your day at the Relax Spa in Dawson? Individual and couples massages or hot stone therapy are available at 30 and 60 minute intervals for the ultimate in luxury at a very affordable price.

Have you ever visited one of our Amicalola Falls cabins? What suggestions do you have for future visitors when planning their trip to the falls?