5 Old Fashioned Shopping Sprees Near Cedar Creek Cabins

One popular reasons for visitors to come stay at one of our Georgia cabins is to take a step back in time and enjoy some antique shopping. Northern Georgia is filled with a rich and fascinating history and allows for many opportunities to enjoy some old-fashioned style shopping sprees with your family and friends. With every purchase, you will return to the glory of yesteryear and be reminded of how life was during a simpler time. The best part is that you won’t have to stray too far from your cabin to get your fix.

Here are five of the best places to have an old-time shopping spree in the Helen area.

Nora Mill Granary Grist Mill & Country Store

The Nora Mill Granary is situated next to the Chattahoochee River. This operational grist mill grinds corn daily in one of two ways. Either the original French burr stones are used (which rely on power from the river) or a “Meal Master” stone grinding technique which is located on the second floor of the mill. Regardless of the method, however, all of the products at Nora Mill Granary are completely natural, stone ground, and do not make use of any additives or preservatives.

Regardless of when you decide to go on your getaway to northern Georgia, you should have no problem visiting the granary. Nora Mill is open every day except Christmas and Easter and is located extremely close to our Georgia cabins. Once inside the store, you will have your pick from some amazing goods and wares that are all made on-site. Your options will include bath and body products (such as handmade lye soaps and bath salts), biscuit and gravy mixes, pancakpappys trading poste, waffle, and muffin mixes, jellies and jams, flour and bread mixes, old-fashioned candy, porridge, cereal, syrups and honey, stone ground cornmeal, stone ground grits, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and more.

Pappy’s Trading Post

Located in Blairsville, not far from most cabin rentals in Helen, Pappy’s Trading Post has something for everybody. You’ll be transported back in time with old-fashioned rocking chairs and barnyard animals, as well as a wide variety of antiques and memorabilia. The post also sells amazing hand-crafted items, gorgeous furniture, home decor, and homemade food items.

The Old Sautee Store

The Old Sautee Store was founded in 1872 and strives to carry out the tradition of good old-fashioned hospitality. As soon as you enter the store, you will feel the warm and hearty welcome that was so common during simpler times. You will find high-quality goods that are selected with care to ensure uniqueness, affordability, and lasting pleasure so that you walk away having had a truly happy experience. The store offers all sorts of old-fashioned merchandise from Columbia, Life is Good, and Woolrich to bring back childhood memories and introduce a new generation to the good old days. You will also enjoy a wonderful old-time cant section, delicious cheeses, and fresh-baked goods prepared on-site.

Betty’s Country Store

From the moment that you approach Betty’s Country Store, you will feel that you have truly been transported to another place in time. The courtyard of the store is filled with large, comfortable benches and rocking chairs which rest underneath beautiful shade trees, welcoming visitors to sit down and stay awhile. There’s a checkerboard ready for play and a vintage Coke machine to add to the old-time feel.

The presentation of the store also adds to the old-fashioned flavor. The shop is filled from floor to ceiling with culinary delights and vintage antiques, some in modern-day commercial cases while others can be found in authentic oak refrigerators. You will find barrels of special treats and snacks ranging from yogurt-covered pretzels to trail mix and dried fruits. The store is also well stocked on fresh deli meats, cheeses, baked goods, and fresh brewed coffee. There is something for everyone here.

Fred’s Famous Peanuts

You haven’t fully experienced northern Georgia until you have tried some of our boiled peanuts. Fred’s Famous Peanuts has been serving up the finest of these boiled peanut recipes for 30 years. In addition to a delightful selection of peanuts (including regular or Cajun-style boiled or fried peanuts, peanut brittle, and roasted peanuts), Fred’s Famous Peanuts also sells a wide variety of crafts and other delightful foods. Here you can shop for homemade jellies, jams, preserves, pickled items, jerky, salsa, sauces, marinades, and much more. You may also enjoy taking some pictures with the life-size soft sculptures on site.

Have you visited any of these shops near the Georgia cabins? Share your tips with other guests in the comments section!