3 Unique Places To Visit At The Cabins Near Helen GA

If you’re planning to stay in one of our luxurious cabins near Helen, GA, there’s little doubt that you have come across plenty of attractions to check out and things to do. From going on a zip line tour to antiquing, there are plenty of opportunities for fun for visitors of all ages and all interests. But what about the more “off-beat” or unique tourist destinations? Where can you go to experience the quirkier side of northern Georgia with your family and friends? Here are three of our favorite unique places for our guests to check out.Bear Hollow Cabin living

1. Charlemagne’s Kingdom

One of the most unique stops for visitors to Helen is Charlemagne’s Kingdom. This Alpine model railroad museum boasts a 50 food exhibition that shows off a miniature German landscape, featuring the various terrain and architecture of the Alpine nation. With careful attention to detail, the creators of this miniature marvel (Will and Judi Lindhorst) have crafted an awe-inspiring tribute to their passion for their country, culture, people, agriculture, industry, and for the love of model railroads which has been enchanting tourists and locals alike for over 20 years.

The model allows visitors to experience a modern Germany from “The North Sea to the Alps” which is truly a work of art. The HO scale railroad features hundreds of feet of railroad track and includes a 22 foot high “Matterhorn” that required over 300 gallons of plaster to create its “icy” slopes.

So where does the name come from, exactly? Charlemagne is a reference to an area of German land which was ruled by the Frankish King, Charlemagne, during the 700s. Incidentally, Will Lindhorst is a lineal descendent of Charlemagne. Groups of families, friends, cabins near helen gaand even pets are welcome to visit the museum and are invited to stick around to watch the Glockenspiel in the Gingerbread House as it operates three times daily – noon, 3pm, and 6pm.

2. Booger Mountain

If you’re looking for something really off-beat and strange to do with your group while staying in Helen, Booger Mountain is the place for you! Located in Cumming, GA, Booger Mountain (as it has been named by the locals) is not an attraction so much as it is an encounter with the truly bizarre.

From the middle of town, you will need to take the Tribble Gap Road north out of Cumming. Right after passing Dr. Dunn Road, you will come upon two oaks which have branches that canopy the road. From here, you will notice telephone poles that line the field right next to you. You will need to line up the front tire of your car with the last telephone pole on the right hand side of the road, stop your vehicle, put it in neutral…and wait. Although it completely defies the laws of gravity, you will actually find your car rolling uphill in neutral! Local residents will tell you that the trees lining the road to Booger Mountain were once used for hangings, and that the area is highly haunted. Although this is a fun and strange experience to be had, it is important that you take care to use your safety flashers and watch out for oncoming traffic.

world of coke near helen ga cabinsOnce you’re done with Booger Mountain, be sure to check out the giant sculptures of Pink Panther and Mrs. Pink Panther on your way back to the cabins near Helen, GA. You’ll find them on the northeast side of town on the Georgia 20/Cumming Highway and you can even stop out and pose for a few pictures.

3. The World of Coca Cola

Do you love Coca Cola? Take a day trip from the cabins down to the Atlanta area and visit the World of Coca Cola – an enormous tribute to the classic and beloved beverage as well as a huge collection of Coca Cola inspired art and memorabilia. Here, you will get to learn all about the legend of the coveted secret formula for the tasty soda and even see the vault where that recipe is secured. You and your group will also have the pleasure of sampling more than 60 different beverages from all over the world in the museum’s beverage lounge.

A fully-functioning bottle line operates daily so that visitors can enjoy watching the process and can even take home their own free bottle of Coca Cola, either for drinking or for holding onto as a keepsake. The museum also boasts the world’s largest collection of Coke product memorabilia, including a Coke serving tray from 1897!

What unique experiences have you had while visiting the cabins near Helen, GA?